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Maple Syrup Strength (littlesleeper)



I measure it via captains of crush grippers but generally i like hanging off a pullup bar as well. Also things like speed/power on deadlifts etc.


By feel. Usually deadlifting as I warm up. Also BB rows. If a light weight is hard to hold, I know I’m close to capacity.


Sounds awesome. In a really horrible way.

I love how “this giant set blew my lower back up” is followed immediately by nearly 100 reverse hypers.


Coach said to “flush out” my back using the reverse hyper… all I know is that I could barely walk around the gym my lower back pump was so intense!
Trying to angle my torso forward for the neck harness was nearly impossible, lol


Damn that sounds horrible and awesome haha.


Lol, it definitely was both of those things!


Woke at 219.8lbs this morning. I thought I was going to weigh in light, because I was SOOOO HUNGRY when I woke up. Feeling good, not looking bad, scale weight heavier than I hoped…meh 2/3.

I still plan on trimming down for the T-ransformation 2019, but with this new program I’m going to really need to make sure I don’t dig into too deep of a deficit. This is a significant volume increase for me, working with a coach and other younger guys that he trains (read: I’ll be pushing a lot harder; yeah, I’m an entertainer), and I’ll be working out 4 days a week (no excuses). I will try to sprinkle in a low calorie day or two per week if I’m feeling recovered, but strength is still priority #1, fat loss is priority #2. I wouldn’t be surprised if I slabbed on a little mass during this program as waking up muscles that have been asleep for the last year or two (any muscle not directly worked from squat/bench/dead/ohp)!

I’m going to do what it takes to hit that all natty 700lb pull this year. Wouldn’t mind topping it off with a 600lb squat and a 405lb bench, but that 700lb pull is the ultimate goal. I honestly don’t see any of these goals being out of reach or unrealistic. It is going to take some serious effort, but I’ve decided to bump training back up on my priorities while I still have the available time to do so (house has not started construction yet, no kids, not travelling for work right now, no excuses, etc, etc).

So, to all my readers, get used to reading “PR”, cuz shit is about to get serious up in this log.






Pretend I know how to do the dank meme thing and mine is posted below :point_down:


I can do GIF because my phone keyboard has a button for them. I struggle with the T-Nation emojis because I have to type them in specifically. I can’t browse on my phone. I don’t know where you found that finger.



I hate waking up starving lol… thats one of the worst feelings


Haha! I love it. Sometimes I go to bed early dreaming of breakfast in the morning :joy:


Bring out the pop corn I’m waiting.
Go Sleepy go


Thanks all, I love my T-Nation Family! It is definitely going to be a fun ride.

Well due to freezing rain, Traphouse Barbell was closed today and I was sent home early from work (shucks!). They have closed down all schools (even colleges) in the area, and it is coming down like crazy out there. We had to pull over several times on the way home to re-scrape the windshield because ice was accumulating and you couldn’t see! Wipers, heater, and windshield fluid wasn’t enough. But since my home gym is actually close to where my coach lives he came to my buddy’s place (my home gym at the moment) to coach me through the session today!

Traphouse Barbell W1 D3
DE Bench Day
Barbell Bench Press - red mini bands, doubled; 1" foam block under my shirt (40%)
45 x 5
135 x 3 - regular grip
135 x 3 - regular grip
135 x 3 - regular grip
135 x 3 - close grip
135 x 3 - close grip
135 x 3 - close grip
135 x 3 - extra wide grip
135 x 3 - extra wide grip
135 x 3 - extra wide grip

These actually tore up my chest quite a bit. Coach kept screaming at me that it wasn’t fast enough haha. So I was really pushing on each rep as fast as humanly possible. Touch and go, just down-up!

Seated DB OHP - not back supported
50lbs x 20 - RPE damn close to 10
50lbs x 10, 5, 5 - had to split these up to get the 20reps

"Rock n’ Rolls - dumbbell triceps extension with a bit more movement of the humerus back-and-forth (hence the name)
50lbs x 8 - too heavy
30lbs x 10
30lbs x 10

Elbows actually didn’t mind these too much which was surprising.

Banded Triceps Pulldowns
300 of them broken up in many sets.
Started with green medium band, then two red minis, then one red mini until I accumulated 300 reps.

Green Medium Band Lat Pulldown
30 (broken up into a few mini sets, lats were friiieddd)

Really focused on driving my elbows down and back, and oh boy were my lats screaming.

BW Chinups
3, 1, 1
2, 1, 1, 1

Not much left…

Green Medium Band Shrugs - doubled

Green Medium Band Hammer Curls

Coach reiterated that we will be doing a lot of work with bands for joint health.

135lbs Barbell Ab Wheel

Wow, biceps/chest/lats were giving out on these! Running out of steam here.

Pushups Drop Set - one set followed by “micro rests” in between

PUMPED UP. Shirt came off, cuz…pump.

Another great workout. All said and done in under an hour. Feeling great!


Mate that looks like a great session. Good to hear your comments about the speed and aggression on bench. I have been thinking that my own volume work is t fast enough. Looks like I need to get aggressive and start firing that bar up.


I think I actually prefer seated without the back support.

Were these done while lying down? If so then the extra movement is great for hitting the triceps high in the armpit.

Don’t forget he had bands! That helps stop the weight. If you want to be explosive then you can always do plyo push ups.


It will help your bench. Seems silly but it forces explosion throughout the movement.

@littlesleeper nice work man. Interesting that he had you do DE work today. Westside does ME today. We did ME work.


Lot of work there Sleepy, you’ll feel it tomorrow.