Marcello Ferri "500kg Deadlift"

Ok guys, I haven’posted in a long while, but I really must share this.
After many years I thought that I’d seen it all, from quarter squats to doped 13 years old cyclists, but yesterday I bumped into something special.
This guy’s videos are a goldmine.
I don’t know whether one should be happy to admire this funny show, or terrified at the thought of the delusions he suffers from. It’s like watching a lion kill a gazelle: it’s fascinating and horrible at the same time.
I wish you all knew Italian, to grasp the captions, the live comments of the videos.
There you go, I hope it makes you smile.

500 kg Deadlift…

200 kg Good Mornings…

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lol, what the fuck…

That deadlift was beltless too! :flushed:


Beltless, strapless and also liftless.

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Goals :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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I pushed against a tree today while mowing the yard.
Pretty sure it was equal to an 800# incline press without a bench shirt.

Sorry no pic as l dropped phone pulling starter cable.

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Guys did you even watch it? He pulled sumo, that’s cheating.


Woah he nailled that lift soo strong​:joy::joy: what the fuck

Im surprised with that form he hasnt pastaway…

Hur hur hur. It took me a minute then I actually laughed.


Nice one!

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To be fair, he was training to break a deadlift world record in which he had to hold 100kg max time

Is this a serious post on what he was doing? Because he wasn’t training right for that goal either.

And that was with only a few months of training.

I like how he locks out but the bar never leaves the supports.

“To be fair, his end goal was even more disconnected with this nonsense than you could possibly imagine.”

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All I see in here is a bunch of haters :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing that surprises me is that “standard” barbell didn’t snap in two with that kind of weight.