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Maple Syrup Strength (littlesleeper)



Woke at 218.8lbs this morning. Nice to see the scale moving in the right direction, but this was due to a late lunch/no dinner followed by 6 pints enjoyed with some friends. I’ll take it.


Practice makes perfect.


Side planks with abduction coupled with Copenhagen side planks with adduction really do stabilize the hips and strengthen often neglected hip flexors and glutes. Throw in some sets here and there, just another way to prehab those hips!


Thanks man, I’ll have to give these a go. Would be nice to find a cure for these cranky hips.


Krypteia W3D2
135 x 5
225 x 5
315 x 5
355 x 5
405 x 5 <- Felt a little heavier than I wanted it to.
450 x 5 <- Tough set. I have it on video. Hopefully post it in a bit.
355 x 5
355 x 5
355 x 5
355 x 5
355 x 5

Dips with 25lb plate and chinups between sets x 10
100 Banded Facepulls


I played pond hockey for 1hr 20mins before this workout, so I was nice and warmed up going into it!
Krypteia W3D3
135 x 5
185 x 5
225 x 5
260 x 5
290 x 5 <- RPE ~8.5
230 x 5
230 x 5
230 x 5
230 x 5
230 x 5 <- All these FLS sets were pretty smooth.

Alternated 10 x 80lb goblet squats and 60lb RDL/Shrugs


Our little backyard rink. There is enough room for two (one behind this one). We use those concrete forms as boards to keep the puck in play. Good times.



Strong squats! And that rink is awesome. I bet yall have a lot of fun out there. Great way to get some conditioning too!


Nice set man. I’ve got a goal now. :joy:


Hell, my goal is to make 225 look that good.


Nice Squat Sleepy and awesome rink (had to google translate that word).
I played a bit of ice hockey 5 - 10 years ago. A total beginner at an old age. Great fun.
We played around a bit at a rink when I was kid, but DK wasn’t a real hockey nation at that point.
Now we’re group A yeah. Have some guys playing in NHL too.
Just to put it in contrast: Denmark has fewer hockeyplayers than Canada has hockey referees :slight_smile:
But it’s such a great game I love it, really envy you Sleepy.


Thanks! This year has been a great year for pond hockey. There have been a few years that the ice gets ruined by wet snow that then freezes, but this year it has been warm (+5) then very cold (-20) quickly so it has made for some good ice.
I didn’t lace up once last year, but have already been out 6 or 7 times so far this year.

Haha thanks man, if squats keep going the way they have been, a 600lb squat could be on the menu!

I know some people can really get out of position on the squat and battle it up, but if my squat form doesn’t remain perfect, I’ll likely lose the rep. So even if they look easy, trust me, I’m dying inside.

Lol, well when 4-5 months of your year are filled with snow and ice, you better find something to do to stay active/have fun. 90% of guys I know put skates on not long after they started walking. I was not quite 4 years old when I started my first skating lessons. I’m a strong skater, but I’ve always had bricks for hands.
Similar to football, I could run pretty quick for a little guy, and hit hard, but couldn’t catch a football to save someones life.


How are you liking the Kryptera program so far?

Lol, I’m the same way man! When I squat 405 I’ve had some people tell me “it looks like nothing is on your back” but trust me I feel all 405 pounds going up and down haha! I think all the front squatting I’ve done really allows me to use my legs and not good morning it at all.


I’m liking it. There really is nothing special about it, it just sticks to the basics and uses supersets for all the work (or maybe that is what makes it special).

Very similar to your training style, but even less overall work. I’m enjoying getting better at dips and chins, and the band pullaparts/facepulls every session have helped to keep my shoulders healthy, and upper back is feeling pretty good.


Krypteia W3D3
Deadlift (conventional)
135 x 5
225 x 5
315 x 5
425 x 5
480 x 5
535 x 5 <- nice top set, felt good.
425 x 5
425 x 5
425 x 5

I only did 3x5 instead of 5x5 FSL. Deadlifts take their toll on me. Hips are just starting to approach 100%, and didn’t want to piss them off by going too overboard here.

Chins and dips +25lbs between sets.

100 band pullaparts to top it off.

Video of top set to follow.


Turn your volume down, buddy was working on a wooden countertop. Behind that particle board is a woodshop.


Next 3 weeks of Krypteia will be the exactly the same as this past 3 weeks (no increase in TM). I might ramp up my assistance movements a bit by adding some weight and be more diligent on hitting sub 45mins (I’ve been pretty good, but end up taking my time on the banded pullaparts/facepulls that tends to run a little longer).
I’m also hoping to be back at 100% and complete all 5x5 FSL for squats and deads. I’ve cut a couple workouts short with just 3x5.



I was asked to be on the spares list for a pickup hockey league that plays every Wednesday at 4pm (50% colleagues, the rest are friends of colleagues).

Yesterday was the first time I played with them. Wow, legs were protesting against taking the next stride. If I hadn’t already played pond hockey a few times this year, I would have been brutal out there. Luckily half of the gentleman I was playing with/against were much older and more out of shape than I am. There were a handful of youngsters out there who could fly, and seemingly had endless energy. Back in my day, I could have kept up with them…

I got lucky on a few plays that made me look better than I felt out there. Chalk it up as a win, and some great cardio.

Oh, and I went out for sushi for lunch, which was of course delicious.

Tonight is Part 1, Cycle 2 Week 1. OHP day.
Back is still feeling a little DOMS from my Tuesday deadlift session.


I think I need to go back to my basketball leagues. Playing competitively (even rec leagues) pushes me to get in shape. I don’t like sucking and I don’t like sitting out so I don’t have a choice.


Becoming more athletic is definitely going to be my long term plan, but right now I need to keep my eyes on the prize (which for me, is a 700lb deadlift).