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Manny-Cotto In The Works




I would rather see Mosley fight Cotto again and Pacquiao fight Marquez for a third and hopefully definitive time. Maybe Pac could fight Mayweather or Mayweather could fight the winner of Mosley-Cotto. I think Cotto is a bad match-up for Pacquiao. He is big and hits hard, and Pacquiao is probably still a lightweight moved up to junior welter who needs to get used to fighting at higher weights. Then again, who knows what he can do. He seems to be improving exponentially. I just worry that all the hype and moving up in weight too high will get him burned. If they do fight though, it will be another huge mountain to climb and you can’t say he is ducking people.


Nah, they won’t have this fight unless Cotto comes in at 142 or 140. That means Cotto will be drained out and beat up, just like DLH was. Cotto’s chin is not very good at 140 when he’s all drained out, we’ve seen him get staggered often at that weight.

I like Pacman, but Roach knows what he’s dealing with, and is protecting this fighter now at the higher weights.

Notice how they don’t want Sugar Shane- could be because he weighed in at 145 1/2 for the Margarito fight, a pound and a half under the limit, and still KO’d someone with a chin that literally is a block of iron. His hands are just as fast and he hits harder than anyone else at that weight.

I’ll put my dick in a blender if you ever see Pacman fight Mosely. No fucking way they’ll let it happen.


Irish is on that haterade.


I agree that Pacman will probably not fight Mosley, but I think it is for different reasons. Mosley is past his prime. Beating him does little towards further cementing Pacman’s legacy. If he beats Mosley, he just beat an old Shane Mosley.

Also, there are too many better fights and fighters out there at the moment. Cotto and Mayweather. They are both in their prime and a win over them will most definitely mean a lot more. It makes no sense to take a fight with Mosley.
Mosley on the other hand would do anything to fight Pacman, since he is the current p4p king. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain.


A few months ago Roach asked Shane if he could move down in weight, and Shane said no, so that’s the end of that.
Cotto is too big for Pac at 147, but will be weak at a weight near 140. So I think that would be bad on Cotto’s team to take a fight with Pac at a catch weight.