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Maple Syrup Strength (littlesleeper)




Well… Humans are going to go extinct because of what we’ve done to the environment. A bunch of nuclear reactors could melt down = bye… Globar warming = bye. nuclear war= bye. No water or food to feed the ever growing population = bye…

Thousands of species are now extinct because of humans. Ecosystems destroyed. Ocean reefs destroyed,Polluted air, Polluted ocean, Rubbish everywhere. Oil rig spills, Rubbish dumped into the ocean, Sewerage… pedophiles walking free while someone caught growing weed gets locked up, Corrupted goverment, pedophiles,Rapists,Murderers,Serial killers, Sociopaths, Liars,Thieves, Scum,Pyschopaths roaming the earth, People in positions of power like Donal trump that are completely stupid Etc. What one person does won’t help the world at all. World is stuffed. Humans have ruined it. To think humans could have lasted until the sun dies. Not anymore lol. I got a bit carried away but basically I’m an advocate for helping those in need. Not the world though, Theres nothing i can do


Believe me, there are days where I start fumbling down the road of thought you’re on. This is basically the “we are fucked, so why try” mindset. This is the mindset that is GUARANTEED not to help make a difference in making the world a better place. I’m old/mature enough now, that I’m not comfortable simple living in ignorance of the consequences of my actions. I’m nowhere near perfect, but have implemented simple things into my daily routines to reduce my waste/impact.

You do have the power to change the way you act and advocate for others to do the same. If everyone starts reducing their waste, or reducing their consumption of non-renewable resources, etc., etc., we can at least reduce the impact we are having on the planet which I’m sure we can all agree is better than nothing.

Yes, if you alone reduced your carbon footprint, you will not save the world. If everyone starts reducing their carbon footprint, we can have a huge impact on the health of our planet. Are you part of the problem, or part of the solution?


Well, I was good with my nutrition last week and then completely ruined it this weekend.

We finished up our holiday visiting this weekend. Dinner and drinks both Friday and Saturday night and a large brunch with family on Saturday morning. I did get out for a game of pond hockey yesterday, but no workouts.

Woke up at 221.8lbs. +0.2lbs from last week. Sunday morning will be my official weigh in for the week, but I’ll try to also grab a few through the week to catch any fluctuations.

Tonight I begin Krypteia.


See this won’t happen. Unless all countries come to the same conclusion and leaders find ways to stop this, then It doesn’t matter who i try to convince or advocate these things to, Theres 7 billion people in the world. People are too selfish and just want to be rich so they’ll keep fucking the environment. The goverments are corrupted. They’re not going to change. Theirs always going to be corrupted and horrible people in this world. Think of people hunting animals for sport? Animals that havent been driven extinct but are close to people still hunt for fun anyway. I’m pretty sure they know its wrong. They just need to be trialed and put in prison. Think of foreign countries hunting whales, the us goverment can’t do anything about that. It’s not in their jurisdiction or my goverments either.

That’s good of you to do that, and I’m not saying i don’t either. My mates will litter but I’ll simply refuse and put it in the bin. It doesnt matter to me if it’s “Cool.” Or not. Its the weong thing to do. the fact is individually you’re not saving the planet. Like you said If everyone though… anyhow humans are doomed


Starting off 2019 with a pretty negative mindset!

Sure, we aren’t in the best place in terms of global health, but there have been some recent shifts/initiatives that have at least shown hope in improving/cleaning up some of the damage that we have done. I’m not saying you have to go out and protest the next forest destruction, but just be aware of your own personal contribution to the negative impact and do your best to minimize it.


I see recycling bins at about 1/3 of the houses on my block. No one had recycling bins 15 years ago. I used to collect my plastic and glass in a plastic bin and haul it to the recycling bin at the grocery store before the trash companies started offering the recycling. I even get reward points for doing it and I can buy stuff online.

It’s a slow process to make a change but it’s happening here.

Legal hunting is in place for a good reason. If we don’t hunt deer here then the population grows too much and the food supply can’t sustain them. Disease spreads and things get worse. By killing some of them (and eating them) it actually improves the health of the whole population. We also have lots of roads. When the population surges it increases the mortality rate from vehicles (which also endangers humans).


I was referring to people hunting bears,Whales, Tigers etc


Krypteia, Part 1, Cycle 1

Training Maxes: (85%)
Squat: 475lbs
Bench: 305lbs
Deadlift: 565lbs
OHP: 205lbs

Krypteia, W1D1
45 x 5
95 x 5
135 x 5
155 x 5
175 x 5
135 x 5
135 x 5
135 x 5
135 x 5
135 x 5

Between each set I alternated doing 10 DB goblet squats with an 80lb dumbbell and stiff-legged deadlifts with a shrug at the top using two 50lb dumbbells.

Finished with 100 red mini band pullaparts.

As per Jim’s recommendations, I started light with my assistance work. Cycle 2 starts to push the assistance work, while cycle one is much more of a preparatory phase for adding some work capacity.

In and out of the gym in under 40mins. That’s my kind of workout. Squats on tonight’s menu.


Oh boy Really looking forward to this, So many on Jims private forum found Krypteia extremely good for overall athleticism and strength.


That’s great to hear! I haven’t been following the 5/3/1 Forums much recently and haven’t been to Jim’s private forum, so I wasn’t sure if this program still had much hype around it or not. But that’s good news, if others have been finding good success with it.


It’s been more than a year since I left the forum, but at that time it was good, and it looks good but it’s a lot of work later.


Yeah, after cycle 1 it actually drops down to 3 days per week by dropping the OHP completely. Part 2 changes the supplemental work to BBB, and part 3 adds PR sets to the main work (moving back to 5x5 FSL).

I don’t see why I won’t be giving this program one entire run through (15 weeks not including any deload weeks).



I kid, I kid…mine are all in kilos tho, so…:wink:


I would do the deload weeks :slight_smile:
Do them as 7th week deload, work up to your TM for a single.
No back off and just minor assistance.


@Despade - Haha, one day my friend, one day.

@mortdk - Jim didn’t specifically discuss using the 7th week protocol, but it would fit nicely with the way the program is laid out (and likely the way he intended it to be run).

Part 1 (Preparatory Phase)
Part 1 Cycle 1 (3weeks)
Part 1 Cycle 2 (3weeks)
7th Week Protocol
Part 2 (Leader)
Part 2 Cycle 1 (3weeks)
Part 2 Cycle 2 (3weeks)
7th Week Protocol
Part 3 (Anchor)
Part 3 Cycle 1 (3weeks)

Rinse and repeat Part 2 and Part 3.


Krypteia, W1D2

135 x 5
225 x 5
315 x 5
365 x 5
405 x 5
315 x 5
315 x 5
315 x 5
315 x 5
315 x 5

Between each set alternated doing 10 chinups and 10 dips, both just with bodyweight.

Finished with 100 facepulls with the red mini band.

Done in under 43mins.

During my warmup sets, I wasn’t sure how the chinups and dips were doing to go. They seemed to keep my heart rate up more than I hoped (yeah, my conditioning is poor at the moment), so the squats were being done slightly out of breath. I ended up finding a decent groove through my top sets and into my FSL. The last two sets of my FSL had me sweating and breathing quite heavy.
The 100 facepulls actually added nearly 7mins to my workout time, I could have pushed through these a little quicker than I did (was doing them while cleaning up the gym removing my squat shoes/knee sleeves, etc).
Nice short, simple workouts. I have a feeling the deadlift workout is going to be a tough one…


T-ransformation Update:

I’m going to start logging/tracking morning weight on Mondays and Thursdays. My reasoning for this is that they both follow a rest day (slightly reduced caloric/carb intake) and similar/typical sleep cycle (8hrs or less, as opposed to a lucky Saturday/Sunday where I sleep in and get 10+hr of sleep which could skew my weigh in).

Every 4 weeks I’m going to post a front/back relaxed photo to help me track progress. Aiming to drop ~15lbs during this time. I got down to 205lbs in 2017 and was quite pleased with my physique, so if I can get within a couple pounds of that I’ll be happy.


Well it appears that my squats took slightly more of a toll on me than I expected. I woke several times during the night with restless legs. Those drop down sets made for a little bit more volume than I’m used to. Exhausted this morning. I’ve been trying to reduce my caffeine intake recently, but this morning called for a “Large Black”.

Grabbed a weigh in this morning : 221.2lbs


Just one? I managed to get a cup from yesterday’s pot and I’m brewing another. Doing RDLs and a 2 minute set of leg press for the first time in months was foolish. I feel crippled.


Haha, well I was drinking upwards of 10cups (as measured by the coffee pot, not 10 x mugs of coffee) so I decided I needed a break. Now I try to only have caffeine when I feel I “need” it. I don’t think there it is necessarily bad to have a coffee a day, but I hate to be reliant on something so decided to reduce it.

Monday was the first time I’ve done RDLs in awhile (even if it was just 50lbs DBs) and I could feel the ol’ hammies reminding me that I did them.