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Manonfire's Powerlifting Log

Just wanted to introduce myself here. My name is Ben, I’m 27 and a new convert to powerlifting. I’m going to start a log here in hopes of fine tuning my techniques and learning a few new things.

I’ve been hitting the weights on and off since I was 15 but have been pretty solid for the last 5 years. I’ve run Smolov Jr cycles for my deads and bench last year and also completed the full Smolov Squat Cycle in January. Since then I have started training with a WSB template. I’m hoping to compete sometime in the future.

My current maxes are:
Squat: 200kg
Dead: 210kg
Bench 160kg
BW: Currently 91kg but those maxes were made at 86kg.

Lower DE

Box Squats
8 x 2 x 115kg
I was going to do 10 sets but I strained my shoulder early on in the sets. I hold the bar pretty tight on my back and should probably do some rotator cuff warm-ups before stepping under the bar in the future. Stupid fucking shoulder.

5 x 115kg
4 x 5 x 125kg
I managed to keep an overhand grip for the first 4 sets and only had to go alternate for the last set.

A1. Standing Cable Crunches
10 x whole stack + 30kg
7 x whole stack + 30kg
5, 2, 2 x whole stack + 30kg
This was fucking heavy!

A2. Weighted Knee Raises
15 x 15kg
2 x 12 x 15kg

Lying Leg Curls
12 x 60kg
10 x 60kg
8 x 60kg

Weighted Side Bends
15 x 30kg
15 x 35kg
15 x 35kg

Standing Calf Raises
10 x 106kg
6 x 142kg
6 x 151kg
6 x 160kg
5 x 169kg
5 x 178kg

Upper ME

CG Press
5 x 80kg
3 x 100kg
3 x 3 x 120kg
My shoulder started playing up again when I was unracking and racking the bar. I got a spotter for the heavy sets but had to pull up short at only 3 heavy sets because of the pain.

Lying Tri Extensions
6 x 50kg
2 x 5 x 50kg
4 x 50kg
Had to quit these early too because my entire left arm was aching badly.

Machine Supported Rows
3 x 10 x 86kg

Face Pulls
3 x 12 x 16.25kg

40mins cardio.

This session was a bit of a let down thanks to my arm. I just had to get out of the gym and let it rest so the pain would subside. Luckily next week is deload week so I’m not going to do any pressing movements whatsoever. Only back and rear delt work and tri pushdowns for upper days.