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Manual Labor and Strength Training

The job that I have in the evenings is a very physical, very fast, and very repetitive sometimes. For a while now I’ve sort of turned the job into a workout in itself (its like a workout and the use of sauna that I’m actually getting paid for, its a pretty cool way to look at it) but with my concentrating on intensity, form, and handling heavy things a certain way, this has led me to notice a few things.

First, my deltoids are totally fucked. In the front I’ve got a considerable swelling of mass while the lateral and rear areas I’ve got zilch(comparatively speaking).

Second, I’ve worn through the heels of two left boots now (and NO, they aren’t cheap boots!). I have a million hunches as to what this could be but I’ll let you guys take a stab at it.

Third, my middle back is constantly pumped and its pushing my lats and my teres M/M into oblivion.

Now in the gym, I am focusing on the weak areas (I’m doing a lot of wide grip pulls of all kinds, pretending my frontal delts don’t exist on shoulder days, focusing hard on symmetry during lower body movements, ect.)but I can’t help but feel as though I’m just… jacking off. I don’t intend to change much about my routine as of right now because I know these things take time, but I would like some advice on anything that I might be missing. If I just need to accept that certain areas will always be more worked and therefore physically larger than others, okay. I just need to know that I’m not wasting any effort.

Yes, I am inflating my dilemma a bit, but I’d still appreciate anything constructive. Thank you.

(P.S- I’ve been training regularly and extensively for 15 months, if that helps at all.)

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[quote]ens-perfectum wrote:
… I don’t intend to change much about my routine as of right now because I know these things take time, but I would like some advice on anything that I might be missing…[/quote]

Patience. From what I can tell, you just started focusing on your weak areas. Keep doing it and after a while (a long while) they will start catching up.

Eat a lot.

Are you a chef? This sounds exactly like my life, minus a ton of heavy lifting at work.
My problem has always been keeping up with calories because line cooking is like moderate to intense cardio for 8 hours a day. Plus the heat. =(

You might be exercising you frontal deltoids too much. It may be that all of your exercise involve moving the shoulder at the same time as the bicep and thats too much for the shoulder. Physicalling the biceps should move more than the shoulder. For instance when you drink a glass of water you are moving the biceps 8 or 10 times and the shoulders barely move an inch. In the gym you should take a break from some your pullup exercise and do more bicep curls exercises particulary the concentration kind. Arnold in an article said when he trained in Austria he had four exercises for bicep curls - one-arm concentration curls, inclined dumbbell curls, cheating barbell curls,(the upper body is leaning forward slightly),and Zottman curls also known as alternating curls with dumbbells. These are done standing up except for the inclinded curls. He said “my biceps grew to become my best body part because I trained them the most. I did more sets for biceps than for any other bodypart when I first got into bodybuilding.” These are the best exercise to do for the arms and maybe some of the others might be putting too much stress on the deltoids. Do these bicep curls and see what happens in two weeks. Thank you.