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Maple Syrup Strength (littlesleeper)




Private video? Curious…


Oh you can’t see it? I attempted to use the YouTube editor as my usual editor wasn’t reading the video files for some reason. I guess I’ll have to check this out. I’m a noob on YouTube.


Go into edit for the video on YouTube and you’ll see an option for whether the video is public or private. Set it to public and save and it should work.


Thanks @MarkKO, I think we got er now.

209.4lbs this morning. Gain of 0.2lbs this week, oops.

Now being away on course this week is going to make things a little more difficult, but we shall remain on track. I really haven’t started incorporating much cardio or real calorie restriction yet so I’m not worries about the fat coming off once I start digging in a bit. So far the weight has been lost by simply not force feeding myself to grow and ensuring I’m active in my off days.
Approximately 6 months ago fat loss stalled around the 202lb mark, so I’m assuming that stall will be close to the 205lb mark this year. That is where I’m starting to get a little lean and it takes more than cutting out junk and lifting weights to shred some extra off. At that point I’ll start tracking calories more religiously, and adding in some cardio in a few times a week.
I wouldn’t say I’ve seen any crazy changes physique-wise, but I’m excited to enter new lean territory in 9lbs from now! Strength has not taken a hit whatsoever, so I’m happy with the slow, consistent weight loss, hopefully meaning 99.9% is fat.


Damn man, solid results, definitely getting noticeably leaner! Abs and shoulders coming in, back and lats too. Keep killing it!


We are neck and neck with weight, physiques lifts!!! buuut your focus is Strongman so lifts edge to you. I am going to try to get some progress shots up later.

You better be flexing abs/quads in those photos hahaha


@robstein - Thanks man! Looking in the mirror it was tough to notice. When comparing side by side shots to a month ago I can see the progress. Looking forward to getting sub 200lbs for the first time in a looonnggg time.

@BOTSLAYER - haha yea, makes it fun to have people around you (even if just on the internet) that have similar strength/physiques. Fires up the drive to have some fierce competition! Let’s just say the pose is a relaxed-flex lol I can definitely crack the abs out a lot more than that, but when flexing quads, I’m either fully flexed or not at all.


Looking GOOD


Dang, I was looking at your stats (5’9 crew unite!) and I hope I can get similar stats to yours eventually. Hopefully earlier, even though I’m not even comparable to high school you haha. Do you have any pictures of you back in high school?


This made me laugh really hard. Asking internet stranger for childhood pics. :rofl::joy:


At least I’m asking nicely sheesh and I would hardly consider 18 as ‘childhood’ in my defence haha!

It’s even funnier cause I was just posting about this.



@Benanything - I’ll see if I can dig up some pics from high school.


Well yesterday was day 1 in the hotel.

Exercise: 40laps in pool, 5mins in hot tub
Food: Burger for lunch and dinner. Ordered side salads both times.
Drinks: 6 tall boys, 4 smirnoff ice (lol, I know), 1 draught (20oz), 2oz spicy Caesar.

Today, day 2:

Food: big buffet breakfast at the hotel. Very decent. Work provided us with cookies, fruit, soup, wraps, sandwiches for lunch and snacks. Dinner was hot dogs and salad.
50lb Kroc Rows
30reps, 25, 25, 20

50lb DB High Pull
10 reps x 3 sets

30lb DB Lat Raise
12 reps x 3 sets

50lb DB Arnold Press
10 reps x 3 sets

Decent shoulder pump.

No alcohol today. Considering hitting the pool for a bit after a couple games of euchre. Tonight will be an early one.
Tomorrow I may try to hit the pool in the morning and eat light all day (until dinner, as we are going out for Thai food tomorrow). We will see if I can put the plan into action.

EDIT: ok, 3 whiskey/waters. That’s all for today.



Well…I forced a workout tonight since I just got home from my work trip. I wasn’t feeling it, and was really tired. There are my excuses…

Axle Continental Clean
115 x 5
115 x 5
135 x 5
185 x 3
205 x 2
225 x 2

Both the reps at 225lbs were sketchy. I could have forced a couple more, but wasn’t happy with my form so I went to DL.

Axle DL
225 x 5
315 x 5
405 x 3
455 x 2
525 x 1 <-started slipping on the way down, sweaty palms on no knurling = no grip
Rechaulked and quickly went back for another single
525 x 0 <- MISS - Fuck, haven’t missed a DL in a long time. Thinking so hard about my grip and I didn’t set my lats AT ALL. Back wasn’t tight and rounded my back during the pickup. I feel like I could have forced it up if I wanted to grind, but made the calculated decision mid rep to let it go.

Left the weight room. Thinking I’ll just hit the assistance work tomorrow. I’m going to bed.


Five hundred plus pounds on the axle without straps? Jeebus.


I’ve never considered myself to be great in the grip category. My grip has improved quite a bit since purchasing the bumper plates. When I first bought them I could barely pick a 45lb plate up off the ground in a pinch grip in one hand. Now every workout I’m carrying them around from the plate storage 20’ across the weight room to the bar and back. That and doing rows more consistently I think have skyrocketed my grip strength.


Glad to know about all of you guys. Even I am trying to lose my weight in a natural way. I hope this method will help me for sure. :slight_smile:


Ya man, there is a great group of knowledgeable (and strong) guys on here to help you out if you ever have questions.

Losing weight isn’t as complicated as most people try and make it. Cutting out junk food, adding a little cardio, shortening your rest time between sets and drinking more water would drop a handful of pounds off of most lifters.

Sometimes, when I’m unable to eat consistently healthy, for one reason or another, I do the 5/2 diet found here:

I have had great success with this method of cutting calories and will likely start implementing it weekly once I get down to 205lbs when (in the past) weight loss starts stalling a bit.