Marathon Recovery

So, it’s a week after my first marathon. Yes, I know, a marathon is the most catabolic thing you can do to your body and is ultimately very bad for my T-Nation-ness. Suffice it to say, there were women involved.

I haven’t been able to hit the weights for the last two months. Although my bench press max has lost 30-40 pounds, I can still do 14 pull-ups. Obviously, I lost 10 pounds, including muscle. However, I now have some striation in my deltoids and upper thighs.

What does the board recommend as a program to get some strength back?

I think we need a little more info about you first.

We need numbers. How big are you and how fast did you run?

Conrgrats on the marathon. It is a good accomplishment even if it cost you some muscle.

Pass on some specific details and I can help you out.

Biggest thing?

Power Drive in the morning

After my triathlons I up my intake of Grow! for the entire week after. I mix up five scoops of Grow! in the morning and make sure I consume it evenly over the entire day. This is in addition to my normal meals.

Also, up your fish oil intake too. I’m always at 12 caps a day.

Also, a test support like Alpha Male can help pick you up for the week.