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Maple Syrup Strength (littlesleeper)



Thanks a lot man! I hope you had a good time in London!

Yes a tough go on the bench, but it might be finally time to make that lift a priority for a bit.

Always! Regardless if it is a PR or not.


How does Amit Sapir squat 347.5 kgs and NOT deadlift at least 280kgs to have that record too??? It seems odd for the deadlift record to be that far behind the squat record. Granted, that’s a monster squat by any standard.


It does seem like an oddly squat heavy total. But it gives me a chance!


From memory he’s had injury issues that pretty much fucked his pull. Plus I think he’s always focused on his squat because he wanted to hold all time squat records in four weight classes.


Got in a quick little restorative workout tonight. I only had about 30mins to get one in.


These started off feeling very rough. Hips, knees, back, everything was feeling sore. It looks like the meet beat me up a little more than I thought! It felt good to get everything moving under load though. The later sets did start feeling a little better than the earlier ones.

Bunch of pallof presses and bar hangs between sets to help the back pain out a bit.


Hey Sleepy You have peaked for the damn thing, you gave everything in there, your body was primed and ready and it gave you everything, because it knew that the weeks after you would give it a little vacation.
It just have to recover for more than a couple of days :slight_smile:


Keep it light and get a pump and get out of there


That’s a great way to look at it! But we all know how much ‘deloading’ sucks…

Yep, just going to try and ‘grease the groove’ and push some blood into the parts that hurt most. I’m out of town visiting the in-laws all weekend, so lots of food and alcohol will hopefully aid in recovery.

I’ve been trying to stretch and do some mobility stuff to help. If I sit for 10+mins and then stand up my hipflexor prevents me from standing straight. It takes 3-4 steps hunched over before I can stand up. Then trying to walk I can barely put my right leg behind me it is so tight. Fortunately my back is showing some progress, still sore, but it is middle back pain which seems to be more tolerable than the lower back pain I’ve suffered from for years. I’m looking forward to being healthy again!


Ha this. I think this every day


How are the hipflexors doing?


HORRIBLE! Thanks for asking though. I have a massage booked for this afternoon to hopefully loosen up my hips. It seems like it is just getting progressively worse and I’m actually taking it easy and letting it rest. I’m going to continue with some light yoga and mobility work but it is quite frustrating.
Planning to hit some upper body tonight and then test out the lower body on Tues/Wed.


Do you think it was the comp that messed them up? Still hurt to stand walk? Hope the massage helps…hopefully you get someone with really strong hands who can get deep into the muscle.


Yeah, I think it has to have been the comp. It was getting tight frequently prior to the comp, but I think I just pushed it too hard on comp day (and I’d do it again in a heartbeat). I think it is just going to take a little recovery time and effort and I’ll be back to 100% in a few weeks.

I’ll tell her to bring the pain this afternoon! Fingers crossed I see some relief from it!

I appreciate you checking in.


Hey Sleepy
Hope them Hipflexors will heal up in a hurry


Bugger. I’m going to go ahead and blame sumo. It’s got a long history of fucking with hips. I guess the trick is going to be finding how to get the sumo machinery stronger without pulling sumo.


If they’re tight then you might see if anyone around there does needling. There’s a chance hitting a trigger point could get them to release.


Thanks man, me too!

I agree. Sumo seems to irritate my hips, while conventional flares up my SI. I do find that working conventional has direct carryover to my sumo and vice versa which is nice so I can keep them switching up.

I might take your advice. The massage seemed to make my back feel better but hipflexor still seems just as tight. I’ll keep working at it and maybe look into some needling.

Thanks guys.

Bench Press
135 x 8
155 x 8
185 x 5
225 x 5
275 x 5 <- RPE8

Ylw Slingshot Bench
305 x 5
305 x 5
305 x 5 <- RPE9

Hammer Curls
35lbs x 12
35lbs x 12
35lbs x 12

French Press
35lbs x 12
35lbs x 12
35lbs x 12

Red Mini Band Delt Raise
12, 12, 12

Suitcase Carries
100lbs x 10yards (each hand)
80lbs x 30yards (each hand)
80lbs x 30yards (each hand)
80lbs x 30yards (each hand)

Fun workout, nice pump. I have good feelings about this slingshot work. I’m going to work this in weekly. Woke at 214.7lbs this morning after a rather unhealthy week/weekend post competition. I have two weeks until I am on vacation at a cottage so I’m going to do a little two week mini cut.


What about in between conventional and sumo, like semi sumo?


Thank you @duketheslaya for making me have a look back through my log. I couldn’t remember why I switched to full sumo from the semi-sumo/squat stance that I remembered liking. Presumably I hit a PR while testing sumo, so that turned into my go to. But now knowing the type of damage sumo can do to my hips, I may turn back to this variant that will help with longevity in the sport.
If sumo still ends up being my strongest for pure display of strength than I’d be happy to be sore for a few weeks again to put my name on a records list, but for training I should probably pick a comfortable lifting variant.


Hey man, here’s something that worked for me yesterday.

Set a bar up in the power rack, a few inches (5.08-7.64 cm, aye? ) short of lockout. Put some weight on, so it won’t move. Get your feet around shoulder width, where ever is comfortable. Then setup like a deadlift. Lock the lats in, drive heels into the floor, push with butt, expand abs and brace. Then hold that “good” position for a 3 or 5 count. Relax and repeat a couple times.

Basically, I thought of it like “turning off” my hip flexors and all the tight muscles that were cranking me into poor posture/position and “turning on” the correct muscles. It just took a few squeezes to feel my lower back was all locked up and I was stopped over, almost standing on my toes. . Then a couple more squeezes to get straightened. If you try it, do be careful and do start a little easy at first. You don’t want to pull on those hip flexors any more.