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March 4th - Squat Rack - 7am

I had just finished warming up with Good Mornings and was getting ready to add weight to start squatting and a guy in his 40’s came up to me to see if i was done…The conversation went something like this:

Him: You done?
Me: Just Starting, want to work in?
Him: No, I just wanted to work arms…

I was speechless…

say this:

“Working arms? Oh, you’re looking for the PREACHER BENCH. Its over there.
This is the SQUAT RACK. Its actually for doing squats and such.”

I always try to help out the newbies.

Hahahaha! Almost the same thing happened to me yesterday. I had my two workout beeyatches with me, and we were setting up in the squat racks for some leg-busting fun when a fortyish guy came up and asked to “do curls” real quick. The girls with me couldn’t understand the subtle humor of this situation as they are both newbies, but I laughed in his face, and said “knock yerself out, fella!” He did one set, and never returned. I love the gym.

working arms eh?

next time, just tell him to rent a good kiddy porn that freak and work his arms at home. fucking guy. last i checked squat racks were for squats and arm work were for the birds.