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March 20, 2013


Until the day of March 20, 2013 I KNOW how I will be voting!!



That makes one of us. The Republicans are only going to use this as an opportunity to pass their own statist agenda on a false mandate when they are elected into office by a huge majority that somehow thinks they will be what they claim to be.



I believe the Republicans are the lesser of two evils, by quite a measure. I am not saying they won't behave in the manner you predicted, but the Reb party does have a rare opportunity to show the world their true face. If they shot their own foot, well it is not MY problem. Just my .02 ; )



And they are trying DESPERATELY to get the Tea "Party" to "join" the GOP fold.



The thing that sucks is we have to choose between two evils. We need a good option, not two shitty ones.


True, a vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil. I can't abide that.

And yeah, the tea party crew is already getting suckered into the GOP. Anyone who cannot see Palin as the very definition of a tool for the Republican Party is not paying attention. It bums me out too; I really wanted to like her. I've already watched the supposed 9/12 crew here start playing shady local politics.



The Tea party will give the GOP one more chance, but let me tell you if they fuck up we will see even greater anger directed at them then was ever seen directed at the democrats.

The GOP has the chance to become the party of the generation, or it has a chance to go the way of the democrats. Lets see what they choose big government or small.

If more people like Rand Paul and Peter Schiff start to show up then I am all for merging with the GOP, if we start moving people like McCain then I say burn them at the stake.


that makes one of us too:)


I received a letter several years ago from the GOP that had a list of ideas that they wanted to pass. None of them talked about decreasing the size of government, and returning the ability to me to take care of my family. The GOP has a second chance to change their ways. Democrats have shown their true colors, and the tax paying citizens are now disinfrancized with them. We will see what happens in November to see if this movement will continue or the status quo will stay the same.

IMO there are parts of this bill that are good for all Americans, but it is the few Political Allies of the Democrats that got paid off in this bill that is bad for all Americans. My wife, who is a nurse, will now have a 7% tax on her because she will be forced into a Union. The Unions better provide a service for that 7%.


Don't count on it.




it's not a question of democrat vs republican.
both parties are taking us to the same place.
it's all a smoke screen - a diversion.
think more in terms of progressivism vs conservatism.
think in terms of the constitution vs totalitarianism.
think outside the box man.
what IS happening vs what they SAY is happening conflict.
have a great day!