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Maple Syrup Strength (littlesleeper)



How does this transformation thing work? I’ve never done it before


I’m trying to lose my first five pounds and I’m living with hunger.


Well first you’ll need a pair of potaro earrings, someone of a similar size and power level and you’ll need to do the fusion dance to properly transform


Nah just post a before picture. State your goals and achieve them, then post an after when it’s done and dusted


Just posted my goals. May be a bit ambitious for an old guy, but we will see…


Last 3 days weight averaged 221.6lbs. I’ll be using that as my starting weight for my cut beginning today!
Going to still keep a high strength focus, but just moving some priority towards cleaning up my diet and losing a little fluff along the way.


Same here. Priority is still strength. May just cut out the potatoe chips :thinking:


I just finished a can of Pringles last night, so now we have no more chips in the house. Still have a pile of chocolate I’ll probably give away so that I don’t end up binge eating it in a moment of weakness.


Let’s not get hasty! That’s crazy talk! :rofl:


We have wayyyy too many Mini Eggs in the house for me to be able to try and lose fat haha, extreme actions must be taken!


Hey Sleepy
Haven’t really checked in lately, you’re looking damn strong,… Well you are damn strong.
How much strength would you lose during this transformation thing?
And finally never give away chocolate :slight_smile: bring it to the fun pong hockey, you’ll need the extra calories there.


Hey Mort! Thanks for popping by. Yeah, I haven’t been overly interactive on here recently as I’ve been busy over the holidays (as I’m sure we all have).
I really don’t see myself losing too much strength over the course of the transformation. I’m not going to be doing any sort of drastic cuts, or large changes in my training. I’m just going to be taking my BF% back down near the 10% range which is a point that I think I can still maintain my near maximal strength.
I also tend to start prioritizing eating better and sleeping more during this time which both have positive effects on my performance vs. dirty bulk + 5-6hrs of sleep per night.

I’ve been kicking around ideas for which program to run during this time, but right now I’m thinking I might go back to the old trusty 5/3/1 (variation TBD).


BIG fan of Jim’s work myself.
There are literally tons of them to do.
Building the monolith is something some guys have run here with great success @T3hPwnisher and @isdatnutty did it in some kind of sick supersetting format.


I have also run Building the Monolith and liked that program, but I don’t think it would be one I would select while being in a calorie deficit. I’ll have to dive back into 5/3/1 Forever and see if one jumps out at me, otherwise I’ll likely just migrate towards something simple like 5’s PRO 5x5 FSL while sprinking in a few + sets and/or joker sets if I’m feeling good.

Conventional Deadlift
135 x 5
225 x 5
315 x 5
365 x 5
405 x 3 <- Added straps and belt here.
455 x 3
495 x 5
495 x 5 <- Kicked out to sumo for this set and next
495 x 5 <- Sumo is much more comfortable for me to pull with. RPE dropped a bunch when I went to sumo from conventional.

Close Grip Floor Press
135 x 12
185 x 12
225 x 8
225 x 8
225 x 8
225 x 8

Incline Bench DB Tricep Ext
25lbs x 12
25lbs x 12
25lbs x 12
25lbs x 12

Cannonball Grip Pullups

First workout of the year, can’t complain. Things moved alright. Wife joined me for the session.


Looks like a great workout


After perusing through 5/3/1 Forever again, I think I’m going to give the “Prep and Fat Loss Training” program a try starting on Monday.

In a nutshell:

  • 4 days per week
  • 3/5/1 programming with 5x5 FSL (weeks 1-3) and 7x5 FSL (weeks 4-6) supplemental work
  • 6 week program (two cycles, no deload or change in TM, just increase in supplemental volume - however, if I feel I can move a bit more weight, I might up the TM for cycle 2)
  • Bodyweight/light assistance movements which are all performed between sets of main & supplemental work (facepulls, 1 leg squats, pushups, chinups, dips, DB rows, DB swings, ab wheel, etc).
  • Complete workouts in <45mins
  • Light conditioning 2-4x per week (weighted vest walks, pond hockey)

Main reasons for selection:

  • Increase work capacity
  • Improve proficiency with bodyweight movements (I enjoyed running 5/3/1 with bodyweight assistance a while back (early 2017?))
  • 4 day per week with shorter workout times
  • Title of program

As always, I’m excited to start this new program. Now that it is winter, and the basement I workout in is damn cold, I’ve been feeling guilty that I’m not even breaking a sweat during my entire workout these days (low reps, extended rest periods). So I think this will be a good change of pace for me. A little more of a Brian Alsruhe type program, where you are always moving all over the damn place.

So far this week I’ve been pretty good. I’ve been brushing my teeth right after dinner which has turned me off of the late evening/pre-bed snacking. I also haven’t drank a casual evening pint with dinner this week.

My sister-in-law is vegan, and asked her family to join in on “Veganuary”, which is, as it sounds, going vegan for the month of January. As a compromise, I said we would eat 1 vegan meal per day, which we have been.
I’ve enjoyed trying out some new dishes, and do feel that it has reduced my caloric consumption. Something about a big ol’ plate of veggies/rice/beans does feel pretty “clean”.
I’ve made some lentil/bean/veggie burritos, some barley/lentil soup/slop in my Instant Pot, and then some more common staples like oatmeal and berries.


I’ll never understand why vegans like to “share” their eating choices. Did she agree to join you for carnivore February? :laughing:

The only problem I have with the vegan approach is protein. My wife does it but she weighs 130 lbs and runs marathons. I find that I just end up drinking most of my protein if I limit my meat consumption. I’m not sure if that’s any healthier than just eating meat.

The new program looks good and definitely reminded me of Brian’s set up. Will you be constantly going or will you have built in rest between exercises or between rounds of exercises?


Well, different people have different reasons for going vegan but I think ethical reasons are a main one. So her sharing ethical eating makes more sense than me sharing meat eating because “yum”, lol.

Ya, I haven’t really done enough research for me to go fully vegan, but if you watch any of those Netflix documentaries it is definitely enticing (Food for Thought, Vegucated, Cowspiracy, etc).

I think if your diet includes a lot of beans/chic peaks/lentils/tofu/tempeh you can get to ~130+g of protein pretty easily then a scoop or two of protein powder and you’re getting damn close.
But I’m still eating eggs, and another meal with meat at the moment.

I’ll have built in rest between exercises still. Jim basically says that this shouldn’t be a cardio session, but just aimed to increase work capacity. He said 90sec to start but try to eventually work your way to 60sec or less.


I think we’ve discussed this in the past and I’m pretty sure we both have access to responsibly raised beef. My chicken, on the other hand, is mass produced and probably has a horrible life. My wife went vegan for the ethical reasons and I’m right there with her. I guess I ought to switch over to more beef and pork since I can buy the whole animal and it’s raised locally with a normal life.

Will your sister-in-law eat anything that you personally kill? I believe your avatar used to be picture of you with a freshly killed turkey. It doesn’t get much more ethical than killing wild game for the purpose of population control. That’s good for the whole flock.

That’s a good progression. I went to a conference back in '08 and someone cited a recent research study that stated that 3 x 10 with 60 sec rest did a good job (not sure if it was the best or just better) of increasing testosterone naturally. I’ve used 60 sec rest for all of my sessions since LOL!

I’m completely used to it. I can kill myself and get my heart rate up to 180 and I’m usually back down to 120 or less within a minute of resting. Now that I’m pushing my conditioning more I set the timer for 45 sec which usually has me back to the bar/weight by the 60 sec mark. CT’s Built 4 Battle program says the 60 sec rest interval is for people who are in decent shape so I guess I’ve succeeded at something with my training.


I think you’re correct!

And yes, I do hunt and try to buy local when possible. But no, she is full vegan, no bending of rules regardless of how it was raised/killed.

Well lets add that to the list of pros for using this program!

This is definitely a goal right now. It would be a stretch for me to say I’m in decent shape presently. I do think I can get into decent shape pretty quickly/easily though, which is an OK spot to be.