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Maple Syrup Strength (littlesleeper)



Best of luck mate!



Thanks @losthog, @kckfl349, @mattjp.

Last workout before my competition is tonight, but I’ll just be working up to some “light” squats (440lbs) and light bench (275lbs).

I am waking right around the 220lb mark right now. I’m going to try and water cut a few lbs just to be sure that I end up under 220lbs, but unfortunately I can’t weigh in until 2-4pm.

I have an exam to write for work from 9am-12pm, then drive about an hour to wait around for the 2pm weigh in. This means I have to remain conscious of the food/water I take in longer than I was hoping.

Anyone have a moderate cutting protocol that could work for an afternoon weigh in?

My thoughts for cutting:
Today (Tuesday): Drink lots of water (yeah, I’m not measuring the actual amount)
Wednesday: Drink lots of water.
Thursday: Drink lots of water until ~6pm (concert 8-11pm, floor tickets, I don’t really want to have to go to the bathroom multiple times during the show)
Friday: Sauna first thing before heading to exam (yay, hotel sauna). Fast (no food), sip small amounts of water so I don’t die ~12pm (end of exam), then have two hours to continue to dry up. Sushi after my weigh in…or maybe not, but I’ve been craving it for awhile…


LOL “light” Would be cool to say a 440 lb squat is light. Youll kill it man


Haha, that’s why I had to put it in quotations. 440lbs is definitely not a light weight, but just working up singles to 440lbs won’t really feel like work at this point when just two weeks ago I was hitting 5 sets of 520lbs x 1.
I appreciate it man, the squat is the lift that I’m currently the most confident in.


Jesus christ. I remember when I read you were 185lb and I though “we’re roughly the same size” lol… Noooooope.
You’re a tank


Don’t bother cutting. There’s no point. It just increases the risk of something going wrong.


Best of luck - look forward to hearing how you smashed it.



2019 I plan on trying to go full @kleinhound and get shredded and in shape again. I’m hoping to get back to my athletic roots.

Yeah, it would be barely considered cutting really. Just being a little thirsty for the morning.
Also, this morning I just woke up at 217.9lbs… I’ve been sick the last week and appetite definitely hasn’t been 100% (and figured since I wasn’t working out as much that I should dial back the cals a bit). So I likely don’t need to cut at all, I will just make sure I’m not walking into my weigh in with a food-baby.

Thanks man! I’ll definitely be doing a meet write up when I’m home after the weekend!


I didn’t post it but my last workout went well working up to 445lbs for squats and 275lbs for bench.

Concert last night was great, weighed in (in my hotel) at 217.9lbs this morning. I had a really light breakfast and minimal water today. I’m heading to the weigh in shortly and looking forward to a nice full meal since it will be after 2pm without much food!


Weighed in at 215.4lbs, immediately ate a large burrito and had a beer.

Now just relaxing and hydrating before dinner (flank steak and potatoes…and veggies of course).

I submitted my openers at:
SQUAT: 227.5kg/501.5lbs
BENCH: 142.5kg/314.2lbs
DEADLIFT: 272.5kg/600.8lbs

The guy who weighed me in recognized me from the last meet and asked if I’d be hitting a 700lb deadlift tomorrow. lol, that would be nice!


Sleeper immediately starts thinking about pulling sumo :thinking:



(adding words because Tnation does not recognize that as a coherent statement hahahaha)


Lol, I may have told him he may see my third pull go full sumo.




Full meet recap coming soon.

Teaser/Spoiler Alert:

I went 8/9 with a PR on each lift.



I hope your miss was a result of you going for glory.


I actually hit my glory pull, failed on the dreaded bench press…again.


Spoiler alert removed. Sorry!




Nice work man! Hard work pays off. If you have videos of these lifts and want to use them for the virtual meet…