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Mankind: The Story of Us All

just passing along info about this new series airing now.

Watching ep 1 now, good stuff


Damn, I thought this was going to be a Mick Foley thread. I am dissapoint.


Me and Mankind…

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
just passing along info about this new series airing now.

Watching ep 1 now, good stuff


Halfway through the first episode right now where they started talking about China. Really an outstanding program so far. A little too dramatic and over acted by the guest experts at time but still top notch. The early man stuff about fire and cooking food acting as a second stomach/major catalyst to human brain development was fascinating. Being a dog wacko I also enjoyed all the info on how man and dog began working together.

Glad you made a post about this. It will be interesting to see the rest of this special as it develops.

Yeah, the info on man and food should at least tell veggie heads to sod off :wink:

I found it interesting about this: HG man survived for about 30 yrs (common knowledge at least avg wise) and it’s a common argument vegans use that man livign off meat didn’t live that long.

Then they segment into agriculture and man avg 5 yrs less lol… granted it was due to some external reasons, but mortality is mortality.

And yes, the wolf/dog part was cool. I actually got teary-eyed a little thinking about our dog we lost last year.

This isn’t about food is it?

[quote]Nards wrote:
This isn’t about food is it?[/quote]


Started watching this series last week and now I am hooked. Thanks for the link.

sure thing. I gotta watch the 2nd ep soon