Maple Syrup Strength (littlesleeper)

Obviously still in. You look very lean already. Plus crazy muscular. Really goood physique, mate.
It never appealed to me personally to get super shredded but I wish you all the best for your goal!

15.50" arms!?


j/k, looking good man. You can do serious damage.

@anon50325502 - thanks man! Looking forward to shredding down.

@kd13 - thanks! Each time I do a mini cut I’m always amazed at the difference I see in my legs. Hopefully getting to the leanest I’ve ever been really shows them off!

@lord_humongous - lol but then you would have to change your name to lord_averagesize

@Koestrizer - I appreciate you following along and for the kind words. It’s always been a secondary goal of mine, but what better opportunity than now to get it done with such great support and a group of people struggling alongside with you.

@IronOne - haha I know right? I haven’t put a ton of work into direct arm training, but I may do a bit more to at least try to get them to be the same size as my calves!

$200 later I have some groceries for the next few weeks:

~15lbs lean ground beef
Lots of greek yogurt (not all in pic)
Lots of cottage cheese (not all in pic)
Lots of beans/chic peas (not all in pic)
Chicken breast
Brown rice (I already have lots of basmati)
Steel Cut oats
Fish (Basa)
Natural peanut butter
Egg Whites
Frozen Veggies
Fish Oil
Circumin (with piperine)
Soy sauce and mustard to marinate everything.


@Chris_Colucci - Would you mind merging this log into my existing Training Log? I think I’ll just keep everything together under THIS thread. Thanks!

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5/3/1 Young Jim Wendler Template

Week 3 Day 1 Accessory Work (skipped yesterday)

Neutral Grip Chins
BW x 12
+50lbs x 6
+50lbs x 8
+50lbs x 9

4-Way Neck (Front and Back / Right and Left)
15lbs x 20/15
15lbs x 20/10
15lbs x 20/10

Ab Wheel Rollout (from knees)
10, 10, 10

Went easy on the abs as I want to be 100% going into tomorrow’s workout. I slept ~3hrs last night for some reason. Just lying there trying to sleep, so tonight I’m hopefully going to get caught up. I’m also feeling the beginning of a cold coming on so I’m drinking tons of water and pounding vitamins so hopefully I can nip it in the bud.

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5/3/1 Young Jim Wendler’s Template

Week 3 Day 2

I was supposed to do power cleans first, but my goal of the workout today was to hit 600lb deadlift, so I wanted to be fresh for the attempt as my legs are still feeling my squat max testing from Monday.

135x 8
225 x 5
315 x 2
405 x 1
495 x 1
565 x 1 ← I thought I have hit this before but only have vid of a 555lb DL - so +10lb PR
600lbs x 1 ← Oh hell yeah. 45lb PR
585 x 0 (miss) ← figured I’d drop it down to 6 plates and casually hit a single, turns out I needed a lot more effort than what I gave. Also, felt a slight tingle in my lower abdomen so I didn’t go for broke. I think it was just my belt pinching my fat, but it closely resembled the feeling of a hernia so I wasn’t risking it.

Incline DB Press
50lb DBs x 25reps
70lb DBs x 20 reps
70lb DBs x 20 reps

Preacher Curls
75 x 12
100 x 21 (7 full range, 7 top, 7 bottom)
100 x 21 (7 full range, 7 top, 7 bottom)

Back Extensions
10, 10, 10

An exciting week of lifting for me. Broke (shattered) not only my current PR’s in the big 3 lifts but met my 2017 goals for both squat and deadlift…apparently I was a little conservative on my goals!

Weeks like these really remind you why you go into the gym 3+ times a week and bust your ass. My 555/565PR for deadlit has been stuck there since APRIL! 8 months of no progress, until everything comes together, your weaknesses are addressed, and you smash it.

That, to me, reinforces the fact that hard work and consistency are two of the most important variables when it comes to training.


Damn, good work! 115lbs added to your total in one week is damn impressive.


Thanks man! Came as quite the shock to me to be honest.

Unfortunately I just noticed my PR total is now 1495lbs…that is going to bug me…hmm maybe I’ll go for a 525lb squat in a couple weeks…


Holy shit that has been an awesome round of PRs! Congratulations man!


haha! Just go put your big boy pants on and deadlift 605.


Nice! So we’re tied on DL, just. I figure by year’s end you’ll be totalling 1550-1600.

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I wish I had these problems. Haha great lifts brother. Shit was clean and definitely had more in the tank. You should post your results and such in the 531 forum at some point just to show out


What? No happy dance again? Come on man! Let it out! Congrats on making your goal. But, I think dChris is right, just go for the 605, you can damn sure pull it.

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@Koestrizer - thanks man, ya it has been a good week. Now for an new OHP max on Friday!

@dchris - lol I think I’d have a much better chance of hitting a 525lb squat.

@MarkKO - I finally feel like I’m playing with the big boys now. That would be very nice to hit 1550+ by years end.

@oldbeancam - That is a good idea about posting in the 5/3/1 forum. I’ll likely do that tonight. I’m glad it looked like I had more in the tank, but I don’t think I did. I’m one of those dead lifters that the bar either moves pretty quick or doesn’t move at all.

@ChickenLittle - ok, next PR that falls I’ll throw a little celebration into the video for you! I think it will be a while before pulling 600lbs again. But squatting 525 just to hit that 1500lbs might be in the near future.

Thanks to everyone for stopping in!


I think your next goal should be a 2000 “Jim Wendler” total (squat, dead, bench, ohp).



5/3/1 Young Jim Wendler Template

Week 3 Day 3

Front Squat
135 x 5
185 x 5
225 x 5
225 x 5
225 x 5
225 x 5

My back and legs were still feeling beat up coming into this workout from all my max attempts this week so I just hit 225lbs for a little volume and called it there. I sort of agitated my wrist attempting to hold the bar in a front rack position, so most sets were completed cross arm grip.

Strict OHP
95 x 5
115 x 5
135 x 5
185 x 5
205 x 3
225 x 1
245 x 1 ← I have done 225 x 3 before, but this is actually the most weight put overhead. +20lb PR
255 x 1 ← RPE 10, +30lb PR - I battled with this rep, thought about quitting twice during the rep when I didn’t think it was going to go. Bracing/pushing so hard my ears popped, but I managed the rep! Wrist still not feeling great, I used wrist wraps on the heavier sets.
135 x 20reps ← decided I wanted a bit more volume in this workout, surprised I was able to hit 20reps.

A. DB Lat Raise
40 x 12
40 x 10
40 x 10

B. Dragon Flags
8, 8, 8

50lb Weighted Vest Inverted Rows
50lb Weighted Vest 2% Incline Walk

The weighted vest work at the end had the sweat pouring down me. This was a nice finisher. I may do some other weighted vest work at the ends of my workouts if I haven’t broken a sweat yet just to help a tad with my fat loss.

Well after 5mins on the treadmill I think I tied the amount of cardio I performed in all of 2016! I haven’t weighed myself at all yet this week, but I’m definitely feeling like I’m heading in the right direction.

So far I have just been cleaning the crap out of my diet and not overeating. I wake up feeling much tighter, likely just from eliminating the processed foods.

My typical day has been looking like:
Morning Pills:
Vit D3
Fish Oil
Vit C
Daily Vit
Curcumin with Piperine
Vit B Complex

2 eggs
0.5cup egg whites
2tsp olive oil
1 piece of fruit (banana or apple typcally)
Drink a glass of water with 1tsp sodium bicarbonate and 1 heaping tsp of Metamucil

Drink a mouthful of apple cider vinegar out of the container.

Chicken/Beef/Fish (whatever I pre-made)
Spinach/Steamed Veggies

2 scoops protein powder

4pm (pre-workout):
1.5scoops protein
1 cup of oatmeal
1 scoop greens supplement
Caffeine Pill

4:45pm (intra-workout):
1 scoop protein
50g Dextrose

6:30pm (1/2hr post workout)
Rice/Pasta/Wraps/WW homemade local bread
Veggies (cucumber, lettuce, spinach, steamed veggies)

1cup cottage cheese or 2 greek yogurt containers

Night Pills:
Magnesium + Zinc
Fish Oil
Curcumin + Piperine

This has been getting me around the 3000cal mark with 250g+ of protein and 250g+ of carbs.
I eliminate the intra-workout drink on non workout days, but typically keep my oatmeal/protein/greens (pre-workout meal) in each day. Holds me off until dinner, and still keeps my cals high enough as that is still my plan.

That will be an easy 400cals to cut when I start to decrease my calories as time goes on. When we get down into the low calorie weeks I’ll likely start subbing out my intra-workout nutrition for simply BCAA’s + Creatine to further the fat loss efforts.


You are just smashing the PRs. Congrats…again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You really are on fire aren’t you? It’s great :slight_smile:

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Just wait until you see the video, I might have done a little victory dance as per your request.

Well to be fair, it has been a long time since I have went for true 1RM. Always dealing with TM’s using 5/3/1 it is tough to know where you really stand. It was nice to push myself this week, but I’m feeling pretty worn down right now. I’m going to take the prescribed deload week next week.

Also, I’ve been battling the beginning of a cold all week and this morning woke up and it is in full force. Sore throat, congestion, the works. And, since I’m a male, this is basically the worst thing ever…yes I’m a big baby when I get a cold…my wife can confirm.