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Manual Labor routine

Has anyone here ever designed a routine resembling manual labor? I was thinking along the lines of carrying heavy boxes up and down stairs, overhead walks, that kind of stuff. Of course, it would have to be different from manual labor to increase intensity and lower the duration…but the idea might be worth looking into.

Any thoughts? Has anyone done something similar?



Yeah…get a ‘student job’. Plus you can make some cash on the side.

Check into Renegade training. The sledgehammer workouts might peak your interest. Good luck,

Strongman routines seem like a good match…

Tire flipping, Farmer’s Walk, sled dragging, etc etc.

There are also some folks doing sledgehammer workouts here, look around.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the replies. I was thinking along those lines [in terms of the exercises] but the main thing I’d be interested in seeing is if anyone has a routine similar to the density encountered in manual work. The weights would probably be lighter, but the overall work done would be tremendous.

It’s always amazing to see some amazing strength feats by construction workers who have seemingly violated every exercise principle ever thought of.