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Maple Syrup Strength (littlesleeper)



It was definitely a solid workout, although Pwn would have completed it in 45mins or less…

Haha, I chuckled reading that rule as well. I have never dropped a deadlift from the top, and RARELY lower it hard enough to make much noise, but I appreciate that I won’t get kicked out of the gym in the off chance that I do!

This whole opportunity just seemed to pop up out of nowhere. I’m extremely grateful to be coached and learn an entirely new (to me) training style. Hoping after 4+ weeks of working directly under his guidance I can start applying a lot of it to my regular training on my own.

Regardless, I could see myself training in there with him at least once per month going forward just to change things up from working out alone in the basement!


I also woke up at 218.2lbs, new weight loss PR for 2019. This is probably the first morning where I actually looked in the mirror and thought “hmmm, I think I might actually be getting a little leaner”. Wife also mentioned that I’m looking leaner already.

I behaved myself last night and only had 3-4 pints. These could have just helped me dry out a bit for this morning.

January 2019 Progress:
221.6lbs - 218.2lbs = -3.4lbs


I know we wear about the same length of pants but I forgot your height. How tall area you again? The reason I ask is that we might end up being close to the same weight during this year’s T-ransformation and I can’t help but think that you’re going to be jacked and I’m going to be skinny…

I’m going to have to post some videos of myself dominating the young guns on the basketball court to build my ego back up. :laughing:


I’m just a 5’9" shorty! Hopefully get down to around 205lbs again this transformation, but I’m going to make sure that I’m fully fueling this new style of training and not selling myself short.


Fueling programming…yeah just finished the first day. I’m crushed. Stupid post workout can barely talk my cons is so fried. I blacked out the last rep of DE bench sets


Major win


I presume @JMaier31 has this wrong and you don’t have a 38" inseam on a 5’9" frame.


I suspect I will be crushed by many of these workouts. Not only will the volume be through the roof compared to what I’m used to, but I’ll also be pushed by my coach and I suspect I’ll be crossing through some pain threshold limits that I would have previously called it quits on. I’ll have to be careful.

Coach did say that he wants me checking my heart rate every morning to try to catch over-training/over-reaching early. Apparently your resting BPM in the morning will take a spike (8-10bpm increase) as an early indicator that you’re digging into a deficit. He said if that happens we will also track grip strength and my vertical on any given day to see if we need to dial things back at all.

He has some plans to address weaknesses/imbalances, so I’m feeling optimistic about seeing some results after this training.


Lol! that would be crazzzy. Nah, I typically buy a 34"W34"L or some pants I can get away with a 34"W32"L.

EDIT: Although for dress pants, I typically require a 38"+ waist, to fit my ass and thighs, and then have to take the waist in several inches. I think the last wedding party I was in I had to buy 40" waist pants!


I thought he was wearing 36" inseam. Most of my pants are that length but occasionally I need a 38.


I’m annoyingly around 35" which means that while some 36"s are too long, all 34"s are too short.


Wear cowboy boots with the 36s and Chucks with the 34s. Problem solved :laughing:


My roommate is going to a powerlifting gym similar to this and he’s made significant improvements in a short time on his lifts. They’ve got him doing a conjugate-esque thing as well, you’re in for some good stuff man!


Could you please not throw all these new shiny objects (programs) up here.
I want to do them all and do them now :slight_smile:

I’ll be watching closely Sleepy, I’ll take the things that looks and sounds good, then I’ll put it into my program.

This is so true, when you track it regularly the resting HR provides a lot of info.
If you have one of those wristbands that tracks everything it can provide a very accurate image.
Counting beats on a clock can get some funny readings sometimes. But you get used to it.
When I raced bike I tracked it everyday.
I could with some degree tell if a training day would be good or bad. You’ll be able to tell if you’re about to be sick, sometimes the resting HR would go up for no reason at all and I could tell my wife, I’ll be sick in a couple of days.
It really is amazing, and annoying, like counting calories, and stuff like that.


Awesome news, fingers crossed it works well for me!

I’m sorry! But I’m excited to start playing with these shiny objects and new program.

I do have one, and just started wearing it again. Will definitely keep a close eye on some trends going forward. It looks like my average this past week has ranged from 60-63bpm.


I figured I’d bring the discussion over here since I was kind of ramping the discussion away from the T-ransformation challenge.

5’9" 218lbs as of a couple days ago. My last meet (Nov 2018) I weighed in at 215.4lbs and hit 567/347/679 (S/B/D). Pleased with my squat and deadlift (700lb deadlift goal is at the top of my lifting priorities at the moment) but my bench is lagging. It will likely be the easiest lift to add some lbs to though!


Traphouse Barbell Conjugate W1D2
ME Lower

Wide Stance Box Squat 12" Plyo box + 1x chunk of gymnastics mat (~2"). Just below parallel.
135 x 5
225 x 5
315 x 3
405 x 1
475 x 1
500 x 1 <- RPE 9.5

Focus on sitting right back, all weight off of my feet - very wide stance (toes under sides of rack).

Competition Stance Box Squat Same height - with cambered bar
265 x 5
265 x 5
265 x 5
265 x 5
265 x 5

Whew, the cambered bar is interesting. Core/lower back were smoked from these. The weight is low which allows it to swing through the box squat motion and takes a lot of work to stabilize.

Nordic Curls (not exactly, but very similar and couldn’t remember what he called them or find an example of them online)
BW x 10
BW x 10
BW x 10

Bodyweight Leg Extensions Pic below
BW x 10
BW x 10
BW x 10

45 degree Back Extensions
BW x 10
BW x 10
BW x 10

This giant set blew up my lower back, I could barely walk!

Reverse Hyper
160 x 30
160 x 30
160 x 30

Neck Harness
Buncha Chains x 30
Buncha Chains x 30

Band Resisted Crunches

Ahhh, lower back pumppppp.

Put my belt on and strapped a purple band through it. I did a “banded march” for 3 mins. I was TOAST by the 2 minute mark, the march for the last minute was pathetic. Hips were screaming and lower back was still blown up.

I was soaked! I am going to feel that neck harness work tomorrow.

I couldn’t believe it, but it was all said and done in just shy of an hour. Coach wanted it done in 45mins, but I think it took a touch longer than that.

My coach finished the session by saying “Our DE days we really hit a lot of volume”. Excuse me? This wasn’t considered lots of volume?!?

He also said on our ME days, 20% will be our max effort main lift work, while 80% will be spent smashing weak points. Definitely a different style of training than I’m used to. I typically go in and do my main lift for 30+mins and then if I feel like it I’ll hit some assistance movements!


Super excited to be running a conjugate along side you. It will get a solid test run!


So I’m not the only one who thinks grip strength is an indicator of accumulated fatigue…


Same man! Is this your first real trial with it? I’m looking forward to learning a new training style! I see the potential, but I also see the potential for me running myself into the ground…we shall see how it plays out, I just have to be smarter than I typically am in training…

Nope, coach is right there with you! Resting heart rate, grip and vertical were the three factors he said he tends to look at as great indicators for fatigue management.


How do you measure it?

How many hanging knee raises you get before grip gives out?