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Manna from Heaven?

THE BODYBUILDING GODS HAVE SMILED UPON US! While picking up my weekly supply of canned tuna from the local Safeway I discovered what has to be the greatest invention since protein powder was formed! Starkist now sells premium chunk white tuna in, get this, “No Drain Packages”. 7 ounces of tuna, (44 gr. protein, 2 gr. fat), in a package about the size of a pack of Grow! No water to drain, no can opener needed. Just rip it open and dig in. Is this awesome or what?

Yeah, but it’s about twice as expensive. I’ll drain my cans of tuna into the sink (well, I give half to the two cats) and save the money for supps!

Yeah John, you’re right about the cost. I’ll be draining my own too, but for those times when you don’t want to hassle with it, like attending a hardcore seminar in February, it will sure be convenient.