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Maple Syrup Strength (littlesleeper)



I’ve prepared popcorn and snacks, will wait patiently to see the results.

Sleepy, DL is the last lift of the day right? go for it man.

Opener: 277.5/280
2nd: 295.0
3rd: 307,5 BOOOM PR or disaster, but then again you’d have the 295 you put up beforehand.

There’s no doubt in my mind you can pull 295 in the competition.

But listen to @BOTSLAYER og @MarkKO both know their stuff.


As the Canadian’s coach is fond of saying, “PR or ER!” :joy:


Yeah, I like to overreact a bit right after the fact, but then the next day I’m more “meh” about the predicament I’ve put myself into with missed training days.

If I don’t PR my bench, there is no way I’ll be hitting a meet PR.

On Saturday (1 week out) I’ll be working up to a single at 535lbs/242.5kg for squat and 345lbs/156kg for bench. Assuming that the 645lbs is my top rep for deadlift my attempts based on these %'s would be closer to these:

November 24 Meet Total: 725.0
Squat Bench Deadlift
Open 225.0 145.0 270.0
2nd 245.0 155.0 290.0
3rd 255.0 165.0 305.0

Still works out to the same total, just a little different setup.

Yeppers, DL is the final lift of the day. It definitely gets a lot more “YOLO” lifts than any other (one guy passed out mid deadlift at my last meet). I just don’t want to puke or shit myself.

This isn’t a bad setup you have posted there. It’s close to what Mark laid out with his %'s. I really like the idea of starting lighter than necessary. Getting that one lift under my belt just eliminates all doubt from the equation. Anything over 600lbs still makes me nervous, and I have to bring 100% effort in order to lift it. If I’m able to hit a 290-295kg for my second, it will depend on how they moved then I could possibly take that jump to 307.5. I jumped from 287.5 to 305 at my last meet.

Just send it! (I think I used that correctly?)


These events, in addition to bleeding violently from the nose, are always a joy to experience.


You have this. your 2nds add up to 690kg so if you hit any 3rd you have a PR Total. Or maybe you chip at it with lowered 3rds but it will be there.

In development LOL …Generally we go 88ish - 95ish - then pick what ever you wont miss on 3rd…Attempts chosen off of perceived 1RM either from actual 1RM or what we think will be there depending on the program (usually not maxing out Deads). No longer looking to hit a PR lift on the Platform at least for Squat and Bench, just a PR total.

I am also working with people not as strong as Littlesleeper and the bigger the total the more merit to PRing on the platform (I think).

THIS, just 2 more weeks!!! Also I am really not good at picking attempts yet. I consistently underestimate RPEs.


So how do you know what you won’t miss?


Haha, I enjoy the experience at other people’s expense, rather it not be me!

Yep, just looking for that PR total!

135 x 6
225 x 5
315 x 5
365 x 3
405 x 1 <- Added belt here
455 x 1
495 x 1
525 x 1
525 x 1
525 x 1 <- RPE 9.5 here
525 x 1
525 x 1

Reps were pretty smooth. Third set seemed to feel the hardest, for whatever reason.

135 x 5
185 x 5
225 x 5
275 x 1
315 x 1
340 x 1
340 x 1
340 x 1
340 x 1
340 x 1

All of these were around RPE 9-9.5. They were not fast reps, not sure if I could have hit it for a double or not. Nice to know I can hit 5 singles at this weight, but it did not feel light!

A bunch of 100lb DB rows and some ab wheel to finish off the workout.


Luck… ;D

(Basically RPE, the same way you know to take a planned or smaller 3rd)



135 x 5
225 x 5
315 x 3
365 x 2
405 x 1 <- Added belt
455 x 1
495 x 1
545 x 1 <- Not too bad! Woot woot!

I was supposed to hit 535lbs tonight, but I said eff it and threw the 25’s on there for 545lbs. 551lbs was my 3rd attempt at an RPE10.5 at my last meet. I think a solid PR is in the tank here for squat.

135 x 5
185 x 5
225 x 3
275 x 1
315 x 1
350 x 1 <- RPE10, yikes.

Again, this was supposed to be 345lbs, but I wanted to hit 350lbs so I felt even more confident with 345lbs (which defeated me at my last comp). I hit it, but it was RPE10.

Very pleased with this workout, now one more working on Tuesday night just working up to singles at some light weight and then I’ll be heading out of town for work (~3hrs from home and ~1hr from my competition) so this work trip actually works out perfectly. I’m going to a concert on Thursday night (The Glorious Sons) and then Friday morning I write an exam for a certification for work, then Friday afternoon (2-4pm) I go to my weigh in. I’ll have to be a little conscious of my eating drinking, because I’m hovering around that 220lb mark. I just plan on fasting through until weigh in and then going vertical diet to replenish everything (sodium, rice, beef, orange juice, spinach, peppers, carrots).



MAPLE SYRUP POWAAAA!! Looking forward to see how you go man


Can’t wait to see how you go, good luck mate. Go and smash it


Good luck brother


@duketheslaya @simo74 @MarkKO - Thanks guys, I appreciate the support!


Going to kick some ass man.


Is there a live feed ?
Good luck Sleepy. I’ll sit here on the other side of the world cheering.


Thanks @mr.v3lv3t and @mortdk.

My last meet they did put up a live feed on their instagram page, so I’m assuming that they will again.

And here is the post where Jimmy Paquet says he is in and Amit Sapir says he thinks he will be in…oh boy, what am I getting myself into…


Well just because they are famous doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to outlift them :slight_smile:


Go kick some ass man!


Good luck man