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Tell me about mannitol, please. what is it? I understand that it is used before contests in order to look tighter(diuretic effect?). how is it used? in what dosage? for how long?

Mannitol is the most commonly used osmotic diuretic (urea being the other used in this class). Mannitol is a 6-carbon sugar that does not undergo metabolism (it’s a “sugar alcohol” similar to sorbitol, xylitol, etc.) It is not absorbed in the GI tract and, thus, it must be given IV. It does not cross an intact blood brain barrier (BBB), nor does it enter cells. Through various complex renal interactions, Mannitol works osmotically to create diuresis (it does so by increasing the osmolarity of renal tubular fluid and preventing reabsorption of water). I wouldn’t recommend that the typical recreational weightlifter use this product, although I’ll no doubt catch some flak for daring to offer such advice.

BG/Bob Kennedy,
Very good answer. Clear, detailed yet easy to understand without a PhD. Just a suggestion, Cy, Bill, Brock, etc. are reg. people too with good days and bad. Cy’s “board genius” comment was not in the best of taste. However, by not letting it go as a momentary lapse of judgement, you appear to be petty as well. Take the high road and move on. Just a suggestion. Jeaton

Good point, Jeaton, and you’re absolutely right: I was being petty and it needs to stop. Thanks for the reality check. :slight_smile:

Hey Bob, just wanted to let you know that I wasn’t attacking you personally. Well…ok…I was…kind of. It’s just that after a day of exams, lectures, labs, taking three hours to get a workout in because I talk too much to people, writing, and all the rest of the regular hoopla involved in a typical day, I can get rather irritable. I’m sure that you also have the same type of days as does everyone else in the world. I’m sure your whole idea was just to have a nice little debate with me, but I just wasn’t in the mood. Especially when I’m pushing the dosages with GAC’s trenbolone along with oxymetholone and stanozolol. Now go and have a damn fine day!

That’s okay, Cy. Like I told Chris, I understand and, for the most part, actually agree with your point of view regarding Nandrosol. I started the whole thread off being pissed because I thought Laura’s use of Nandrosol was typical of a lot of women’s use of AAS; that is, I thought Erik maneuvered or outright talked her into it. However, Erik pointed out that I was wrong in that regard, so my “contribution” to the entire thread was for nought and I basically got spun up about nothing. Funny how little things like that can get out of hand, especially in the medium of the written word rather than the vocal. Of course, I really don’t have much of an excuse at all, since I’m not going through the hell you are of a trying to get a graduate degree while also trying to establish professional credibility in a controversial industry. Peace, bro. :slight_smile: