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Hey guys,

Check out this map. You have to have Google Earth installed, but it is well worth the download. A google employee devoted a ton of his time to map every fallen soldier in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.





I wonder what the map of murdered Iraqis would look like.


I wonder if most Americans would find it on a globe.


Probably not.



I find this highly suspect. Entailed by this report is the idea that a young person would never find it or that they are unable to read a simple word like "Iraq". If you hand a map to someone and tell them for the first time to find a country and they didn't know it existed how would they know where to find it? Given enough time I am sure any person that can read a word will find it. I would be more worried about people not knowing how to go about finding it rather than not initially being able to find it.

If, in fact, this report is even remotely true all blame falls on that scourge to society, "public education".


Nice hijack, dickfaces. This was more about putting a human face on the numbers who have given their life for their country on Memorial Day.

The last time I was in Europe, I was sitting around with a varied group of guys, including a Belgian, an Australian living in Denmark, a French guy, multiple Czechs, an Italian, and a Venezuelan. We had been working together for about a week and talk turned political one night after some beers.

As a group they started getting this same "Americans are ignorant" attitude, and even after I answered every one of their questions meant to trip me up, they finally concluded that I must be a special case. We were definitely friendly about it, and in the end I could tell that their ideas about me had changed, but they still wouldn't extend that to Americans as a whole.

You guys need to look past your own prejudices. You interact with plenty of Americans here, and I guarantee we can all find Iraq on the map, why aren't we surveyed for an article? Just because we may not always agree with you does not make us misinformed, or ignorant. Believe it or not, it is not a lack of knowledge that puts us on the opposite side of many political issues.


I think they could find it on a map with more certainty then you walking thru the doors of a gym one day.


Western Europeans are generally ignorant about America and quite obnoxious about it. I don't really pay any attention to the one's who loiter on the PWI forum with a notable few exceptions.


The pins in Canada, do they represent fallen Canadians who went and enrolled in the U.S. Army so they could join the war?


Aid workers who got in the way of an American's bullet.


Well, than listen up fuckwad, I wondered how many Americans would find the country on a map.

And most of them don´t.

According to American studies I might add.

Nice strawman though.


You're helping to perpetuate a lie. This makes you immoral.


No, it was about people who murdered the people who gave their lives for their country.