Many questions

Is it bad to train medial delts, biceps, and forearms in the same workout? I drink green tea and have heard it speeds up the metabolism; I am going through the metabolic shift of the anabolic diet, and wonder if I should quit drinking it; could it tell the body the depend on carbs for energy? Would it be alright to take Power Drive(because of ginko) and drink green tea? Should I take Power Drive every time I work out, and can it’s results decrease over time? Is the anabolic diet a bad idea for a 14 year old?

There’s no problem training those bodyparts
in the same workout. I personally train
the entire upper body (exclusive of any
specific arm work) on the same day. That’s
because I prefer training bodyparts twice
per week, or twice per 8 days, and there is
no way to split the upper body that won’t
have something being hit four times, not
two. (For example, if shoulders and back
are trained on separate days, then rear
delts will get hit four times per week.)

Green tea should be no problem with the
Anabolic Diet.

Power Drive works well and effects don’t
seem to decrease with time.

I wouldn’t recommend that a 14 year old
use the Anabolic Diet. It’s probably not
a disaster but at that age, the best thing
is to go with something “normal” and known
for sure to work well. That would be a good
balanced diet, plenty of protein and carbs
and reasonable fat, like 30-36% of calories,
avoiding trans fats and junky food. For all
anyone knows you might be shortchanging
yourself out of something with ketogenic
dieting at an age when you have rapid potential
for natural growth with a normal diet. Making
your body think it is starving, or that some
types of foods are deficient in your environment, may not be the way to go. Sure,
it’s also possible that there is no downside,
no one knows, but why risk it? I’d go with
what’s known to work for your age.