Manly Weight loss

Has anyone tried the manly wieght loss by Poliquin. I am thinking of purchasing the book and following his program but i am unsure of anyone having good results. i read a post last week where Flex69 gave info concerning Poliquin. It was a diet for “apples” is this the program you were talking about Flex69 or was this from one of his seminars.

The info I wrote about nutrition was from his seminar. The diet in Manly Weight Loss is A Zone type diet that pretty much sux, theres fast food and other garbage as well as Sportpharma supplements b/c they paid him to have him promote their supplements. The book’s only real value is the information it provides on training for fat loss and the sample workouts. I think the program works well for many people but I think I get better results lowering the reps slightly and cutting back the # of sets. I still follow the superset structure and add in sprints in the morning to further fat loss. BTW, i’m doing the Anabolic Diet, Poliquins diet is too expensive for me now (I’m a student)

Don’t waste your money on the book. The German Body Comp is listed on T-mag. Follow that along with a good fat loss diet on here, and you’ll be good to go. I bought the book a few years ago just because Poliquin wrote it, and I was a Poliquin disciple. It’s not worth the paper it was written on. In fact, I’d sell you mine!

Farm Boy…I hate to repeat what’s already been said, but just in case you have any lingering thoughts, save your moulah, bro, cause there’s much better stuff to buy than this one. Just like my boy Nate Dogg, I bought the book solely because I’m like a pube on Poliquin’s sac–sorry for the vivid analogy–but I had to have it cause I’ve got so much respect for him and his other publications. T-Mag’s got a plethora of better info…and even has the GBC routine.