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Maple Syrup Strength (littlesleeper)



Subbed, looking forward to seeing this. Also please let me know secret to 275x5 bench… 5 reps with my max :man_superhero:



This does seem to be tricky.

Welcome aboard!

Thanks man, that’s actually the lift that I need to bring up the most! But still tends to fall pretty low on my list of lifting priorities…


Woke at 225.2lbs. WTF!?
Friday night: Candy/chips
Saturday: Thai food takeout and drunken shenanigans
Sunday: Not a lot of food, nursing a hangover. A few naps during the day.
Monday morning: Weight PR?

I didn’t even feel/look bloated this morning, I figured I’d be around the 220lb mark. Yikes.

With that being said:
I’m treating myself to a Concept 2 rower tonight. Getting it second hand for $650. Big splurge, but this is something that my wife and I will both get good use out of. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for one for awhile now. This is as low as I’ve seen one offered in over a year (talked them down from $750), and it’s close to where I live. I received money from my family for xmas as I basically told them I wanted new gym toys, so this is already paid for from gift money. It has been -20C without the wind chill now for a week, the dog doesn’t even want to go for walks (too cold for his paws). Hopefully having this option will make me move my lazy ass a bit more.


That is a bargain Sleepy.
One of the best toys for total body conditioning.
Try to do 2000 m for time, you’ll end up falling of the rower, laying on the ground gasping for air like a fish on land.


Thanks Mort, I know it is a good deal, but I appreciate hearing it from someone else. I’m a cheap bastard, so purchases like this make me pretty anxious! I’ve been watching several videos on the rowers so I have a good idea what to look for when inspecting it before purchase. I have very limited time spent on them, but think it will be a great addition to the home gym.

This sounds awful. I’ll likely start out with just a few intervals of 3-5min rows haha.


2000 m’s takes about 8 minutes depending on how strong you are. I think I once did 7 minutes 20 seconds or so.
Remember it’s not about setting the gear on 10.
When I’m rowing I put it around 7 it suits my cardio level quite good. I can keep a fairly high cadence with it.
10 will put your body in lactic acid very fast.


Awesome, thanks for the tips. Concept 2 actually has a WOD on their main website that I was looking at. They recommend setting it to level 3-5 for most of their workouts, so you must be a strong rower!
I think regardless of the level I set it at, I’ll be pushing my cardio pretty hard (which, at this point in time, isn’t saying much!).


I’ve only done the workout I saw on here:


Row 125m and your rest is equal to the time it took you to row. It ends up being close to:

30 sec row/30 sec rest
1 min row/1 min rest
2 min row/2 min rest
4 min row/die

I think I’ve always done it on level 10 because I didn’t know it was adjustable until @bigjez mentioned one of his workouts.


Well, I’m a proud new owner of a Concept 2, Model D PM3. Works perfect. Gave it a decent clean and lubed the chain and it rows like new.

Wife and I played a few “Games” on it when I first brought it home. Ran a few errands together, then we we got home (10pm) I did 5x200m intervals with 30s rest. Was holding a steady pace of 1m40s to 1m50s /500m. Not exactly sure how long this took, still need to play around with the display a bit and figure out all the capabilities for tracking. Fun new toy, looking forward to getting some solid use out of it.


take a look at the conecpt2 dot com indoor rowers training technique site there is a 5 and a half minute tutorial.
Take a look at it, it isn’t difficult to row, but using wrong technique is as everything a thing to avoid.


Awesome new tot


I definitely will! I don’t think my current form is overly efficient or consistent. I’d like to get comfortable with it so I can help wifey with form. Right now I have very few tips to offer her.

Always fun getting new toys! I sent a picture to my buddy whose house I have all my gym equipment at and he was excited and asked if I was bringing it there. I told him, not a chance lol This is too expensive/nice to go let him and his other pals beat on it.


Morning weight of 222.5lbs. So, down nearly 3lbs from yesterday. Feeling more bloated today than I did yesterday.

It was -30C on the thermostat this morning with 99% humidity. My eyelashes were sticking together when I blinked this morning while briefly walking the dog. The windchill put it down to nearly -40. It is supposed to be +3C tomorrow. That will be a nice change! Although it will make everything sloppy if we see much snow melt.


Damn thats cold lol


It took me a bit to get used to that when I lived in upstate New York. It felt like I had crap on my eyes and in my nose and I couldn’t figure it out. I finally realized that it was ice.


I completely agree. Aint nobody got time for that.

Haha, yeah they actually cancelled schools yesterday just because of the temperature extremes. We often have “snow days” but I can’t remember this ever happening. The weather advisory said to limit outdoor bare skin exposure to less than 15mins to reduce chance of frostbite…and since recess is 15mins or longer they decided to cancel school altogether. They also mentioned about kids waiting at the bus stops for long duration.


Krypteia W2 D4

135 x 5
225 x 5
315 x 5
395 x 5
450 x 5
510 x 5
395 x 5
395 x 5
395 x 5

Conventional deadlift is starting to feel pretty strong. My top set was a solid effort, but reps felt good. I had a few in the tank. Cut it a bit short (only 3 set of FSL) as I had to go take my pup to the vet (annual vaccines).

Alternating between sets:
10 dips + 25lb Plate
10 chinups

Dips and chins are already starting to feel a little easier and I’m only at the end of week 2. I assume I’ll start getting pretty efficient with these movements as this program moves along.

On another, less positive note: My left hip seems to have flared up again. Last night before bed I decided to put some work in and spent nearly an hour lying on the floor with a lacrosse ball, just beating the hell out of anything I could find that felt tight/painful.
This felt amazing for about an hour and then I woke up in the night a few times with a painful pulse in my hip. Pretty sure I just inflamed it by going a little too aggressively at it. A sort of numbness feeling all the way down to my toes!


In my home town, some kid actually lost a toe due to frostbite while waiting for the bus, since he got there when the bus was supposed to be there, but the bus was late.

After that, the town got real, real cautious about having school on cold days. Incident happened in… 2003? 2004? somewhere around there, but everyone is still (justifiably) worried about their child losing body parts waiting for a bus


They cancel school due to bitter cold more than snow here. There are a lot of kids who walk to school so they account for that.

Sounds like you just aggravated the tissues. I’m sure the inflammation caused the numbness. I’m still not sure if going at tight muscles like that hurts or helps. Sometimes I feel better day to day when I ignore things. They hurt much worse when I finally get back on the roller. I can’t decide which is better - daily pain and suffering to make things “better” or blissful ignorance.


Damn. Yeah, I totally get why the school board cancels for this (liability), but most parents bitch and complain about it because now they have to figure out what to do with their kids for the day.

I think most parents would think twice about complaining about their kids home from school if something like this hit the news around here.

I’m not really sure either, to be honest. If I’m going to be sore, at least I can say I tried! I would kind of feel dumb to just sit in pain and not try and actively correct the issue!

This might be the right time to shine the bat symbol and hope that @FlatsFarmer shows up with his suggestion for hip pain remedy (unless maybe you have something in your log from him since you have had on-going hip pain).