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Manual Labor

I am about to start a long hour manual labor job and I was wondering if anyone who is in this type of business had any diet tips as I will be out in the sun all day (10+ hours)away from a refrigerator and only able to take 1 break for lunch. Also, does anyone have any training tips? It seems like this could quickly lead me to overtraining w/out the right type of program. Thanks!!!

When I first moved out here to Phx,AZ about four years ago, my first job was as a furniture mover.We worked six days a week,usually 8-10 hours per day.Talk about exhaustion!If you can haul a thermos around with you, you might want to fill it with a protein shake or atleast lots of milk.Eat alot of calorie-dense food.One thing I did was made my own energy bars and ate two throughout the day(they were a mixture of peanut butter,grape nuts cereal and honey).As for training, I did a bare bones routine twice a week.Day 1-squats and back extensions.Day 2-military presses and chins.Usually 3 sets of 3-5 reps per exercise.If you can, try a massage once per week and hot/cold showers(both of these helped me alot to recover).

Massive Eating with work calculated in your expenditure. Eat every 2 hours alternating high insulin and low insulin MRPs and bars.

Worked roofing for a while now. Shingle beat the shit out of your body. In the gym, less is definietly more. Lift in the 3-5, 2’s sometimes. You get enough activity during the day. Be aware that you will probably feel a bit weaker, or a lot weaker. My cohorts and I lift 3dpw. Mainly bench, squat, lunges, chins, and rows. 3-6 sets for core (2 per day) and 2-4 sets for accessories (2-3 per day @ 6-10 reps). It works out to about 15 sets on average. Example: D1= Bench 4x3, Bent Row 4x3, Incline Flye 2x6, Rear Delt2x6, Bi’s & Tris 4x10 D2= Squat 4-5x3, Leg Curl 4x6, Calfs 3x8, Abs, Forearms D3= Lunges 2x6, RDL 3x6, Bench 8x3reps (3 grips, 45sec rest), Chins or pulls 6x3-5 (45 sec rest), Bis & Tris 3-4 x 6-8. This type of scenerio seems to work for us. Good luck.

Well got through my first day and sadly I was too beat to make it into the gym. I dug a hole for most of my 10 hour day to put a spa in and my body was trashed, if I am gonna be getting home late and I do manage to get into the gym what kind of post workout shake do you recomend so close to before I go to bed?