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Marathon 500lbs Squat


cool vid of Tom Platz making 500lbs his bitch



That was a friendly competition between Dr. Squat and Tom.

Tom repped 500lbs 23 times I think. while Fred did 17. But, Fred squatted 800+ while Tom Platz maxed in the low 700s. Cool comp, with Kaz in the background.........


Dr. Squat did 1014 if I am not mistaken.


With Bill Kazmeier standing behind him.


Not at this particular expo. The 1014 was in Hawaii a little while later.



You are NOT mistaken.


I've seen the Platz video before. But no matter how many times I see it I am still impressed. Did everyone notice how low he was going on those squats? Every rep was legal.

How much did he weigh in that vid? I'm guess maybe 225lbs.?


This is a refreshing change from that video of Phil Heath doing half reps and having everyone claim they were full reps. No arguments about the legitimacy of the reps on this vid.


Yep, later on the Dr. squatted over a grand several times, but in the heads up expo with platz hit somewhere in the 800s.


True and correct.

Dr. Squat, hit the 1,014 squat when he was 45 years old, at 255 pounds.