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Marcello Garcia Interview



Talks about his training (derp), how he improves, why he doesn't use deep half and guillotines in gi.

Also talks a little about his strength and conditioning (he does none) and why he prefers BJJ training to lifting weights.


and he taps everybody around, i told it... and here we have IronClaws and his sledgehammer conditioning


Two things.

First, I can't see the interview. Is it a video that will not load or an article where the text is not showing up? All I have is a big blank space under "Marcelo Garcia Interview".

Second, if you are not Marcelo it is nice to have some strength to throw around. Marcelo is great and didn't lift, but Mario Sperry was also great and I am pretty sure he used some weights in his program. I also suspect Marcelo is not "weak", just maybe unpracticed at lifting. Regardless he is fantastic. I love the way he uses techniques that might get called "basic" at high levels.


Robert A


It's a vid. You're probably missing a plug in or something.

In the interview Marcello says that he did strength train for periods of about 3 months. This probably meant conditioning too. He gave it up after because he didn't enjoy it, and he thought the extra time on the mat helped him more anyway.

Yeah he's probably not a weak guy. My coach grappled him in a seminar and said he was pretty damn strong. They're about the same size too.


Every BJJ Black Belt World Champion that I know does some form of strength training.

Two guys of equal skill level go at it, the stronger better conditioned one will win.

Strength training should not be at the expense of your technique training but it is something worth doing even just to help avoid injuries.

Now for me, lifting weights is an effective method of strength training (and I enjoy it). Other people use other methods for various reasons but the toughest guys I have been on the mats with all lift heavy iron.