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March Kettlebell Seminar

Mike Mahler will be back in San Jose, CA on March 15 for another kettlebell seminar. It will most likely be held at San Jose City College from 11-3pm. We had a great time last November and I hope to see several of the same faces at this workshop. As usual, Mike will be taking orders for kettlebells at discounted prices. If you want to sign up, you can email Mike at mahler25@yahoo.com. Hope to see you there!

Jason, thanks for posting a nd we are going to have a great time on the 15ths. I also think that the workshop should serve as a San Jose t-cell get together and we shoulh hit a loca restaurant afterwards.

Hey Mike. Coach D is giving away KB’s/Rx boards/agility ladders/jump ropes/tornado balls all included in the price of the class. I went to the first one and got a KB for free. Is your’s the same???

I will not be giving any kettlebells away, but will be offering a 10% on kettlebells to all particpants. I f I gave away kettlebells to each participant for free, I would lose not make any money at all at the workshops. Incidentally, Coach Davies and I will be doing a workshop on April 6th in LA.

As a side note, i thought the Coach Davies just included the cost of the Kettlebell into the price of the workshop. I didn’t think he was “giving” them away, or i would have brought my whole family.

Thanks for the clarification