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Maple Syrup Strength (littlesleeper)



I was speaking about my experience with the discovery of tight muscles that I didn’t know I had. I didn’t have pain or anything; I just happened foam roll it or stretch it and then realized it probably needed attention.

My response has been to go at it and suddenly I’m sore or in pain from my efforts to “fix” the problem but I never had any discomfort before my discovery.

There’s really no other option when addressing a problem though. I’ve been trying everything for my hip.


I get it. Me “fixing” my problem could very well just be making it worse, but I can’t just sit around and not try! I see all sorts of little drills around the internet, just figuring out what might work for me will be fun…
From strengthening abd/adductors to weird hip banded mobility lunge things that I’ve tried a couple times but never really seemed to figure out what the heck it was supposed to do.
I don’t want to get to the point that you’re at in terms of hip health!


I think you’re safe! According to the Doc, this started out as a structural issue. X-rays revealed that my femur isn’t perfect and I have impingement. I think my lifting choices just brought the issue to my attention (probably the increased depth of front squats in recent years).

If you have an issue in the hip joint then it could be a matter of time before it’s an official problem. A person’s level of activity and choices of activity will have an impact of whether or not they have a problem. I’m guessing that if I didn’t go into deep hip flexion with weight on my back then I would’ve never known I had in issue.

But I want to be big and strong so I here I am.


The struggle is real.

At the gym yesterday, I noticed my buddy wrote on the white board “I’d rather be worn out than rust out”. And here we are…


I’m with sleeper, I’d rather try something. Often it doesn’t work, but sometimes you learn stuff, drop it, then in the future you find a use for it.

I’ve been rolling out my quad tendon and doing “leg straightening” while laying on the floor. Extending and bending my leg, keeping my heel on the floor, abs tight for sets of 30-50. Treating my quads like I had tendonitis. Thinking maybe a short, tight quad is pulling on stuff.

After a few weeks of that I was able to use a squat machine and hit my quads without pounding my hips too bad. I think my next step will be band resisted step ups (terminal knee extensions) then maybe some of those Spanish squats ironone is messing with.


Krypteia W3D1

45 x 5
135 x 5
155 x 5
175 x 5
195 x 5
155 x 5
155 x 5
155 x 5
155 x 5
155 x 5

Alternating 10reps of each between sets:
Upped my SLDL Shrugs to 60lb DBs. I would still consider these on the light side.
80lb goblet squats, controlled eccentric, explosive concentric

100 Band Pullaparts

In and out in 36mins (after brief warmup).


That’s looks like a decent amount of work for 36 mins. How gassed were you.


Thanks man, I was moving pretty good but not so out of breath that I couldn’t carry on a conversation. Bench and press don’t take nearly as much out of me as squat and deadlift. I also find DB SLDLs and goblet squats much less taxing than dips and chins.

So basically, my press days are significantly easier than my squat/dead days. I won’t go as far as saying that they are easy though.


Hope you fix you hip pain problem Sleepy.
It could come from somewhere else, how’s your SI joints?
BTW those krypteia workouts looks great.


I’m not entirely sure. I used to suffer from lower back pain, but for the most part touch wood I’ve been back pain free. This pain seems to be more located near the inner/upper left hip flexors and or outer hip.
Looking at this diagram, it could be any/all of the above muscles!
I was doing some more rolling last night, but specifically focusing on my quads/quad tendon (as recommended by Flats). They were pretty tight and I felt some relief afterwards, but sitting here at my desk my hip is quite uncomfortable. I’m going to try and remain diligent at stretching/rolling each night in different areas around my hips/legs/back. I also have a massage booked for a week from today, so hopefully that will also bring me some relief.

Thanks, I’m enjoying them so far. The classic 5/3/1 with some good bang-for-the-buck assistance movements done in superset fashion. Nice condensed workouts. Seems to be fitting my preferred training style quite nicely. Squats on the menu for tonight.


I’m no anatomy expert but that statement seems to be pretty accurate in almost 100% of cases when talking about hip issues.


Kinda guessing here, but it seems like the rowing machine workout did a little damage to your hip. Rather than “tight” you may be “inflamed.” For right now, ice and relieving swelling may be better than rolling and continuing to beat things up.

If you get a chance, 3:00-4:00 in this video shows some easy moves to kinda “move” and “feel” your hips and breathing, one leg at a time. You could try the little adductor/abductor move and see if the “bad” side has a harder time than the good side.


You’re probably right. It is rarely just one thing that ends up causing you pain! Just a matter of finding out what relieves it…

Please don’t say I just spent $650 on something that is just going to damage my hip :frowning:

After I bought it was looking for workouts and saw this article. I chose not to believe it…and here we are…

“Move through your hips, not your spine. If you have back or hip issues, this may not be for you.”
“You have hip pain of any sort. The full flexion nature of the rowing motion can exacerbate problems in this regard.”
“You sit all day. If you’re at a desk for 8-10 hours a day, you really should avoid any sitting during your exercise session, and that certainly means avoiding it for 15-20 minutes at a time.”


It may be a matter of just not being ready for the rower.

It’s possible that you’re accustomed to sitting, and your hip flexor muscles are “tight.” And your using them instead of abs, tightening things up It’s hard to describe, but easier to “feel” if you can find the right move.

I googled hips and rowing machine and this guy said even though your feet are strapped in Don’t pull with hip flexors. Use abs.

Maybe you gotta “practice” technique a little before you can really put in work on the rower.


Thanks Flats, I’ll definitely be giving these videos a watch tonight!


I thought the proper technique was using the hip flexors. I just figured it was the best for rowing performance.


All I know about rowing machines is that they are hard! So maybe this is B.S., but maybe the motion is more like pulling with the heels/hamstrings.

Who knows some good rowers?


There’s a couple a few doors down from us. They’re pretty good, you can usually hearing them rowing even with the windows shut.


I’m sure they’re getting a good abs/hip flexors workout, anyway…


Last night I did 5mins on the rower trying to mimic this technique (very slow and controlled). Wow, I was doing this wrong big time. I was doing exactly what he was warning against; pulling on your feet and driving your knees up to return to the “catch” position. It will take some practice to be able to do it the way he explained. It felt “chunky” and less fluid, but I definitely felt less stress in the hip flexors.

I also did 2 sets of this, as recommended by @IronOne in JM’s log.

Holy, these were fricken tough! 10 reps was RPE 10 lol That was not an easy movement for me. This may have identified a weakness I should be working on?