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Maple Syrup Strength (littlesleeper)


Yea that definitely makes sense. haha But the article made me want to get a pair of farmers handles and a big tractor tire. Never really dabbled in strongman but it is intriguing.


Hello fellow Canadians!! Great journal, will be lurking!

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Haha ya man, I did a DIY pair of farmers handles (before a little equipment store just popped and sells them for $100 brand new). They have kicked my ass on multiple occasions. I just left 185lbs per hand on them in my garage and walked down, turned, walked back and that was plenty. Do that 4-6sets and I was toast.

I also managed to pick up a 550lb tire last year, which I suck at flipping. 3 flips and I’m gasping for air. So I’ll definitely be putting some time into flipping that sucker a bit more this year.


Howdy @littlelee! Thanks for popping in. Happy to have you following along.


What did you use for the farmer handle DIY?


DIY No-Drill Farmer's Walk Handles
Oh Great Another Dude Has A Strongman Log (mattjp's log)
Homemade Implements

This post has some more information as well:

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Nice man i appreciate that


I can’t say anything against that program, looks solid, with build in auto regulating. Might even borrow some of it (or all of it), later when I’m done with Wendler.
That topset squat, STRONG man, very nice.
Pic’s: well you’ve definitely improved from last year, leaner and heavier, well done.

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Thanks man, I appreciate you have a look and commenting.


Great progress!

Side note, for some reason my settings to your log went to muted… ha. I thought you had just stopped posting since I wasn’t seeing an unread post. Apparently, that’s why it didn’t show up in latest either.

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YOU LOOK AWESOME!! One of the best I’ve seen on this whole site for sure. I can’t believe the progress. You should be extremely proud of yourself.

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@littlesleeper your doing it wrong! After a big dirty bulk with Xmas and drinking and binge eating you’re supposed to look worse! Keep at it buddy, you will get there one day :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@dchris - All good my man! I did kind of drop off for a bit and just strictly record my workouts with very little interaction around the forums (I still have quite a few logs I’d like to catch back up on). Been juggling quite a few life projects at the moment. One has just finished up (hopefully) giving me a little free time which is nice. The other big project is preparing our house to sell. We have a handshake deal with another guy who is flipping a house over by the property that I grew up on. This would give me access to 70+ acres of land and waterfront to use at my disposal…without the exorbitant cost.
So I’ve been renovating bathrooms, flooring and now just trim and finishing the stairs before we start staging and putting the house on the market (hoping by the end of March).
Also…I’ve been following some interesting discussion in Yogi’s thread and will be watching closely on the progress man. VERY interested!

@countrygirl2016 - Thanks! I really appreciate the kind words because I’m up against some tough competition 'round here. I was surprised when I went back to compare to last year, I was afraid that both of my ‘before’ pictures would look the same!

@Irishman92 - Thanks man, I’ll have to get you to teach me the right way sometime. I hate spinning my wheels like this and looking better after a bulk, lol.


Looking awesome, leaner than last year’s starting pic but also heavier! I would say that’s a good marker for a good years training.

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Looking good dude, will be interesting to see how much you lean out in 12 weeks. Some nice squats there too. Following for the ride.


Congrats, this sounds great! I completely understand, this happened to me last year and I lost focus on training and baseball.

Ha, ya. I forget people read without commenting sometimes. At a point where it seems like the risk of things isn’t as significant as I originally thought. I feel incredible on MK, aside from hungry and bloath, which the hunger has been mitigated by taking at night. I’d highly recommend if you can reconcile the fact you can’t claim internet natty.


@kd13 - Thanks man! Leaner and heavier will forever be the goal!

@simo74 - Glad to have you following and thanks for the comment! I’m also interested to see how much I lean out over the 12 weeks.

@dchris - Yeah, I’m not too concerned about it at the moment. The work is still being put in, just not as many hours a day to cruise TNation lol. I’ve always been interested, but I also have an extremely addictive personality. MK would be good, but then maybe do some low dose clen, oh and then if I’m going to do that I might as well sneak in some… ya the slope already seems too slippery for me. I do not understand the term “moderation”. But I’ll still be following along closely to your comments/progress and living vicariously through you.


dude you made a shit tonne of progress in a year. Wider af. Can’t wait to see the cut results!


@duketheslaya - Thanks Duke, I appreciate it!

Yesterday’s Morning Weight: 215.4lbs
This morning I woke at 213.8lbs (New Low)

  • I’m going to record (hopefully) daily weigh-ins and keep track of the new lows. They are a mini confidence booster for me when cutting that I’m doing it right. I need all the encouragement I can get when in a deficit. They will come fast and furious for the first month+ but I reckon as I approach the 205lb mark they will be fewer and further between.

Yesterday’s Workout:

Custom - Week 1 Day 2
DB Rows
50 x 6
70 x 6
90 x 6
100 x 10, 10, 10, 10

I was reading a John Meadows article yesterday and he was talking about dead stop dumbbell rows and emphasizing the stretch of the lats at the bottom of the movement. I did this technique for the 100lb sets. Reps felt fast, easy and I had negative reviews brewing in my head since I wasn’t nearly as tired as just banging out all the reps with constant TUT. It wasn’t until 1/2hr later my upper back/lats pumped up. It felt great and lasted another hour or two after the workout finished. I’ll be doing these again, huh, maybe John does know what he is talking about??

95 x 5
115 x 5
135 x 5
185 x 3
205 x 3
225 x 3 <- Had trouble keeping tight through these reps. Got them, but it wasn’t pretty.
185 x 5, 5, 5 <- Not a great showing here. I was a little sleep deprived yesterday (~5hrs) but no real excuse for this.

DB Bench
50 x 10
70 x 10
90 x 10
90 x 10

Planned to take the 100’s for a spin, but 90’s felt good and I was getting some good pec tension, so decided to just hit them again. Also, my new bench is slippery as heck, I’m almost sliding off the top when I initiate ANY leg drive. It looks like I’ll have to use a band or find some sort of spray/coating to apply to it to give it a little more texture.

Hammer Curl
50 x 10 x 4sets

Dumbbell Pullovers
Basically just used these as a stretch and a very short ROM with 50’s. I did a whole bunch.
My right shoulder had been bothering me for a few days so, so these were more to help stretch everything out than anything.

I did some extra shoulder band work and broomstick dislocates as well.

Good workout, it did take me like 1hr 15mins, but I was cooking dinner in between sets so there was a 5-10min break a couple times in between exercises. Life.