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Many Pics of Hallowed! (and Memes and Trolls)

  1. I just realized that 70 kg @1.78 (154 @ 5'10") is... underweight. Badly. (yes, I know you knew this) I need at least 8...10 more kg (going to ~170+ lbs) to have a "normal" weight...
    Got me thinking... the "ideal weight = height (in cm) - 110" is ideal... for... dunno... slaves, bisexual male fashion models, metrosexual men... (no, I never did buy into it; just discussing the concept).
    Still, my back looks better than 95% of people's. Yep, not training is bad.
    Also, the strength and CV endurance (as in going through a normal STRENGTH-TRAINING session without dying) of the average untrained sedentary male are about 6' under...par.

2. While my DL of 140 (308) is most certainly not "high" by any means, I would like to tell all those guys who DLed 180 (400) the first time they went to the gym and who are now saying that "400 is nothing" to STICK IT.
It might take some people a good number of years of SOLID training.
It took me two years to get here (140) (add a congenitally weak spine to the equation). And my reps just halved these past few weeks (as in I did 120 for 7 and a few weeks ago I did 124 for 0 on tuesday. 110 for 10 some time ago and today 114 for 5), so I need to change something (I'll go from DL to SLDL to below the knee, pushing hips back as much as possible)...
I also began reading "Science and practice of strength training" by the late prof. Verkoshansky... Depending on fibre distribution, a trainee with more fast twitch fibres can have an almost TEN times greater strength increase from a training program. (page 84) Over-simplified, maybe. But, genetics play a pretty big role. And leverages, too. If you lifted 400 within a month or two or none, it might take others a few years to get there. Oh, also, not everyone weighs 220+. Again, stick it. :slightly_smiling: (kudos for your extraordinary strength, though)

(this is most certainly NOT saying that one should consider a 150/330 DL "good" or not strive for more, but what it's worth is relative to how much effort you had to invest to get it. Yes, a 180/400 DL is an ACHIEVEMENT if it took you 5 years of solid training, eating, and sleeping. And you're also <100/220. The idea is to better yourself.)

Strength to you,


For fucks sake, get a blog.


I like how everyone gives their back story on the internet, like it's something no one's ever heard before.

What's the old adage...

Great story, friend?
Neat tale, chap?
It was pleasurable for my auricles to bask in the warm epic you've provided, bloke?


This was partly in response to the fact that on the "400 lbs DL" thread most everyone seemed to say it's worthless.


What made you have that epiphany seeing girls bigger than you?


I could tell your underweight looking at your damn avatar. Your skinny and IMO look weak.

You wanted to be a personal trainer right?

I don't have anything to say about your deadlift.


Yes, I'm going to be a personal trainer.

The majority of people can't do a chin-up or deadlift 100/220. Even at my current lifts I can still impress them. Add in the fact that the "average" person is afraid of "getting too big"...
Having read every T-Nation article since it came online, many/most of EC's, MR's, NTumminello, Bret C's etc. articles, GHIAH, PTTP, 5/3/1, reading "Science and practice of strength training" and Tudor Bompa's "Periodization, 5th ed"...I think I'll be ok.

And, this summer I should get to 75 kg. (with 2...3 kg from a modified PLP). And hopefully, a 55 kg chin-up.


Sounds like a lot of pathetic excuses why your deadlift sucks




@Maiden3.16: Only training the DL for the last 2 years. My best excuse.


And your 5'10 154. Maybe you should read them again


This isn't a site for average gym goers though. The first time I attempted a deadlift I pulled 140kg. That was years ago, before I knew of this site, and I didn't think that was a strong lift at all.


Not a good one though. I had your stats as a skinny college freshman. After two years of lifting, if I still had those stats, I would consider my time wasted.

I swear some of you waste so much freaking time that you won't ever get back.

Being skinny and lean just means you don't eat. It isn't really an accomplishment at all.


if your accomplishments on lifting means you read every T-Nation article since it's foundation i guess it doesn't means much. You read too much and need to stop reading and doing more.

And if you are happy that you are impressing people deadlifting that weight with your build, you are in the wrong sport/forum, it should be something to yourself not showboating.


QFT.. Bodybuilding is not the place for showboating..


Sadly, "regular people" do consider that in itself to be an accomplishment. I suppose this is why a guy such as this can get a job as a personal trainer.


I'm not "happy". I was saying that from a "business" standpoint, considering I'll be training "average" persons, it won't hinder me too much...
It is something I do for myself. I'm just a wee bit annoyed that some people got to lift something I'm not even close to the first time they stepped foot in a gym. And they act like everyone should be able to do it in a few months.

And after I add some weight I won't have to tell people that I lift weights in order for them to know I lift.
And since "business" will start in about ~3 months (after I graduate Engineering)...
I found the magic bullet(s). Peanuts. And very fatty meats. And all the fat I can eat. (since sweets make me feel pretty sick, Twinkie equivalents are out)

@Quick Ben: While I don't like the current state, in which most people will probably get a hernia DL-ing bodyweight, the T-Muscle/EliteFTS etc. big strong readers are... 0.0? % of the population? And people DLing 400 in commercial gyms (and I'm not saying Planet Fitness)? Most are scared (not shitless, because they don't actually care) that they will blow their backs, or they think that running is enough for the legs or...
Also, while this is NOT a claim to fame or saying it's actually "worth" something, I can chin 100 lbs. And hope to get to 130 by the end of the year. Which, relatively, is much better than my 308 DL.

@Prof X: While the progress was small (I hope to make at least as much in the next few months), I did begin at 132, with a bad back and bad shoulders (shoulders still hurting if I OHP, and BP feels weird and makes my shoulders crackle. As such, weighted dips and (weighted) 1A Push-ups are my only options).


I definitely missed the point of this post


We don't need the details. We are here to give you advice! Especially me because I know better than everyone else.


Just say what is needed to be said and we'll see what we can do.

I'm ready for your first question.


I am bigger than you.