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Many Worlds


Just reading some explanations on current Quantum Mechanics theories.
This one is quite popular and is even supported by Steven Hawking. Interesting read nonetheless, and actually kind of how I envisioned reality.




You aren't alone, which is why many who do believe in a higher power also believe that future events could be known...yet still be a matter of choice. Just as in the example of Schrodinger's cat, every choice would produce a split in the concept of reality leading to two possible realities based on either decision. If time is a construct of this reality, then you could also theorize that a being could also live outside of it.


What also interests me is implication on the spiritual aspect of things. If the countless realities exist and my counsiousness just happens to be following along a certain path, but I also have for lack of a better description, countless other consiousnes's that exist to make the opposite of all my choices, etc... then is there truly a right and wrong? If all outcomes are played out, does my particular consiousness get affected by what branch I go down? Or does somewhere down the line, my consiousness join with the others of myself to share the experiences of eachother?



As corny as it was, the movie The One with Jet Li is the only movie I have seen (short of Sliders on the Sci Fi channel) to even deal with that concept. In the movie, Jet Li got stronger as his alternates were destroyed, implying they all shared the same energy (or soul).

Better yet, are there even a countless number of souls on this planet or simply energy that gets reused upon death. It would mean that ultimately, most of us should be able to reach a more positive outcome unless anyone believes that our consciousness and intelligence is just an illusion we created in order to justify our own existence.


I use to think about this stuff when I was a kid every night when I was about to go to bed. It simply drove me nuts since there isn't answer for any of these questions. Mmmm...I wonder if there's a me in another world that is having sex with a different girl every day.


According to the theory, only zero percent probabilities don't happen, something like jumping off a roof and not falling to the ground do to gravity. So Yes one of you is probably a pornstar, or better, and nailing many hot chicks each day.

Of course this still leaves poor Nephorm out but like I said only things with a better than zero probability will happen. :wink:



Dude, wtf!

Anyway, Schrodinger came up with the whole cat gedanken specifically to point out the absurdity of the Copenhagen interpretation, which is essentiall metaphysical, and isn't scientific.