Mapped Out Cycle, Thoughts?

Test E only cycle, 500mg/wk ten weeks. Here is the protocol:

Weeks 1-10: 500mg/wk Test E
weeks 2-5: 0.25mg/day Arimidex
Weeks 6-12 0.50mg/day Arimidex

Since I will be using a type II AI until the the test has depleted so much that there’s not even enough to convert to E, I have assumed that I won’t need any nolva, but is it best to have some on hand in case by some freak accident some gyno symptoms occur? The only thing I am worried about is getting back to normality, which I assume I will need clomid for (or other pro-hormones like tribulus).

I’ve done multiple searches and people recommend different protocols for clomid dosage and other pro-hormones. What are some opinions. Anyways, tell me what you think of my cycle (I’ve decided to stick with just the one compound for my first cycle).

The one thing I am happy about is I’m doing this after 3 weeks from now, which is when my cutting ends. My body will be very responsive due to the calorie explosion and the fact it is my first cycle. I am ecstatic to see the results.

Good looking, simple cycle. I would suggest using Nolva for PCT, as an AI won’t do a very good job here. I would taper off the Arimidex over weeks 11 and 12, and run Nolva at 40/30/20/10mg per day for weeks 13/14/15/16. There is no need to increase the Adex dosage mid-cycle. Only increase if you’re having problems with E.

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thanks for the quick response schwarz.

Your body will be primed for growth. As Schwarzy said a very simple but effective first cycle. Nolv will be needed for PCT if you do not do a test taper. IMO you won’t need any Adex with only 500mg/week test. If you do run it, stay at .25mg, .5mg will be too much. I think you will like the results, good luck.

as has been mentioned. stay with 0.25 mg ED or 0.5 mg EOD with the a-dex. Definitely taper it out from weeks 10-12 though. I very much prefer clomid for PCT, but nolva will work.

I do endorse the test taper protocol over a traditional PCT regimen. I tend not to suggest it to newbies as it takes explaining and convincing (even P22 has to do this with some of the more experienced users!), but it does work very well. Check out “Prisoner#22’s Test Taper Thread” for more details about it.

I think this is the protocol he recommends. It’s six weeks total with three weeks maintenance and three weeks taper. You could probably do two, or even one, week at 100mg/wk as you’re only doing 500mg/wk, but this is the recommendation. No nolva or other PCT drugs would be necessary with this.

I would suggest you look up the protocol to familiarize yourself with it before blindly following this. In the end, either method will well for you with such a mild cycle and it being your first time.

Week 11, 12, 13 – 100mg/wk test
Week 14 – 75mg/wk test
Week 15 – 50mg/wk test
Week 16 – 25mg/wk test

Thanks for all the input guys. Since it is my first time though, I might stick with the traditional nolva protocol. I of course believe P-22’s method works, as is testament by his success. I just think it takes a more experienced user to do it correctly.

My modified cycle:

Weeks 1-10: 500mg/wk test E (monday and thursday shots set days, not E3D)
weeks 2-10: .25mg/day adex
Weeks 11-12: .125mg/day adex
weeks 13/14/15/16: 40mg/30mg/20mg/10mg per day respectively to those weeks

Thanks for the input guys. When I start the cycle I will make a log where I’ll post every few days regarding the experience on my cycle.

Also, shwarz is it cool if I PM you about homebrewing techniques? I am fairly experienced in the region of organic chemistry (I do a lot of O. chem research at university, mainly organometallic research) and am very interested. I have never done preparation of biologically active substances before, however.

oh and the 13/14/15/16 weeks are nolvadex, should have stated that.

Sure, you can PM me. Feel free to start a thread asking about brewing questions as it’s not “off limits” on this board. There are others that brew as and that way they can give input. Homebrewing doesn’t take rocket science (or a degree in chemistry). It helps to have a background in chemistry to understand what everything does, but it really is stupidly simple.