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Maple Syrup Strength (littlesleeper)



Dinner: Salmon, Rice, Orange, Cucumber and Carrots

Lunch: Monster Mash + Orange

Dinner (Tonight’s): Lentils, canned tomatoes, pearled barley, black beans, chicken broth, shrimp and some spices.


I like the looks of that program. Did you set the tm really low like 80%? Then build numbers from there?

I want something light next program to give my body some time to adjust to new strength levels…

Current 1RM’s
Squat = 525 445
Bench Press = 335 285
Deadlift = 625 530
Press = 225 190

This is what I based my %'s off of. This is using 85% of 1RM, but I used quite conservative 1RMs. I hit a 551lb squat, and a 672 (sumo) deadlift in my comp on June 9th but not using those peaked numbers for this program. The bench I can tolerate higher intensity quite well so I left that right about where it should be. I’ve put a strict 255lbs overhead before but looking back through my logs I haven’t done OHP since March 15th, so I’m playing it quite conservative. Felt smooth today though!
So I suppose that was a long-winded way of saying, yes, I set my TM low, likely ~80% lol

I like this program because it uses a lot of the 5/3/1 variations wrapped in one (PR sets, widowmakers, 5x5/3/1, FSL and BBS). The prescribed supplemental work seems to mesh nicely with my preferences as well.
Widowmakers for squats - I really enjoy (hate) widowmaker squat sets. Very few things in the weight room kick my ass like these. Awesome for adding some leg mass.
5x5/3/1 - This is doing the top set for 5sets of 5. I couldn’t do this with the lower body lifts as it would be too taxing, and my shoulders actually get cranky doing high intensity OHP (while a lot of others find this with bench). So it seems to be a good tactic for my bench.
FSL - A classic, works well with my deadlift and keeps me from being stupid.
BBS - Gets some good volume in for my OHP without overdoing the intensity.
PR Sets - Used for squats and deads to really add that excitement/fear to a lower body workout.

It will depend on how I’m feeling at the end of this cycle, but I’m thinking about running this for two cycles, hitting a 7th week protocol and then pulling an anchor template from 5/3/1 Forever.


Remind me never to make this again. Delicious, but stomach/bowels were unhappy through the night and into today. Was debating wearing an adult diaper for deadlifts today.

Deadlift - conventional
135 x 5
225 x 5
315 x 3
345 x 5 - All double overhand to this set
405 x 5 - strapped up
455 x 10 - Not a PR, apparently I’ve done 465 for 10 reps before. This was a tough set, but no grinding reps.
345 x 5 x 5 - These were explosive as f*ck, because they had to be. I tried a slow rep and got a case of the hamstring shakes. So each rep/set I just powered through as hard/fast as possible. Not easy, but speed was there throughout.

BW Dips
10, 10, 10, 10, 10

BB Curls (empty - 45lb)
15, 15, 15, 15, 15

Ab Wheel
11, 11, 11, 11, 11

Excellent workout. Energy wasn’t 100% but was feeling good and happy with the work done here today. Nice pump from my accessory work.


You’re getting back into things again Sleepy.
Nice DL session: 455x10 damn man + back off :slight_smile:


Thanks mort! My back is definitely reminding me of that deadlift workout on Wednesday lol, quite tight.

Bench Press - paused every rep
45 x 10
135 x 5
185 x 5
215 x 5
245 x 5
245 x 5
245 x 5
245 x 5
245 x 5

100 Pushups and 50 Chinups for Time:
10 chinups
25 pushups
10 chinups
25 pushups
5+5 chinups
15+5 pushups
5+5 chinups
15+5 pushups
5+3+2 chinups
12+5+3 pushups

TIME: 11mins17s.

We were getting a large amount of meat delivered to our house tonight and my wife wanted me to be home for the delivery so I went through this workout pretty quick. Decided to do a timed session with the accessory work just to get it done quickly. I’m content with the time. I may do this little circuit again and strive for a sub 10min time, but this will take some work as my muscles were giving up in the later sets.


You will need a lot of meat after all those reps. Nice work man


Thanks Simo! I’m pretty excited to have plenty of meat in stock for the next little while.

This is just the box of ground beef! Chicken breast, chicken thighs, new York strip steaks and salmon filets came as well. So my freezer is stocked for a little while!


I’m jealous! I have a freezer full of beef but no salmon. I’ve been going through three pounds of ground beef a week. I make hamburgers for my lunch. I put them together and wrap them and foil and just eat them cold. It’s a great snack when we’re busy. I’ve learned to pack things that I can eat while driving.


I do the same thing! Burgers are easy to eat on the run. I’ve been taking 2lbs of ground beef out of the freezer every day and split between my wife and I for dinner each night then leftover for lunch. So we go through quite a bit of it as well. She is excited to have chicken again as she is getting sick of ground beef lol


My wife is 99% vegan and barely touches any of the beef, chicken, and pork that I cook. I got 1/3 of the cow this year and I’m afraid I’m going to run out of the ground beef before fall. Apparently I’ve upped my carnivore game these past couple of years.


135 x 5
225 x 5
225 x 5
295 x 5 <- Started thinking about the widowmaker set at this weight coming up…
335 x 5
395 x 5 <- This was a plus set, and I was sitting damn close to RPE 9 on rep 5. I was hoping this set would feel lighter than it did.
295 x 20 <- It was hot and humid today and after this set I laid on the cold floor and made a nice man-shaped sweat puddle on the ground.

BW Dips
10, 10, 10, 10, 10

Bulg Split Squats
50lbs x 10, 10, 10, 10, 10

I am going to try and work in a little more unilateral movements over the next cycle or two.

DB Shrugs
80lb DB Shrugs x 40, 40

Watched this today and just needed to do some high rep shrugs. I’m a fanboy of Nick Best.



That’s what i was thinking :joy:


@duketheslaya and @j4gga2, you’ll understand when you buy all of your own food…and you weigh 240 lbs :smile:

It’s not cheap to feed me. Three lbs of hamburgers is what I eat in my lunch over 4 days of work. I make 1/3 lb patties and eat a couple a day some weeks.

I also eat 5+ lbs of chicken or pork per week. My fridge currently has a pork loin that I shredded for BBQ pulled pork in addition to the burgers.

And lastly, I must admit I drink a lot of protein. You might remember that I bought a ton of supplements from a guy with a failed supplement business. I got protein powder for $4/lb. 10 lb bags of Syntha-6 were $40, 5 lb tubs were $20, etc. I bought $300 worth.

I find myself drinking a couple shakes a day with two scoops these days.


Totally. That’s why I buy cheap mince and drain the fat out and get whatever low fat yoghurt is on sale. A kilo of yoghurt is two breakfasts for me. Getting bigger ain’t cheap.


My beef delivery

Homemade beef patties, dijon mustard, pickles and sauerkraut. Brown rice and brussel sprouts cooked in butter and soy sauce.


Anyone know if pickles offer the same nutrients as cucumbers? Do they count as a green vegetable? That’s something I could actually eat everyday!


I’m going to take a guess without looking it up, I could be completely wrong though.

I would say they have the same nutrients and then some since it is just a cucumber that has sat in a brine of vinegar/salt/dill/garlic/etc.

I would count them as a vegetable, but I don’t really count vegetables because I eat a ton of them anyways. I love pickles with my beef, plus the added salt content is great too since I’m still following a few principles picked up from the Vertical Diet (increased salt intake being one of them).


I’ve fallen off the vegetable wagon lately. I’ve gone a whole week where my only vegetables have been potatoes. But I could crush a jar or two of pickles to help.