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Marc Laimon on Royce Gracie’s Jiu Jitsu - It’s actually sh*t. Part 1 of 2. got to sit down with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) trainer Marc Laimon

Check out what Laimon has to say regarding Royce�??s BJJ skills, Penn versus Sherk, Bas Rutten�??s grappling skills, and much much more. This part 1 of a 2 part interview. First, how are you doing?

Laimon: I�??m doing good. How did you get into Jiu Jitsu?

Laimon: I was doing martial arts as a kid and I always wondered what�??s really gonna work. It was all hypothetical theory stuff but no one ever really had a Litmus test to see what was really gonna work in a fight. So I started doing research. I use to get a lot of martial arts tapes and study them, and write down what I thought might work or might be good to implement into my game.

I heard about the UFC and I really wanted to see it and I was able to get a copy of the tape. I watched it and I saw Royce fight and it seemed like he was fighting with a system. He had the idea down of what to do. To me it just kind of made sense and I started to get those video tapes and studied it and after that I kind of put it all into (asks me to hold).

So basically I got the UFC tape, I saw Royce fight and it seemed like he was fighting with a system. I was like �??Wow, I want to see that�?? and they happened to have some Jiu Jitsu videos available so I ended up getting those, and I started studying them and I was able to basically beat a bunch of people that were higher belts then me in other marital arts. I was like �??Wow this stuff works that good with me just studying off a video tape, imagine what would happen if I actually was training under someone�??. I decided to drop out of college. I dropped out with a 3.87 grade point average, was on the Dean�??s list, sold a lot of my earthly possessions, moved to Torrance, CA and started training. Wow, who did you train under?

Laimon: I started training at the Gracie Academy under Royce Gracie and Rorion was the head there. I spoke with Bas Rutten recently and he was kind of upset that so many people don�??t recognize him for his grappling skills. He said one of the people who he has rolled with was you early on in your career. He said he was very impressed with you and that you were very solid and caught on very fast. How would you say Bas�??s ground skills are?

Laimon: When I first started rolling with Bas I think I was a blue belt and then I got my purple eventually but man he was doing all these weird leg locks I never saw before, twisting my knees. Man it was… He had a different style. It wasn�??t like a Jiu Jitsu style where it was position he�??d just go for a lot of submissions from different places and he use to beat the crap out of me. I was able to adapt quickly and learn like how to defend the leg locks and after that I got pretty good at defending them and stuff. It was good. He use to beat me up back in the day at Beverly Hills Jiu Jitsu.

I use to have to be at the front desk at 10:00 or 11:00. He�??d come in at 9:00, beat the crap out of me for an hour and then I�??d get back to work and then I�??d try to beat the crap out of somebody in class after that. Nice. He also said you caught on very fast and that if he showed you something one time by the second or third time you already had it down. He said �??I can�??t imagine where his now�?? in your Jiu Jitsu game.

Laimon: Yeah I think my game�??s evolved quite a bit. Ever since 2003 and I saw Marcelo Garcia�??s �??Taking the Back�?? it really kind of changed my view of Jiu Jitsu and what I should be doing. Ever since then I�??ve gotten really good at getting good at taking people�??s backs and what not. I�??ve never really competed too much after I learned that and I passed that onto my students and I was able to see what my students have able to do to other people by getting their backs by choking them and their faces. It�??s been pretty impressive.

I just try to study MMA and Jiu Jitsu as a style. There�??s no magic thing. You gotta break it down, test the theory, and once you get a theory that repeats the same result over and over again you can test it in the real world like in the UFC and if it works, you kind of got a little fact going there. To me it�??s not rocket science, it�??s just real simple physics involved. You gotta have an open mind to learn. Never think you know everything. I learn something new every day. I�??ve learned stuff from white belts. I�??m like �??Wow, that�??s really cool�??. I start to tinker with it and you come up with different variations and different setups and entries. It�??s a never ending process. It�??s in a constant state of evolution. To me it�??s just one of the most exciting things in the world. After you beat Ryron Gracie, did any of the other Gracies challenge you?

Laimon: I think some of them did but after that I had a pretty bad back injury. I herniated my L4 and L5 discs with a 7 millimeter displacement and 4 millimeter displacement which doesn�??t sound like much but it�??s incredibly painful. I just was starting to get back into training now but I�??ve really been focused on training my students and training professional fighters.

Competing in Jiu Jitsu and submission grappling will not pay the bills. There�??s no way you�??re going to be able to support yourself doing that. The other route is to have a school and train students and train fighters and that�??s what I�??ve been putting my energy into. When I did that match with Ryron I was working full-time on the first season of the Ultimate Fighter I had my gym running in Vegas and then I also had to train myself. So I had to fly down Rapheal Labaco Jr. to basically come live with me for three months and be my training partner. He helped teach classes and help me with the school and I was also working anywhere from four to eight hours on the Ultimate Fighter. So my plate was full but it was a very rewarding time and things turned out good from that.

After that I don�??t really feel like I�?� That was kind of like my coming full circle in my Jiu Jitsu career cause I basically said at the Gracie Academy; I went to the Pan Ams in 1996 and I saw Jiu Jitsu I never saw before and was like �??Wow, this sh***s awesome�?? and Rorion Gracie basically said to a whole group of people �??You�??re not advanced enough for that�??. He had guys that were purple belts and brown belts that were training there for years and he�??s says �??You�??re not ready for that�?? I�??m like �??Maybe he doesn�??t know what�??s going on�?? and �??Maybe he�??s a poor teacher�?? and that�??s why they�??re not ready for it.

I saw Vitor �??Shaolin�?? Riberio choke out Robin Gracie who was Royce�??s youngest brother as a brown belt and I was like �??Wow, he just tapped a Gracie�??. I started doing some research and I started looking at stuff differently and I was like you know what, �??Maybe he�??s not keeping up to date with Jiu Jitsu�??. I decided to say �??you know what, I don�??t believe in Rorion Gracie�??s system�??. He does the basics but he�??s not keeping up to date. He�??s not evolving with the sport. That�??s when I basically went on my own path and it then it kind of led back full-circle to where I got to fight Rorion�??s son And I beat him at his own game, under his own rules. He couldn�??t defend the first (inaudible) you�??re taught at the Gracie Academy which is how to stand up and base, he couldn�??t hold me down from my guard. It was kind of a vindication of my Jiu Jitsu coming full-circle.

After that I really decided to start putting time into my students instead of being selfish and putting time into myself because I really don�??t feel I have to prove myself to anybody. I would have liked to accomplish a few more things but they�??re not anything that�??s going to result in anymore money. You gotta make decisions in life and I have some bills I have to pay and I got two dogs I have to take care of and that�??s pretty much it. I really decided to focus on my students and my fighters that I work with. How would you rate Royce�??s BJJ and MMA skills?

Laimon: It�??s pretty poor. It�??s actually sh** if you want to not mince words, it�??s pretty awful. Matt Hughes SMASHED him on the ground. Took him down, passed his guard, took his back and mounted him. I think Royce is maybe like a good blue belt, maybe a purple belt. I don�??t think he�??s very good at Jiu Jitsu at all. He happened to be doing it at a time when the level was so low, having Jiu Jitsu was like having a weapon. It was like having a gun or a knife in a fight. People don�??t know what�??s going on, they didn�??t know what to do, they get caught in stuff. Once people started to study the game, video tape doesn�??t lie, once you start studying footage, and understanding the principles and concepts of Jiu Jitsu, you realize it�??s nothing magic. It�??s just you gotta know where to put your arms and what to do.

You see Matt Hughes a guy from the Midwest, who�??s a wrestler, basically made Royce look like a white belt. I just think his level of Jiu Jitsu is very very low. How do you see BJ vs. Sherk going down on Saturday?

Laimon: I think we�??re gonna see BJ probably come out there and paw with his jab, and then he�??s probably gonna throw a hook, grab the back of Sherk�??s head and start dirty boxing the sh** out of him. He�??s probably gonna end up taking Sherk down with a double leg. He�??s gonna pass the guard directly into the mount and then he�??s going to start (inaudible) him from the mount and then Sherk is either gonna get so bloodied up from that or he�??s gonna turn and give his back and BJ�??s gonna pound him out like he did against Joey Gilbert or he�??s gonna end up choking him with an RNC.

If I had to bet that�??s what I�??d say. But watch BJ�??s passing. He has the sickest passing in MMA and Jiu Jitsu. His passing is second to none in my opinion. But I�??m just a guy sitting on the coach watching fights so you don�??t have to listen to my opinion.

Be sure to check back with us for part 2 tomorrow as Laimon goes in-depth about Rickson Gracie, the argument between him and Matt Serra on The Ultimate Fighter show, Eddie Bravo�??s system of Jiu Jitsu, and much more.

I’m going to preface this reply by saying that I have never liked Laimon. I was not at all impressed with his “learn MMA” clips that they used to show during the UFC’s.

The techniques were almost always sloppy and his instruction when I saw it during the TUF shows wasn’t anything to suggest that he was any type of expert JJ instructor/practitioner.

[quote]Xen Nova wrote:

Marc Laimon on Royce Gracie’s Jiu Jitsu - It’s actually sh*t. Part 1 of 2. got to sit down with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) trainer Marc Laimon

Check out what Laimon has to say regarding Royce�??s BJJ skills, Penn versus Sherk, Bas Rutten�??s grappling skills, and much much more. This part 1 of a 2 part interview. First, how are you doing?

Laimon: I�??m doing good. How did you get into Jiu Jitsu?

Laimon: I was doing martial arts as a kid and I always wondered what�??s really gonna work. It was all hypothetical theory stuff but no one ever really had a Litmus test to see what was really gonna work in a fight.

So I started doing research. I use to get a lot of martial arts tapes and study them, and write down what I thought might work or might be good to implement into my game.

Hmmm…sounds familiar. I guess he must be the re-encarnation of Bruce Lee. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotta say that this section is quite good.

Fair enough.

Now that is complete bullshit. Now, I partly agree about Royce being so dominant in the early UFC’s because none of the other competitors understood what he was doing. But he didn’t lose to Hughes because his JJ is shit.

Hughes is considerably stronger, quite a bit younger, a better wrestler (better positioning, takedowns, etc…) and is himself a black belt in JJ. Laimon tries to make it sound like he’s just a wrestler, he’s not. Maybe early in his career, but not when he fought Royce.

I’d like to see Laimon do any better against Hughes than Royce did.

If penn is foolish enough to close the distance against Sherk, he’s going to be in for a rude awakening. In a clinch is the last place that BJ wants to be against a guy as strong and explosive as Sherk. I also don’t see BJ being the one to push the pace, that’ll almost definitely be Sherk.

BJ’s passing is very, very good. But I honestly don’t think it’s better than GSP’s. Plus I don’t see BJ being the one to end up on top of most trips to the ground.

Marc Laimon doesn’t get it. Saying Royce’s level is low or Rorion doesn’t know what he’s doing is simply ignorant. That’s like saying Oscar Robertson wasn’t a great basketball player because he might not average a triple double in today’s game. Those guys invented jiu-jitsu as we know it today.

Rorion has made no secret that his goal is not to product MMA champions, but to teach people how to defend themselves on the street. So, no, he doesn’t teach ‘x’ guard much because against Bubba in some bar you don’t need that. You need sharp basics, defend punches, get on top, control.

The other thing that pisses me off is Marc Laimon has never been in a cage and had a skilled human being throw punches at his face. He thinks his jiu-jitsu is so great, and frankly he is a very good grappler, but he’s not nearly as good as Marcelo Garcia and Marcelo lost his fight against a relative no-name.

It’s different when punches come and for him to criticize people who have the heart to get in there in such a negative way, especially when he’s critical of them personally (such as his potrayal of Rorion as a ‘poor’ teacher when that’s Rorion’s whole pride) is an abomination.

I’d like to see Laimon match up with Kron in the next worlds…oh wait, he hurt his back so he’s no longer into competing. Perfect time to start bagging on the Gracie’s, after your hurt and no longer competing.

[quote]slimjim wrote:
I’d like to see Laimon match up with Kron in the next worlds…oh wait, he hurt his back so he’s no longer into competing. Perfect time to start bagging on the Gracie’s, after your hurt and no longer competing.[/quote]

Haha, yup.

Part II:

Laimon: You can also add about Royce, that if you watch Royce�??s BJJ match against Wallid Ishmael. his guard was terrible. Wallid is not known as a finisher, and Royce got put to sleep.

Royce had a very lazy guard and never relooped his legs to regain guard, he just gave his back and sat there and got clocked. I don’t think Royce would do very well in BJJ competition. His game is just not up to par.

For MMA he could not finish Tokoro who fights at 145. You don’t have to listen to my opinion, just look at the facts. What is your opinion of Eddie Bravo�??s 10th Planet system?

Laimon: Eddie knows his positions really good and I think you�??ve been starting to see a lot more people in MMA start implementing the Rubber Guard. Even though they don�??t do it exactly like he does it but there�??s been a lot of good things with it.

I�??ve been really impressed with a few people using it. It really does start to help the grounding and pounding and he�??s got a very good idea. And he knows his system inside and out. It�??s a very thought out system.

I think he�??s helping change some of the landscape of MMA right now. Did you ever consider fighting MMA?

Laimon: I did back when I was a blue belt, that�??s originally why I wanted to do it. You know I never went into Jiu Jitsu saying �??Man I want to have a bad a** X-Guard sweep�??.

I wanted to learn how to fight and defend myself and that�??s basically why I started doing it. I wanted to fight but I�??m not that good of an athlete and I kind of had to look to the future and was like �??there�??s better athletes getting involved�?? and once there�??s more money bigger and better athletes are gonna be involved.

I had to be a realist with myself and I�??m not a great athlete so I decided to focus on understanding the intricacies of the art and being able to transfer that knowledge onto other people which has been very rewarding to me. I really enjoy teaching people, seeing them pull off techniques I helped show.

To me that�??s the most rewarding thing. Fighting is good but I�?�. I wanted to but I�??m also a realist. I think a lot of people in this sport, in life in general, aren�??t realists. They�??re not realists with their skills.

They�??re not realists with their life. They�??re not realists with their relationship and I try to be a realist in everything I do. Some people say I�??m a pessimist but I just try to keep it real and keep a good perspective on things. Do you think gi training is important?

Laimon: It depends on what you want to do. If you want to win the Mundials then yeah, you gotta start training the gi. If you want to be a successful MMA fighter I don�??t think it�??s necessary to train in it.

I think it does help when you get guys that are such good athletes, the ones that use power; speed; and strength to burst through things instead of being technical problem solvers. It can kind of slow down the game and forces one to become a technical problem solver instead of relying on strength and speed.

Once they start using the technique and they apply their attributes with the techniques, now you got a whole new monster to deal with it.

I think it has its time and its place. I don�??t make any of my fighters do it. If they want to do it, I let them do it. Some of them like it, it�??s a change of pace for them but I don�??t force that on anybody. It�??s a personal preference. Where did you grow up?

Laimon: I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Where do you rank Rickson as an MMA fighter?

Laimon: Ummm�?�. Here�??s the thing, video tape doesn�??t lie. I heard all this hype about Rickson Gracie like �??Oh my God, he�??s the best thing ever�??. I think he got a lot of his hype because Royce Gracie said in an interview in Black Belt back in the day �??Rickson�??s ten times better then I am!�??.

And I think people thought �??Oh well if Royce is that good, Rickson must be God�??. So I ordered those Japan Vale Tudo tapes and they came to my house and I�??m expecting to see basically the second coming of Christ. I had such high expectations, I saw him fight and I�??m like �??This is the guy everybody�??s raving about?�??.

I just didn�??t see anything that special. I think if he fought MMA today he probably wouldn�??t even be in the top ten. I just think he was ahead of his time. He was beating up guys that didn�??t know that much.

Now once the game caught up, now you know�?�. He�??s got this mystique about him where he�??s unbeatable, and you know, all this stuff. I don�??t buy into things, I gotta see with my own eyes to believe it. I don�??t believe in myths. I believe in what I see and I�??m not really impressed with any fights he�??s ever had.

He�??s always fought sub par opponents. He�??s never fought anybody that�??s really tough or really in their prime. I just don�??t see him as a�?�. I don�??t think he�??d be a force in MMA. If he fought 205 or 185 I think there�??s�?� I could name twenty guys that could beat him in MMA fights.

He�??s good but it�??s not like he�??s this great thing that everybody said. He was winning competitions back when his Dad was reffing matches. It�??s like him and his buddies that he promoted to black belt were the guys he was competing against.

I just didn�??t really see anything that�?� There are some things he did that I liked like the way he mounted as opposed to the way that Rorion taught by throwing the leg over from side control. Rickson drove it across in the mount. I like that. But that to me is a pretty simple basic technique and once I saw it I was like �??okay�??.

But I didn�??t really see any of this crazy mythical stuff. I see guys now that are just way more impressive. BJ Penn does stuff that nobody does and Marcelo Garcia is just unbelievable.

I met Marcelo, and told him �??Marcelo, you are the real Rickson Gracie�??. He�??s won Abu Dhabi three times in his weight class. He subbed everybody except two people in his weight class.

He�??s gone into Open (open weight class) and subbed a bunch of people there. That to me is amazing. And Marcelo is doing it at the height of the sport. Every year it gets tougher, bigger, and better and he�??s still competing and beating these guys easily! That to me is the real Rickson Gracie right there. That�??s what people should say �??Wow, this guy�??s something special�??.

When I watch Garcia I�??m like �??Wow, that guy�??s doing something right, I�??d like to learn how to do that�??. I look at Rickson and I�??m like

�??Okay, this guy�??s good because someone said they beat him in the gym real easily�??.

I think one of the problems people succumb to in Jiu Jitsu is they tend to worship their instructor. They have this hero worship type thing. I think it stems back to traditional martial arts. They�??re taught �??Oh an undefeated fighter�?? ah dah dah dah dah. It�??s not realistic. When you start worshipping heroes and they can�??t do anything wrong�?� You gotta have an analytic mind and you gotta be a realistic.

It�??s just like I don�??t think he�??s doing anything that looks super special. His son is doing pretty good, that�??s very impressive. I think his son is very impressive.

Kron has been tapping a lot of people in competition. He�??s getting his black belt now and will go against a little bit stiffer competition. But he�??s smashing people, I think that�??s impressive. But Rickson himself, I just don�??t see who�??s he beaten, I don�??t see the techniques he�??s done, and I just don�??t think he should be worshipped as a hero just because he tapped some people in training at the gym. Competing and putting it on the line is a much different thing then rolling in the gym. I can roll in the gym all day even though I have no cardio and I�??m fat and out of shape but to go into a tournament man, it�??s a whole different scenario, all these eyes on you.

I think Rickson�??s got too much pressure to go out there and compete because everybody (inaudible) for real. If he doesn�??t fight now he�??s got this mythic aura about him, where he�??s undefeated, unbeatable, a throwback to traditional martial arts. Where you�??re like �??This instructor is undefeated�?? and �??He�??s the best�?? but when did you ever really see those guys fights? He�??s supposedly 400-0 but he�??s been beating up, he�??s rolled with drunks in the street. To me that�??s not impressive. What�??s impressive is when you have an opponent that�??s training to fight you. It�??s a big deal and you execute your game plan and you have all that pressure, all those eyes on you, and you go out there and give it your best. To me that�??s impressive. I�??m not impressed with 400-0 against guys that have no skill. It�??s a much different thing.

If you look at MMA from Royce�??s time to where it is now, it�??s just a quantum leap in skill and understanding of the sport. No one can… If anyone wants to argue that they�??re pretty much a fool. If you look at David Levicki, Rickson beat up that guy. That guy (inaudible) got beat by Johnny Rhodes in UFC 2. So what? That guy sucked. He�??s a Wing Chun fighter with no ground skills. If Rickson couldn�??t beat up those guys then he�??d have some real issues. To quote John Lennon, “I don�??t believe in Beatles, I just believe in me.”

Due to the length of the interview we will be posting part 3 tomorrow. Laimon goes into detail about the incident with Matt Serra on The Ultimate Fighter, his thoughts on Tito Ortiz and much. Check back with us then as we�??ll have part 3 ready. We also have interviews with Lucia Rijker, Jason Miller, and more on the way!

Part III: We all saw the argument you had with Matt Serra on The Ultimate Fighter show, is there still any tension there or is that done?

Laimon: I don�??t put too much thought into Matt Serra and I don�??t think he puts too much thought into me. He�??s entitled to his opinion and I�??m entitled to my opinion. Obviously it was heavily edited because I was just bringing up points where I thought�?� When they�??re doing reality shows they�??re trying to build story lines and create good guys and bad guys to build ratings so people are interested in following it.

That season had some pretty low caliber fighters. Most those guys have been cut from the UFC already or will be cut in the near future. I just didn�??t think the guys were that good. He was upset because I congratulated Matt Hughes on his decimation of Royce Gracie and that I should have more respect. I just think the Gracies should have respect for the sport where they don�??t have to have special rules to fight by. They really edited that out. Of course I�??m talking about Pride when Royce fought Sakuraba it had to be a no time limit match. You know Royce Gracie is just a human being, he�??s no more special than anybody else, he�??s just a human and why should he get to fight with different rules? Just cause his last name�??s Gracie? I don�??t understand why that has to be a difference. It doesn�??t matter what you�??re last name is. Whether it�??s Gracie, Serra, Penn, Laimon, or St. Pierre you should fight under the same set of rules as everybody else is.

Nobody�??s special. Everybody is equal. It�??s gotta be a level playing field. I don�??t think just cause your Dad supposedly invented the sport then you should get special rules to fight by. And that was heavily edited. They tried to make me look bad but who were they gonna push? The assistant coach or the guy that ended up winning the show? It was just a matter of marketing.

He got real upset because he couldn�??t keep pace with the verbal grappling and then he started making personal attacks which is the sign of when you can�??t win an argument you have to start making personal attacks. Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Laimon: Thanks for listening to my rants. You�??re entitled to your opinions. Most people hate me but that�??s okay. I just tell people how I feel. I don�??t sugar coat things. I�??m not a politician I just try and call it how I see it and if I�??m ever wrong I�??ll admit it. I�??m a big enough man to admit when I�??m wrong. I�??ve been wrong in the past, I�??ll be wrong in the future but I just would like people to really take things with a grain of salt. Don�??t believe everything you read in the internet or see on TV.

We live in such an incredible age right now where information is available everywhere. On your freakin phone in your pocket right now you can access the Internet, you can get on Youtube, you can see things, study, do the research yourself. Don�??t be a mindless automaton led by what other people say. Think for yourself and life will be a lot more rewarding as well as your interest in MMA should be.

I would like to thank Team Takedown. They�??re website is They�??re actually a new group of fighters that are about to turn the MMA world on its head. They�??re actual professional athletes that are training like pros. Their names are Jake Rosholt, Johny Hendricks, and Shane Roller. These guys are unfreakin believable! I�??m training them right now. No one knows who they are right now, they�??re all flying under the radar but in a little bit you�??re gonna be able to see them and they�??re gonna knock the socks off people. They�??re unbelievable.

I�??d like to thank their management team at Team Takedown. You�??re gonna see big BIG things from these guys. So if you guys want to know who to look for right now instead of watching Tito Ortiz who�??s become the new Ken Shamrock. A one dimensional fighter that if he can�??t take you down then he doesn�??t win.

A funny thing happened at UFC 40, I was in Tito�??s corner, I was one of his trainers for that fight. My friend was telling me, we were drinking, celebrating afterwards, and he�??s like �??You know what? In a few years Tito�??s gonna be (inaudible) the Ken Shamrock, getting his ass kicked�??. If you look at it, people saw Tito Ortiz but Tito Ortiz isn�??t really anything special. He couldn�??t even finish a season of college wrestling. Now that he can�??t implement his game plan on people, he�??s kind of a like, he�??s a dying breed and now he�??s become the new Ken Shamrock.

Instead of watching guys like that who had a name from years ago, people should be studying the new guys to see what�??s up and coming, cause I�??ll tell you, the sport where it�??s going to be going in the next three to five years is unfreakin believable. You�??re gonna have so many high caliber athletes, that are actual professionals, that are gonna be moppin�?� As a fan I can�??t wait. You�??re gonna see the best athletes in the world competing instead of guys that couldn�??t be professional athletes in any other organization. The only reason a lot of guys are fighting is because they�??re fighting to get chicks, they�??re fighting to be famous. The guys that I want to work with and deal with are these guys that are fighting to be the best in the world because that�??s what they know.

The only thing they know is to be the best and as a fan, man! That�??s the sh**. I can�??t wait to see that. As a trainer it�??s a dream come true too. Stay tuned for these guys cause they�??re gonna shake the MMA foundation. They�??re gonna shake the pillars of the MMA foundation. They are really something special.

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At least the t-shirts for his gym are cool.