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manly weight loss


Is this book by charles poliquin still around, anyone know the workouts?


Don't know if the book is still available, but I wrote an article about it way-back-when. I think is was called "A Bowlful of Jelly."

I know, I know, dumb title.

You can find it through the search engine.


I have it.


I have the book. There's nothing in it that you won't get from the articles here except for all the wonderful SportPharma plugs.


TC's article is actually one of the routine's featured in last week's "Big Fat Training Book." Shug's tried to spin this one and call it "German Body Comp," but yeah, the article is "Bowlful of Jelly." The article implies that it's basically the same thing you'll find in "Manly Weightloss," but you need to think for yourself a bit. The article mentions that Poliquin's book lays out 12 days of workouts and you do them every day in a row. "Bowlful" just lays out a few so you need to come up with some on your own.

Practically every review on amazon - even the one's that liked the book -- said that one-half of the book was advertisements for CP's supplements.


like the guys said above you can find all the info here on t-mag. however if you still want it, i will sell you my copy. pm me if interested.


Also, try these complexes. Much simpler - all you need is a barbell.



Found the article, good lookin out......