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Marajuana for Weightloss/Maintience


Hey everyone, dont be fooled by the subject I do not, have never, and dont intend on smoking marajuana but being in college, it has always intrigued me how my roommates who are certified potheads, stay so slender after eating copious amounts of pizza and other crap carbs when they get the munchies.

I've always been curious and with a knowledgeable user base in tnation i figured someone would know the science if any behind it.


As far as i know, marijuana speeds up heart rate, which can possibly increase metabolism? Other than that i don't believe there is any "reason" why marijuana has helped them stave off weight gain. Lucky genetics; high metabolism? I have a roommate who smokes weed, and he essentially (not on purpose, for nutrition/training is not at all his intention) follows the warrior diet, because he only eats once a day, at the end of the day, when he's high. Lots of college students can't afford to eat more than once a day when you're spend 20-30$ in food because you're stoned. Don't be fooled, their metabolism will slow, and this approach to diet will most likely NOT produce desirable physique results.


Natural ectomorphs. For some reason, at lot of potheads seem to be naturally skinny guys.

But a good bit of them are just fat fucks.


Vicomte is 100% right.

Just depends on the person.

/that's it


They can get away with it because they're young. Give them another decade of doing that and see how skinny they are then.

And yeah, what Vicomte said.


sorry for your loss.


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There have been some studies reported that claim to confirm that pot smokers are slimmer e.g.

I don't know what other factors they will have eliminated because I'd expect pot smokers to more commonly smoke nicotine, be younger etc.

If it is just down to the pot then it might confirm IF because the smokers are basically fast/feeding. When I was in college I maintained a 6 pack while hitting grotesque quantities of munchies but I put this down to being 20 not 35.



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In High School I stayed at 135 pounds, and I use to smoke weed and drink a lot. I also use to eat frozen pizzas (usually just half or 3/4) Or burgers at Burger King. But once I started learning about nutrition I calculated my daily calorie intake from that time and it was only 1400-1700 on most days even with the frozen pizzas.

So it's no wonder I remained skinny throughout high school. Part of it is the fast metabolism, and another part is they're probably not eating much, just a lot after smoking weed, and probably not much any other time during the day.

I do wonder if marijuana does increase the metabolism a bit, sounds interesting, but I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't.


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I think you're a little off. I'm pretty sure you could ingest thc all day if you want and still gain. If you tried that with beer or cake it would be a very different story lol


1) marijuana does increase metabolism to some extent, which is particularly noticeable during the 45min to hr after smoking. During this time energy level and even strength are increased! (a bit, we're not talking amphetamine here).

2)the munchies are overblown. During aforementioned 45min to hr, marijuana actually supresses appetite. When it returns, there's a mild homeostatic increase. However, the primary source of the munchy gorge is perception. Just like you think you're the best snowboarder in the world while stoned, you also think you're eating more than you really are.

Is there a take-home message here? Do not smoke until actually at the gym (parking lot if you want to keep your memebership). Put on ipod. Neither talk to, nor make eye contact with anyone. Go to part of gym where nobody else hangs out (squat rack/platform). Lift like quiet, enraged animal. Go home and eat whatever your diet calls for while watching Archer.

Do I have any "references" to back this shit up? um...
"I cannot hear you... over the sound... of my deafening awesomeness..."


Quoted for truth. Try getting high and training a muscle group where you need to improve mind-muscle connection (back for a lot of people)... helps a ton. Before squats though? Not for me at least, smokin' that broccoli makes me second guess myself (and choice of poundage) too much.


Good points. Depending on your ganja experience level, I'd tread lightly on the lifts that require complex coordination/movements patterns. The guy that introduced me to lifting in such a condition (CU Boulder cheerleader) did clean and pushpress 315 high as fuck and with mediocre to terrible technique--totally muscled it.