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Marathon Sex Sessions?

Anybody else have the stamina to satisfy a cheerleading squad? It’s not a brag. I can’t imagine a woman can take an hour-plus of pounding.
It just happened one day, I could just go forever and ever.
After so long do chicks even like that? I get tired. I’d rather just watch sports after a while.
Am I alone in this? Do women want to be taken for an hour or more? I can’t imagine it’s fun. I don’t watch porn but in don’t figure dudes go for an hour or more. That would be a boring porn uneeds they are paying Slayer which would be funny. I could handle a hereem. Is that normal? Or is that Woo woo?
I wear my significant other out, but then she’s mad at me the rest of the day.

Maybe I need Spanish Fly.

I’m not going to comment on what women like or not but I couldn’t think of anything worse than going for an hour (I mean of actual penetration).

Rule of thumb: If you have to ask whether “chicks” like something you’re doing, they don’t.


I went around 2 hours once, but with changing positions a lot.

She was on top when I was too tired “to do the work”… and biggest irony is, she was on top of me for over 30mins without a break… I even asked her if she’s tired and she just said no and continued. I got some energy back by that time and we switched again.

I can stay hard even after I cum multiple times. First time I’ll cum in like 15mins, then I take like 45mins for second one and around an hour for last one xD

Omg an hour , barf . That would be like 50 minutes too long and very unpleasant .
All id be thinking about was how much I would need to stretch my hip flexors after.


Can’t find 5 got damn minutes with these kids in the house and ya’ll talkin about hours… Shit…


This topic is destined for growth.


I am more a pentathlon man myself.


Same. The marathon gives me fits. I don’t have any trouble with the 26; it’s the final .2 that I can’t seem to get right.


My personal opinion is 3 positions with ~5minutes on each is more than enough. 20 minutes if you’re feeling romantic and taking your time.


I like the thought that has been put into this haha

Edit: I remember being younger and being really, really worried about the time component of it all haha


You are correct.

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I’m not bragging either, but yes absolutely. This is especially problematic when you’ve got such a large piece of equipment and a finely honed ability to bring a woman to orgasm, which I’m also not bragging about. If we’re being modest here, most women just aren’t ready to handle the kind of sexual energy I bring. Not that I’m bragging or anything.


I’m in the same boat man. So many stars have to align. Space shuttle launches have less contingencies.

Question for you: When the kids knock on the bedroom door (I’m assuming yours has a lock), do you stop or tell them to go away?

I don’t think we’ve ever stopped. Our oldest daughter definitely walked in on us once when we thought she was in bed though.


Ain’t that the truth.

My oldest is about 2 and a half and we’ve thankfully not had a knock at the door, yet…

Our oldest has an A-type personality to the letter. I don’t know if “go away” is gonna cut it for us.

Oh, man, lol!

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My kids run around like a heard of stampeding wildabeast, until I’m trying to put the moves on their mom, when they’re supposed to be asleep. Then all the sudden they’re out of bed like voyeur ninjas. Thank heavens for covers.


Well I could never walk in on my parents… since one of them didn’t live long enough for that to happen… now I just hope I won’t turn this topic into depression thing by typing this…

Marathon sex- yeah, when I was young and had ridiculous amounts of coke. Those were kind of fun. Like pelvic mortal combat.

Now- does anybody really want to watch a mediocre guitar player do a 90 minute solo in the middle of Applebee’s? Cuz that’s what it would amount to.


This metaphor raises more questions than it answers.

Are you also doing this in the middle of Applebees? By “solo”, do you mean without a partner? Is this just a cry for help?


And even more questions. Are you offering him “help”?