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Mantrition - Warrior Diet for Men who Lift


Found this saved on my PC it's from 2008

I wish I'd thought of Mantrition...
but it was actually Jeff Roark over at
Power & Bulk.

Mantrition Part I
Seeing that we're kicking off 2008 and
there is lots of interest in hormones and
nutrition I have decided to launch a
new column here at the P&B that will
most definitely be intermittent so keep
your eyes open!

Now to get to the exciting stuff and
trust me there will be no going on
endlessly about carbs, calories, fat or
protein grams! This is Mantrition! Just
sit down and stuff your cakehole like
you want!

To start off we're going to focus on
what probably is the second biggest
concern behind post-workout nutrition
and that pre-workout nutrition. In De
Vany tradition (but not crying about
evolution or carbs), I present
Mantrition's Pre-Workout Super Meal!
What we have here is
TESTOSTERONE on a plate! We have a
Spinach-Cheddar Cheese-Smoked
Oyster-Jalapeno Pepper-Salsa Egg
Scramble along with an 8 oz Venison
Sausage/Grassfed Beef mix patty, 4
slices of Ezekial Bread heavily buttered
with strawberry jelly, 1 glass of real
raw cow's milk, an apple, a tub of
nearly empty sauerkraut and
testosterone in a bag Azomite Mineral
Powder and 2 bottles of pure Test
precursors Wheat Germ Oil and CLO!

To cap this meal off have a nice glass
of Kombucha Tea. Yes, use the same
glass that you drank your milk from.
Don't be a pussy and wash it out before
you put the Kombucha in, use the
Kombucha to get the last little bit of
backwashed milk!

After consuming this go to the couch
grab a blanket and sleep until your
favorite game comes on. have a cup of
hot coffee during the game and try to
get pissed at the same time. Afterwords
its time to train!

Now for all you that say, "Oh, I have to
eat 8 times per day to keep this ounce
of muscle that's taken me a year to
build through proper nutrition!", don't
need to panic. Trust me, if you have this
Pre-Workout meal, be it at breakfast or
lunch, you won't need any more
nutrition before your training session.

One exception would be a few
tablespoons of Brewer's Yeast and Liver
Powder â?? but that's it! Really you don't
need even these after the pre-workout
meal, but they are both man foods and
it allows some who are afraid of going
anti-anabolic to be comfortable.

Post-workout nutrition at the Stud
Stable Diner tonight will be Beef Liver
and Onions, fried cabbage, soup beans,
and cornbread, or at least that what I
think at this point. Anyway, eat the
way and you don't need to
eat 6-8 times per day like a rabbit. Eat,
Sleep and Lift! Stayed tuned.

Note to all men fix this when the
wife is away! When she returns and
says, "What the hell is that awful
smell!!!" to the odor of oysters (sex
meat) in the air, tell her you have no
idea but that you can smell her sweet
hot pussy and that you are horny and
want to fuck!

Mantrition Part II

Meal frequency. In my opinion, after
pre/post-workout nutrition issues, meal
frequency causes more people to worry,
panic, and shake like a dog shittin' a
peach rock than any other. Heck, its
even worried my little heart out
needlessly, as I'm coming to find out
that it really doesn't matter a whole lot
concerning my progress in the gym.
I'm guilty.

I have tried everything from
the Warrior Diet to the Anabolic Diet to
a diet styled from the Beverly site.
Some gave some good results, but do
you know what they gave in even
greater amounts? Stress. Stress that I
didn't need, want or could handle. With
life, work, and heavy training you
already have way too much to worry
about than you need.

Why make eating
so difficult? I have no idea why I have in
the past. Packing 6 small meals around
in a cooler and getting all emotional if I
didn't get to eat one of the meals. I
acted like a was an elite bodybuilder
getting ready to compete at the Mr.
Universe. Its simply ridiculous and
embarrassing to look back at.

Now from the first lesson in Mantrition
we know that men eat a diet styled in
honor of Weston Price. So we know that
we are going to have plenty of nutrient
and calorie dense foods. Milk, eggs,
butter, cheese, meat, fish, thick breads,
veggies and fruit with plenty of lard and
oils mixed will give one enough energy
for days.

Plus, I recently read that one
cup of whole milk has enough amino
acids to cause an anabolic response for
4 hours or more, so there goes having
to keep a constant amino acid pool
refreshed every 30 minutes. The growth
that people get from the eating so much
is from excess calories, not restocking
the already over full amino acid pool.

That brings us up to the issue of how
MeatPlow has been applying it as of
late. On days that I lift, I have learned
from Warrior Dieting that I need plenty
of fuel before I workout. I tried working
on empty and have had a few decent
workouts, but for the most part it was a
flop, I would simply gas. I have seen the
best results thus far, from eating 2-4
meals per day on the days I lift.

Most of
the time, a good solid breakfast along
with a smaller snack and hour or two
before I train seemed to do quite well,
followed up with whatever the I tell the
old lady to cook and some cottage
cheese, berries, protein powder, and
essential oils before bed works great.

What about the days that you don't
train MeatPlow? I usually eat 1 meal,
and that's usually dinner, except the
rare occasions on the weekend. So say
you lift today, follow all the Mantrition
guidelines and you go to bed, get some
pussy, fall into a coma like sleep and
dream of hot pussy all around you,
wake up with a hard-on, and then watch
TV or surf the internet all day â?? do you
really think you need any more food to
support you throughout the day? I think

This will give you a chance to really
rejuvenate and use up what you've
already got flowing through your pipes.

Plus, when you finally get as hungry as
a bitch wolf around supper time your
body will be able to use every single
thing you put in it. This will help lard
asses eat what they want without the
worry of having to eat tuna and water
and I honestly think that this will make
those even more nervous than nervous
hardgainers rest their overworked
internals, organs and glands so when
they eat the will actually use the food
and calories better.

I suspect that
hardgainers don't use their food well
and that could be caused from tons of
stuff I haven't the slightest idea about.

So to summerize Mantrition meal
Lifting days only â?? 2-4 meals
Rest days â?? 1 or maybe 2 meals for the
weakling that can't make it all day
without eating, but 1 meal is suggested.

Q: But MeatPlow, I gotta gain weight
and I can't eat enough in one meal to
manage it?

A: Don't panic, eat and eat a lot on the
days that you lift, eat an excess of 1000-
2000 kcalories. Get it from fats like lard
and butter if you have to. Lard
Sandwiches with cracklins is a great
strength and size builder. On the day
that you don't lift, go ahead and eat 2
meals, but eat until you are comfortably
stuffed. Caloric excess doesn't have to
be reached daily, look at it from a
weekly view. Do this and you'll be OK.

Q: But MeatPlow, I can't eat enough in
1-2 meals to manage that what can I

A: Bullshit. First, you need to learn
how to cultivate your hunger. This will
pay off in the long run. It teaches you
how to be a man and not pass out when
you get hungry. Get hungry, let it pass,
get hungry again and let it pass, get
hungry again and you'll be able to eat
the south end out of a north bound

So this goes for the above
question too, for the off days â?? eat 1
meal at 6 a.m. and the other after 6
p.m. or whenever the wife asks, not
tells, you to come and eat. Don't ever
let her tell you to come eat, she asks
you if you want to come eat the meal
you told her to fix. If it don't work this
way, things are soon to go bad.

Truthfully, you are already the woman
of the house and you better start
following all the guidelines I lay out
here for you to restore your dominance.

Q: MeatPlow can we have snacks in
between meals?

A: No. Are you a friggin woman or a
baby? No, man-up. You should be at
work and have no time for such a
feminine behavior. Trust MeatPlow on
this one, he was once lured deep into
this, and the results make you a halfman.
I don't want to see my little Plows
go through the misery I suffered with

Q: MeatPlow I'm lazy like you and I
want to sleep-in on off days but I need
to get in 2 meals what should I do?

A: If you are like me, you'll have made
sure that Ms PlowedMeat fixed more
than enough for supper the previous
night. So eat leftovers, get up, put them
in the oven, go take a shower and brush
your fangs, then come and eat.

Q: MeatPlow can I ask you another

A: No.


darn it, this site needs a 'like' button


great read, really.

question, does anyone do the 1 meal thing on there off days but eat a huge surplus on their workout days?







I've done this for a while, I'm a big fan of it. The main reason is because I don't actually get hungry until I eat the first meal, then I over eat. I have no problem eating my caloric needs in one meal, hell I can easily over eat in just one meal. So this method keeps me eating less on my off days.

This is a great thread btw, really enjoyed reading it


Pretty much, if it's a work day and I know I'm not lifting that day it's easy to skip breakfast and lunch and just eat dinner.


I hate to sound like this, but in my opinion if one can be satisfied eating a single meal a day(even a huge one)on off days, then one probably is lifting weights like a hamster. This isn't directed at anyone personally in this thread, I'm just sayin'. There are times when I could get away with that, but I'm fooling myself when it comes to lifting. If I'm pushing myself, I'm not sure I could eat enough in one sitting to get enough calories in so that it wouldn't hinder my performance at my next workout. And I can eat some food.

Again, I hate to sound like an internet hyooge guy, because I hate those sloppy bastards, but this one meal a day on off days doesn't do it for me.


but it makes sense that this could work if you were eating huge on your workout days. especially for a guy like me that has no trouble putting on weight


It kind of seems like a split personality eating plan to me, you eat everything in sight on your lifting days, then just one meal a day on your off days? If the point is to get as big and strong as possible, why limit yourself to a single meal? Maybe it works, but it's not something that would be ideal for me.


Oh, ok. Thanks for that. Got any other tips for me?


I think there is a misconception here and gkeeper is touching on it in a blunt way.

I still hit my macros I just do it in one sitting, or one sitting and a snack before bed, either way it ain't a light dinner.

Check out IF style diets like Lean Gains to know more about whats out there before writing asinine hamster comments.


That's cool. I can't eat north of 6000 calories in one sitting. If you can, I'm coming over to your house for dinner. It isn't that I'm not aware or don't have an understanding of these types of eating plans, I'm just saying they don't work terribly well for folks that need to eat more than 3000 calories a day.


LO FUCKIN L great read!