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Manny Pacquiao Ab Workout (Video)


Unsure if this has been posted on T-Nation already, but just come across it and found it quite incredible; and just wanted to share with T-Nation. Hope you enjoy.


some of the ab exercises he does are worthless and some are done incorrectly, I think his S&C coach(Alex Ariza) gets more credit than he deserves. Manny is just a good athlete who makes Ariza look credible....However doing 700 straight ab movements is impressive


Man I hate working abs. It's my least favorite part of life. Although when my coach makes me do 2 mins. straight and I hate him, I can remember this and think that it's not really that bad...


@Irish same here we do 3 min straight and im thinking "how in the hell is this helping?"....but i gotta do what my coach says


It toughens the midsection plus think about how much you use your midsection it makes sense that you'd want to have good endurance there.


I think its more mental toughness than anything


Yea... its so my coach can yell at us that we're pussies for dying at the end even though we did like 14 rounds of work already.

It's definitely more mental toughness.