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Maple Syrup Strength (littlesleeper)

Awesome. Keen for the details!

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@FlatsFarmer - Haha, no worries, I was just out of town for the weekend so I figured I’d post a quick one before I had a chance to actually go through the meet in detail (beware long post to follow this one).

@duketheslaya - :muscle:

@losthog - I definitely have videos, and I’d be happy to use them to join the gang in the virtual meet. I plan on switching to more bodybuilding style workouts over the next few months.

@MarkKO - Thanks Mark, long post coming shortly. (Just finishing up the video)

@mr.v3lv3t - Thanks man, I was quite please with the day.

@simo74 - PRs sure make this powerlifting thing addicting…

@BOTSLAYER - BOOOM. Thanks again for all the help man, your program seemed to work once again.

@mortdk - Thanks Mort!

@mattjp - Coming soon :+1:


Fucking oath man good job

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November 24, 2018 Powerlifting Meet

9-11am I wrote an exam for work. Then I drove to my in-laws to kill a little time before my weigh in at 2pm. I ate very light this morning and closely monitored my water intake as well.
I got to the weigh in exactly at 2pm and I was the only competitor there, so it went very quickly (equipment checks, weigh in, getting the bar heights for your squat and bench, signing waivers, etc).
Bodyweight: 215.4lbs/97.7kg
This was followed by a delicious large burrito.

8:00am lifters meeting. 9am Flight A starts lifting (women and extremely light men). Each lift for each flight seems to take ~45mins.

Warmups felt pretty smooth, no excuses coming into this.

Good fast opener, felt solid.
This was 6lbs under my previous PR, and felt smooth as butter.
257.5kg/567.7lbs (7.5kg/16.5lb PR)
Nice big PR here, and there may have been a lb or two left in me.
Good start to the day.

Not looking forward to this lift. Bench just hasn’t clicked for me since the beginning of prep, goal is to hit the weight that I missed last meet.

Pretty quick opener, felt alright.
157.5kg/347.2lbs (15kg/33lb Meet PR)
Oh boy, grindy and shaky. I started pushing on this one and honestly didn’t think it was going to go. Relieved to see whites and leave the stage.
160kg/352.7lbs (Miss)
I defeated myself before I went into this one. They asked for my third and said just put as little on the bar as they can because I don’t have anything else left in me. Missed.

Warmups felt great. This got me a little excited thinking that I might actually have a chance to take a stab at my current meet PR.
My attempts were a little funky.

No problems here, felt good.
At this point I just needed to hit something over 622lbs to reach my previous best total. So I stuck with something moderately conservative. Hit it with confidence.
307.5kg/677.9lbs (2.5kg/5.5lb PR)
At this point, I have a PR in the squat, PR in the bench and a PR total. I figure I have nothing to lose going for a small PR in the deadlift. I was conscious of my hook grip, and didn’t want to miss a lift from that. I have been trying to keep my deadlifts out in front a little more so that my hands don’t contact my thighs on the way up and peel my grip off. This worked, but I think the top part of my lockout where I bring the bar back in got me one red light.

TOTAL: 1593lbs/722.5kg
Wilks: 443.9

Once again, a brilliantly run meet. Lots of vendors, great/helpful judges/platform crew/other volunteers. Quite a few people at the meet, and I had a great cheering section.
My wife was kind enough to take videos of each lift from both her camera and phone, just in case one messed up. She would show me my previous lift each time and I could critique my form/speed a bit to help me prepare for my next attempt.

Very pleased with this, and once again confirmed my addiction with competitive strength. If you enjoy getting stronger, a powerlifting competition is a great motivator. Everyone there was awesome and positive, which made for a great (tiring) day. Flight C finished up around 4-4:30pm, so it was a long day (but goes by fairly quickly).

Right now I think I’m going to take a decent off season, but I’ll be back next year to pull that 700lb deadlift.


Video proof! I felt I was among my people all day, surrounded my ginger beards…as you will see in this video.


Nice! That third squat looked pretty easy.

Great write up, Thanks for sharing. Those squats looked very very smooth. Bench and deadlift PRs as well, well done.

Fantastic! Just reward for all the effort. Enjoy that off season and smash it when you come back!

Nice work man!

@mattjp - Thanks Matt, squats had been going well all prep/peak, so I was happy that they stayed that way for the meet.

@simo74 - My pleasure. PRs in all was definitely a welcome surprise! Squats felt the best though.

@steigs - Yes exactly. It is easy to lose the “why” when it comes to the weekly grind of lifting/eating/recovery, but competition is a great reminder.

@mr.v3lv3t - Thank you, I’m still smiling from the meet lol

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Great work, strong as always!

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Thank you sir!

Looked very good man.

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Great job, man!

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Something is terrible wrong here :slight_smile:
I am so impressed Sleepy! Damn you’re strong, just watched those videos for the third time.


@MarkKO - Thanks Mark!

@danteism - I appreciate it man.

@mortdk - Haha, I appreciate it Mort! I’ve watched the video quite a few times as well! Very pleased with how the meet went.


We’re you taking the piss on that third Deadlift? That was a speed pull!


So God damn impressed

Thanks man, I appreciate it! I was definitely happy with the speed, it is getting my excited for that 700lb pull.


You are WELCOME!!! But you pretty much did your whole prep this time and did great. And great comp btw, very awesome! Enjoy your offseason.

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