Mantathlon Challenge

Thought I’d start this so people don’t have to read through the other 60+ posts to find the challenge and results part.

So far we have @anon50325502 who totaled 50.

And @Lonnie123 totaling 61.

usmccds423: 50
lonnie123: 61
JMaier31: 68
yonkey: 80
brady888: 109
TonyW41: 49
littlesleeper: 115
Juggs: 68
lava2007: 69 (July '18)


Just to clarify the parameters…

Bench 1.0xBW (body weight on bar)
Chin-Ups/Pull-Ups 1.0 BW (just body weight, no added weight)
Overhead Press 0.5xBW
Dips 1.25xBW (25% of your bodyweight added–hanging, vest, etc)
Barbell Curl 0.5xBW

Rules: 1 attempt for max reps on each. Once your start your bench press attempt you have 20 minutes to finish all events. Events must be done in the order listed.

For questions regarding technique just watch @anon50325502 videos. He was first so we should just do it the same way for simplicity’s (and fairness) sake.


Sounds like fun, but he misses the point of modern pentathlon - it was designed to simulate the challenge of a despatch rider carrying an urgent message across a 19th century battlefield, so riding full tilt across country, shooting and sword-fighting it out with enemies, swimming a river, and finally, having presumably lost your horse at the river, running like hell the rest of the way to deliver the message. I mean, what’s not manly about that?

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Perhaps the challenge should’ve been called the Meatathlon? It’s missing legs! But that actually helps me since I’m nursing a tight QL at the moment. I can participate in this even while I rest my low back and hip. OHP will use the QL but I’ll survive 1 set.

Fixed it for ya haha

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He actually said he was going to do one for Legs, but it never materialized. I searched around a bit for it but I never could find one.

He does have a A1 - 135lb front squat, A2 - 225lb deadlift, 10 sets of 5 in 10 minute challenge too.

Bench: 225x11 reps (pretty happy with that!)
Chin-Ups: 18 reps more of a touch and go style like @anon50325502 video. I go all the way down but don’t spend too much time there. The article says to hang for 1 second…
Overhead Press: 115 x 13 (also happy with this :slight_smile: my legs started convulsing on the final two reps. Apparently I’m fatigued from yesterday’s “light” cardio and the running workout)
Dips: BW+65lbs x 11 reps (I screwed this up. Forgot to track down a chain or belt from which to hang the DB before starting. I scrambled to find something and managed a chain that I looped through my belt. Someone put the 65 where the 55 should’ve been so I grabbed that in my haste so I used 10 extra pounds)
Barbell Curls: 115x13 (Definitely not strict form. Not terrible but there was definitely some body english here. I wouldn’t say I was using my lower back to pull; more like my torso moved forward when I pulled)

So my total is 68 using slightly different mechanics than the article suggests. But I don’t feel bad since I was following the first competitor’s video. Might as well keep the technique consistent.

EDIT: I didn’t watch usmccds423’s curling video until just now and I’m sure we looked the same… so my form was appropriate for the challenge.

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Well… Guess I’ll be re-doing this since you assholes are showing me up so bad :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


It helped knowing @Lonnie123 hit 61. My goal was to hit at least 10 on everything. I knew I could get some bonus reps out of chin-ups. My best 225 set was 9 before today but that was on a final set of 5/3/1 so I wasn’t as fresh. I had no idea what to expect out of the others. I needed 8 curls to tie Lonnie so once I hit that I was in bonus time. I’m certain several people will crush me but I wanted to be in 1st place…even if just for a few hours :laughing:

I forgot to mention my approach. I decided to break it up by starting on minute 20 (duh), 16, 12, and then I went to 7, and 1:30 for the finish.

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I think I did the Bench and pull ups with minimal rest, since they are so different, which gave me more resting time for the other events.

I think @Alpha should show up here and get 100 as a warm up one day just to get some YouTube content :slight_smile: We might have to handicap him and only give him 10 minutes

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I didn’t feel worn out by the bench but didn’t see a need to rush anything. The chin-ups took the most out of me. My biceps and forearms were shaky. I only do regular and neutral grip pull-ups, never underhand.

There are plenty of people lurking here who will blow us away. I expect to see a couple 80s at least. And the only reason we won’t see higher is because someone didn’t participate.

Very true… I suspect many of the people who would get 90-100 are usually training for something, and the idea of throwing this into their plan on a lark wouldnt appeal to them since it could affect their recovery or other lifting sessions. As fun as watching Alpha do it in 10 minutes would be, I doubt he would want to jeopardize his Strong Man placing to give some internet buddies a laugh.

Honestly I feel like even 4 weeks of “training for it” could net me another 10-20 points, and push me into the 80’s. I only routinely do 2 of the exercises in the challenge so the skill aspect alone cant be ignored.

Could you all imagine if erichastang(sp?) did this. That guy weighed like 150, but benched 405 and did a million pull-ups for rock climbing.

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bw 170
bench bw 22
chinups bw 16
ohp bw x 50% 85lbs 22
dips bw + 45lbs 13
bb curls bw x 50% 90lbs 8
time 15:21 81 total

I think 90 is within reach. My time management sucked.


New leader! Nice work. I’ve started adding the results to the original post so we can see the scores listed out. The article says to stop at 20 and a perfect score is 100. I forgot to post that part specifically on here. I was going to add it but going over 20 reps might be the deciding factor for some people. If you do it again then cap your presses at 20 and see if the energy saved is enough to carry over to the others.

Might want to edit the main post

If people read the article detailing the challenge then they’ll know. I also don’t know that we should limit the number. It’s a competition with each other so stopping shy of failure could hurt your score.

I only recommended that yonkie consider it for a 2nd attempt. I’m not sure if dropping 2 reps from his bench and OHP will add 4 to his dips.

What do you think? Cap it at 20? I’m still undecided.

eh, given that its just a fun thing for us forumites here on T-Nation I dont suppose it really matters all that much. We arent entering anything in the record books here.

I’m a dumbass, I read the article and blew right past the 20 rep max part.

I agree…just go for it and break it up anyway you want.

BW 191 rounded to 195

Bench 27
Chin ups 29
OHP (rounded to 100) 18
Dips 24
Curls (rounded to 100) 11

109 in 14:30ish