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Maple Syrup Strength (littlesleeper)



Otta-wanna be stiff and slow


This is great. I think I’m going to leave it to the people to decide!

@FlatsFarmer - haha, clever! I’m not going to include it in the poll ONLY because I’m not from Ottawa so I feel it would be deceiving, but if I was, this would be perfect.

If anyone else has suggestions let me know and if I like it I’ll toss it up for voting!

  • The Shredded Canadian: How I Got Ripped and Stayed Polite
  • The Shredded Canadian: Fueled by Tim Horton’s
  • The Shredded Canadian: Fitness Tales From America’s Attic
  • Maple Syrup Strongman
  • No Doubt A-Boot It, Time to Get Fit, Eh?

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Experiments in Guelph Improvement?


You trying to pin-point where I live? :wink:

Are you a fellow Canadian? Who the hell else knows where Guelph is…? lol


When I was a kid, we lived in Buffalo, NY. We’d go to Lake of Bays/Algonquin in the summer. I also know the names of Toronto and Barrie, that’s about it.


Just to carry on a bit to my training ADD/program hopping fun I wanted to note down some thoughts on different training methods and my thoughts on them.

These are purely my opinions on these forms of training (or at least how I train them).


  • Simple/minimalistic training methods
  • Can be effective only lifting 3x/week
  • Lower rep ranges
  • Feel strong


  • Boring
  • 1-dimensions lifter - aka only really getting good at the big lifts
  • Taxing on the CNS if not careful with intensity
  • These repetitive workouts have led to some injuries in the past and actually made me feel less athletic


  • Feel superhuman after a few weeks
  • Increased cardio efficiency
  • Great all around strength/skill
  • Never boring


  • Long workouts
  • Complex workouts (giant sets, circuits, pyramids, different implements) - lots of time spent setting up and moving between exercises
  • Mix of indoor and outdoor work during same workout; not efficient rest times


  • Great pumps
  • Easier on joints by staying in higher rep ranges @ lower %1RM
  • Increased hypertrophy


  • Looooong workouts
  • So many damn movements, sets, reps per muscle group
  • 5-6 workouts per week is tough for me to manage with a busy lifestyle


  • Not high stress on joints or CNS
  • Increase athleticism/mobility
  • Can push cardio as there will be ample recovery
  • Fun to play around with bodyweight circuits


  • No real physique improvements (comparatively)
  • Loss of max effort strength

This was more for me than anything, just trying to see if writing it all out would help point me in the direction of my future fitness endeavors…it does not appear to have helped…


It never occurred to me to make a list like that, but it’s a great idea. I have now bookmarked it.


I dont think you need a ton of movements. Just do more sets of the most important Squat, Dead, Lunge, Bench, OHP, Dips, Pullups, Barbell Rows…then add what ever assistance you want for calves/abs/arms.

I actually knew exactly what you meant. For me this used to be springting/dunking etc now it just means being able to put my shoes on in the morning hahahaha


If you set up an “event” day, you could eliminate almost all of the cons for strongman.


All this talk made me realise I don’t give a damn how athletic I am as long as I can move normally.


Why not both? Just adjust your definition of athletic to include movement. Jumps, complex body weight movements, etc.


Simply, because it isn’t important to me right now. Later, maybe. But now I get by just fine.


Fair point. My thought was to let the pursuing of movement allow you to move normally. But that’s because of confirmation bias, as it’s how my training has shifted in the last while.


I’m lucky: I already can move normally (I think), so I don’t feel the need to achieve that. Wow, that took a while to post. Apparently I deleted it, and then I kept getting told it was similar to a previous post.


I miss my “athleticism” and have definitely lost a step in speed (hurt my hamstring trying to be fast) but “normal” movement plus above average strength is what I’m going for as well, I can jog a couple miles without pain, walk, carry things up and down stairs (moved a flippin giant fridge yesterday). I look at it as adding to the most average aspects of my life I guess.


When does voting close, eh? Looks like there is a strong favorite :joy:


Thanks for the comments @MarkKO, @brady888 and @BOTSLAYER. Good points by all.

Those movements are by far my favourite which is what draws me to 5/3/1. I think in order for me to see much hypertrophy from these movements I need to focus less on the chase of strength and focus more on the TUT and MMC of the muscle(s) I’m trying to target.

For example, if I’m doing OHP I can make that a more delt/chest exercise or shifting my body angle and grip width can make it more triceps dominant movement. Dips can be almost purely a chest targeting movement or triceps.

I think it is more of getting my mindset in the type of training I want. Go hit my main movement for strength. Then backoff sets focus on the actual muscle contraction rather than just moving weight and going through the motions.

The other day I sat down and tried to crack the code on what the hell your spreadsheets in your log represent and I actually really like how you have set up your training. I did a PPL program in the past and really enjoyed it, and may pick one up again. @RampantBadger posted a link to THIS program in another thread that I thought would be a good one. I could even try 5/3/1 for the main movement and then follow the program after that.

They mention an optional “Free” day which would be good for me to do my “Events” day to keep my strongman versatility in there as well as @brady888 suggested.

All speculation at this point, I’m not looking for A perfect program, I’m looking for MY perfect program. Which is the one that makes me excited to workout and makes me feel/look athletic and strong.

All this thinking and ranting is making me feel like @MarkKO. :troll: I guess work is slow this week.


For what it’s worth, this is what I do, I use the 5/3/1 progression for my main lift, and then use bodybuilding/isolation movements around it and I love it, I’m progressing to heavier weights consistently while still getting a pump and feeling like I’m building some size along with the increasing strength. It also allows me to auto-regulate instead of feeling like I have to hit certain accessories for certain reps. Just my two cents.


But it makes for a more stimulating log. I actually enjoy reading rants and the more journal-like entries more than seeing someone’s sets and weights.

In regards to your training… that’s for you to figure out. And then change. And then figure out again and so on. It’s inevitable. We all do it. If you’re starting to feel drawn to more hypertrophy type training then I recommend running your 5/3/1 and then treating the FSL or backoff sets as your hypertrophy movements. I’m currently doing this. I switch to DB’s for bench and OHP so I can get more range of motion. It also seems to be a bit more friendly on the joints.

If you’re struggling to figure out what to pursue down the road then revisit CT’s article regarding strength ratios. If you want to be balanced (by the terms in that article) then it will guide you in the direction you need to go.

The problem I have is that my list of priorities is too long. Big, strong, athletic, etc. Being athletic requires a lot—lifting, jumping, running, etc. It’s tough. Now add bodybuilding to the mix… oh, and I also want to be in better shape so I need to improve my conditioning (I can be athletic and play pick-up basketball but still be in less than stellar shape). It’s easy to make a long list and then struggle to find the program that addresses all of it. I think that’s where “seasonal” training might come in handy… in theory. It will still be a huge mental hurdle for me to do the bare minimum on something like lifting while I pursue conditioning and athleticism.


I’ll write programming for you :smiley: since you’re already a stud it’ll look good on my client history lol