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Manta Ray Squat Assist

i am interested in obtaining a manta ray squat assist. i did a yahoo search for them and i found this website. i was directed to this link:


Can someone please help me. does anyone know where i can get one cheap or used? i tried ebay cheapest i found was 4o dollars plus shipping. thanks

I got mine at a local sports store in Houston for about 35 bucks.

Iron Woody Fitness has them listed at $34.95.

APT Pro Wrist Straps has them for $38.95.

Perform Better has them for $39.95 via Amazon.com.

Prices listed did not include shipping.

Just make sure that the weight is a little farther back since you dont need to worry about the bar rolling off of your back. I only mention this because the first few times I used one I came away with bruises on the back of my neck (the front edge will dig in and hurt like hell if you dont position it right).