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Manny Ramirez Suspended


Popped Positive. Serving 50 games.


Better article:


I still haven't read what he tested positive for. I'll reserve judgment until I hear.


Maybe giants has a chance this season...

haha! go giants!


I wonder if he'll appeal and get to keep playing before a judgement is reached.


He had elevated levels of Test so MLB investigated it and found that he had taken HCG. It is not known at this time whether or not he tested positive for HCG or whether it was a paper trail that led MLB to it.


He stated that he will not appeal and is accepting the suspension...




Manny being Manny.


If he is being completely honest. Which I doubt. He needs to sue his dr for fucking up his career. 25 million dollars is lots of money and now he will only get 7 million. Although I still don't feel bad for anyone making that kind of money. And we safely assume he was on a cycle. I suspect the Dr story is a cover. These guys know what they can and can't take specially if 25 million is on the line.


so far they're saying Hcg is for female fertility.
No reports about it being used as PCT. Wonder how long till they catch on.


To quote from a friend of mine, I don't "believe Manny Ramirez took performance enhancing drugs, unless it's possible that, without them, he would be even lazier."


Ridiculous. It will be another 200 years before the stigma for these legit medications is lifted so further research can be attained and the quality of life improved for men across the country.

Thanks, baseball.


Is it established that Manny has secondary hypogonadism?

Not that I think that that type of information should be available to the public but if that is the case it is absolutely absurd that he can't proper treatment for a legitimate medical condition.

If he doesn't have secondary hypogonadism does anyone know if there are any other legit medical reasons for hCG use? (Steroid guys ASSEMBLE!!!)

I know it is possible to use hCG as a PED. Even if the person is not using AAS.


He might have erectile dysfunction for all we know and maybe his doc was trying to correct it this way (who knows?). Either way, I do not believe it is our business what every athlete does at his doctor's office and there SHOULD be loopholes in these restrictions that allow the treatment of actual dysfunction if it exists...without it being News at 11. The sad thing is no man in the public eye can apparently have their penis fixed if it quits working properly because someone is going to yell "cheater!".

I really don't think the average person understands how much this is screwing guys over all over the country every time this hits the news. Good luck finding HRT when you hit 45 after all of this.


They just said he has erectile dysfunction, the whole country knows, that sucks.


If that's true, fuck baseball, he should get his money back and suspension removed. (maybe even some compensation for having to reveal that).


Yeah the whole anti-aging aspect of medicine seems to be drying up because of this shit... Going to be all gone come time I need it.


Baseball has a therapeutic use exception program (isn't every 3rd ball player suffering from ADD?). I don't know the parameters of the program, and whether hCG is possibly allowed, but he could have applied if necessary.

Needless to say he could have gotten ED through years of AAS use, as well.


I agree completely. The part that is more sad is that not every man is capable of safe self medication or is able to take the legal risk.


Your point? Regardless of what caused it, he has it and tried to get it fixed. This shouldn't even be public information. While many people are rushing to find dirt on every celebrity, the ones really suffering in the end will be every guy who hits middle age yet doesn't want to lay down and die because of it.

It may not be an issue to the average 20 year old...but the damage will be done and it will take longer than a few years to correct it. Things like this take GENERATIONS to fix because we have to wait for the stupid people to die.

Unfortunately, by then, we'll all be dead too.


Look, coming out and saying that you suffer ED is an embarrassment, regardless of cause. It wasn't my intention to imply otherwise, just to indicate that I don't automatically feel that Manny is being victimized. And yes, hopefully it doesn't set HRT back a few decades in the US.

It seems highly, highly improbable to me that this was a simple accident. There are mechanisms in place for players to readily check the status of meds. In the aftermath of the JC Romero suspension, the drug check system was much discussed. In spite of Manny's reputation for marching to his own drummer, I think he's pretty intelligent. I also find it hard to believe Manny when he claims that the doctor told him that it was "OK" to use hCG.

I'm not anti-AAS, anti-PED, but the league has rules in place (thanks largely to the Congressional witch hunt), and it has a therapeutic use exception program, through this problem might have been avoided. He bears responsibility for this situation, imo.