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Maple Syrup Strength (littlesleeper)



I usually drink a pot a day on my days off because I get to lounge on the living room before me workouts. A pot is like 4.5 cups (16ish ounces). On work days I usually drink two 24 oz cups from the convenience store. They don’t charge us for coffee or fountain drinks. I definitely abuse the coffee privilege.

I don’t really notice any lift from the caffeine. I just like coffee.


I didn’t really notice a “lift” when I drank my caffeine, but boy I noticed how crappy I felt when I didn’t consume it! Watch out!


Well, I don’t think drinking Hot Damn or Fireball is an acceptable substitute to warm me up in the mornings! :joy:


Now we’re talkin’.


This is a good idea. I got on the scale last night and 280+ is becoming all too common and my gut is getting bigger. I need to cut. I’m guessing taking 2 low calorie days a week on my off days and then going deep calorie deficit on deload weeks with little to no lifting will help.

But damn I don’t want my lifts to stalk or go backwards


The point of deloads is to let the body recover. How are you going to recover well in a deep calorie deficit? What about gradually decreasing calories until you start losing weight etc or carb cycling?


I do like the strategy of dropping cals/carbs on your off days, but for the reasons Dukey mentioned, I’d be careful digging too deep into a deficit, especially since most of your goals are strength related.

I find that slow and steady calorie restriction still allows me to maintain strength in the gym and feel good throughout the day. It isn’t until the final few weeks where it seems to start affecting performance, but that doesn’t seem to come until I start hitting new lean territory form me (<12% ish).

With my current goal, I’m only aiming for approximately 0.75lbs per week. For me, this is plenty aggressive, but I know a lot of preps aim to lose ~1.5lbs per week so overall my plan should be more than manageable. It will be the damn cardio aspect that will make or break my progress. I really need to try and be consistent with some weighted vest walking.


You’re going to have to pick a priority, big dog. It’s tough to grow and shrink at the same time.


I’m not sure yet. Still working through all this. I was actually thinking about it today as I was driving home from work. I think the approach I’m going to take to to keep protein high and load carbs 2hrs pre workout and carbs post workout.

I’ve not been getting good pumps so I’m experiencing some insulin resistance to some degree so carbing up is spinning my wheels currently. On days off I’ll cut back on carbs, cut milk out all together (:cry: bye bye milk), and no carbs after 7pm.

I want to do a quick 7 week cut so it will be drastic, rip the band aid off kind of thing. So I can eat to gain while on the conjugate program.

Really just dial in the junk, and cutting milk may do the trick. I have pleanty of reserves to draw from. CT says you don’t have to worry about a calorie deficit until you are sub 15% body fat. I’ve got some wiggle room


I’m also a fan of short burst, severe deficit cuts. Not a long term sustainable plan for someone looking to lose weight, but definitely effective for someone with a set timeline to cut then return to a surplus.

This makes sense to me. I never seemed to be bothered by being in a calorie deficit until I started getting quite lean…I mean I was bothered because being hungry sucks, but it didn’t seem to affect my gym performance significantly.


Morning weigh in: 220.6lbs (-1.0)


I really wish my body wasn’t broken. I’d like to try the Upper Body Bodybuilder/Lower Body Athlete template. I still haven’t made it to the Krypteia template.


I had kind of written off 5/3/1 but I see that the TMs have dropped and you get to test the TMs during the deload (which seems to prevent you from increasing the TM and then grinding on things like OHP). The 5s PRO with a lower TM and SSL is right in my wheelhouse of accumulating volume to develop strength.


Yeah, that’s a huge bummer man. I hope you can eventually get it all sorted out.

Yeah the 7th week protocol (deload) keeps you honest with your TMs. We all know that not all the lifts will progress evenly or at the same time, so this kind of ensures you stay in the sweet spot for each lift.

I plan on flying through my bench workout tonight, but I’m already getting the jitters for deadlifts tomorrow!


Where is this upper body builder, lower athlete you speak of? That on CTs forum?


It’s a template from Jim’s 531 Forever book.


Krypteia, W1D3

45 x 10
135 x 5
185 x 5
225 x 5 <- oops, this was supposed to be 205
225 x 5
275 x 5 <- supposed to be 260 but was feeling good and I like loading the bar with 45s and 25s lol
225 x 5
225 x 5
225 x 5
225 x 5
225 x 5

FSL wasnt too bad considering I did it with 20lbs more than the program called for. I did SLDLs with a shrug with 50lb DBs and 80lb goblet squats between each set.

Finished with 100 band pullaparts.

36minute workout.

I was feeling like this was an easy one, because it was so quick. But now, a couple hours later, I’m feeling it. We are pretty busy tomorrow, so I might not get my workout in until Sunday. I’ll try to sneak it in tomorrow morning if I can.


@kleinhound, I finally got to the Krypteia program and it’s better than the Bodybuild the Upper/Athlete the Lower template.

I like the supersets in Krypteia. The main difference would be the sets on the main lift. The BB/Athlete program uses 5x10 FSL on bench and OHP, 10x 5 FSL on Deadlift and 3x5 FSL on squat compared to the regular 5x5 used across the board in Krypteia.

It uses 5s PRO + 4x8 FSL on bench and OHP during the anchor. Squat and deads use 5/3/1 PR sets with no supplemental work during the anchor.

Krypteia uses 5/3/1 PR sets + 5x5 FSL during part three which would be the anchor phase (I think).

Krypteia states very clearly to run as is but I really like the varying volumes of the BB/Athlete program…

@littlesleeper, you’re running Krypteia. What do you think? I think using the supersets on the BB/Athlete program would make it more difficult and improve conditioning more. I see it as a good thing.

Of course this is all irrelevant to me right now since I’m not doing much with a barbell. :smile:

Lastly, Sleeper, I think I’d switch to Incline press when Krypteia drops OHP. Incline is the middle of the road for bench and OHP. I can tell Jim was a power lifter by dropping OHP after part one.


He certainly was a powerlifter, but he loves the OHP.
I think it’s because of recovery he dropped OHP. Keeping bench, well because it’s bench, and it’s were most people move the most weight.
You’re doing 3 days of full body with dips and chins on the lower body days, I think that would take care of shoulders.


My brain is stuck on upper pec and delt growth these days. There’s nothing wrong with bench; it just hurts me too often lol!

I can do Incline pain free right now but as I was reading your response I remembered that one can choose to do DB Incline and Incline DB row instead of dips and chins. That’s what I’d do.


I think you could probably get away with it if you prefer those %'s rather than what is prescribed. Just monitor your fatigue closely, these short, condensed workouts can really catch up to you!

Confession: I missed my deadlift workout this past week. No great excuse. Many minor excuses that pushed it to the next day, to the next day, to the…well here we are at 8:30pm and I’ve put my comfy pants on.

I’ll do my deadlift workout tomorrow, but I’m starting this week a day behind, so I"ll have some catching up to do.

Confession #2: I ate a medium DQ Blizzard (Smarties) today and my protein intake was likely sub 100g (I was on the road with the wife visiting friends who just had a baby, they made us waffles for breakfast).

Not proud, but needed to put this here to keep me honest. This week will be good, I’m feeling it.