Manly/Professional Hats?

I am in the early stages of moving to Arizona and am also in the middle stages of going bald. So I think I need some good hats. I don’t really mind a good baseball cap for a casual affair, but I also am wondering if anyone here knows of some good hats that look more professional and stoic. Thoughts?

Also, as I was typing in this new topic, the forum bot decided that my topic is similar to this one from the archives.: I'm Starting to Get Really Buff - #25 by Kuz I definitely recommend that thread for a little light reading.

A stoic would accept their baldness and move on with their lives without much thought on it as it is beyond their control. Read a book :wink:

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I’m fine with owning baldness. But I sunburn easily.

Ah so it’s functional … carry on (i was just busting your bald chops anywho) … I personally think scully caps are pretty dope - I’ve worn one on occasion and have gotten compliments from chicks - married chicks - the best chicks … ok my wife, but still.

I work at a large corp and see dudes wearing them into and out of the office. For the love of God though, do not get a fedora, I think they look so damn cheesy … unless you look like Cary Grant. Cary Grant could pull off any hat so this conversation would be moot.

Arizona. Cowboy Hat.


These are pretty popular among cueballs.

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This is a tough battle. A bunch depends on your style, face and head shape.

I worked with an old british guy who could pull it off with a Don Draper style fedora (this was prior to them being hipstered up) and a guy who wore a high end greek fiddler cap which was acceptable but those are the only two examples of pulling off a hat that wasnt casual over my 2 decades professional experience so…

EDIT: assuming you don’t live in an area where 50F/10C degrees is a balmy day…

Always been partial to a kippah, myself. IDF_soldier_kippah_put_on_tefillin-small

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Shirlock Holmes ftw.

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This is a serious thread. GTFO with that 19th century British bullshit


Love to discover the American cowboy hat vintage style

Not a hat necessarily, but the best way to protect that dome!


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May as well go with a light skullcap - hard to look professional wearing a handkerchief on your head.

Do you find yourself in a professional setting outside a lot?

I like fitted Under Armour hats and Beanies, personally. I don’t think I could pull off what @dchris posted, but some guys can.

Great hat for professional corporate directors

if you’re talking about a fedora, it really depends on some other factors, like if you’re wearing a short sleeve anime shirt with a fedora and a neck beard, you look pretty fuckin’ ridiculous.

Corp directors in a nicely tailored suit … I get that and it has my approval (b/c I know they’re clamoring for it lol)

I meant the white rag cloth, dont know why it quoted you honestly pretty sure I replied to Isdanutty