Manta Ray for squats

I know T-mag reviewed the Sting Ray for front squats, and liked it, but has anyone used the Manta Ray?

If so, do you like it? I have some neck issues and it would be a relief to not worry about bar positioning as much.



It is another way to change the bar position, and works pretty well.

I use one all the time. Carry over from my more bony days. Tends to put the bar higher than a powerlifting type squat, so maximal weight isn’t going to be the thing to go for.

Well, the bar shouldn’t really be anywhere on your neck. But, to answer your question, I have used one and it’s very comfortable.

I’ve used one before and personally I don’t really like it.

Maybe I’m just used to the padding that I usually use, but it’s not really as soft as I would like. I feel it pinching my neck and back a bit.

However, that being said, it does help somewhat for position and so if you have neck problems then it might be helpful.

Thanks for the replies, all. The bar is never on my neck, Akheron, but I find worrying about the bar position makes me less focused on the task at hand.

I just ordered one; I’m looking forward to it arriving. I got the Sting Ray, too.


people still using “padding” for squats?

I use it on my max effort days every now and then to change things up.

I know some might disagree with me here T-men squat with no pads or other contraptions named after docile sea creatures. Just iron on skin. However, in the case of a T-vixen these toys are permissable. IMHO:)

Does anyone else here get bar shaped bruises across their shoulders from performing front squats? Does anyone else really enjoy that?

it just changes the bar position. its good for a change of pace.