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mantaining a strict diet over the summer

During the winter time i carry a backpack around with me carrying my day’s worth of food that i cooked the previous day. A refrigerator is not accessible to me but its no problem since the tempeture outside is fairly cold. I can walk around with the food all day without having to worry about it going bad. Over the summer, however, i will not be able to carry food around since tempetures will be too hot. I was wondering if there was somewhere i could purchase a backpack that worked as a cooler to keep food cold(sorry i know theres a name for it but it doesn’t come to mind now). If there is anybody who knows of somewhere, please let me know.

There may be some daypack makers who have an insulated product (check REI) but if not, get one of those bags designed for carrying around baby stuff. Seriously. There’s a whole line of these things out designed NOT to look like baby bags. When my daughter was an infant, I had one that was olive green and black and looked like something the military would issue.

Try ebags.com - they have a huge variety of bags, backpacks, etc. Yes, REI is a good resource - also check out online traveling sites like Travelocity, which I believe have a area for bags and luggage.